After knowing the requirements needed to apply for Google AdSense and Google Adsense review your website and send you a “Valuable Inventory: No content policy” but I have like 30-50 content on my site why this massage? well, this article is for youIf we tend to see the AdSense community forum and check out to work out the highest account, rejection causes, “Valuable Inventory: No content policy” would air the list.


Despite a lot of alternatives gifts on the net, Google AdSense remains the primary selection for many bloggers. due to its easy integration on blogs, high distribution, and relevant ad serving, bloggers like AdSense to the other ad validation network.


But, compared to the previous decade obtaining AdSense approval on your website is obtaining harder. although Brobdingnagian numbers of blogs send their applications for AdSense approval, several of them rejected varied policy reasons. As AdSense tries to facilitate a healthy system between the publishers and therefore the advertisers, they need some strict content policies that publishers ought to follow if they require to publish AdSense ads on their website. One policy violation is prevailing, that causes account rejection, that is, Valuable Inventory: No content.

In this article, we’ll discuss policy violations. we’ll elaborate on what’s the violation is regarding and the way to avoid it.

So, let’s start with

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What is Valuable Inventory: No content policy?

The no content policy merely implies that you are doing not have enough content to indicate AdSense ads on your website. Let’s dig deeper.

AdSense crawlers scan the contents on your website and place ads on them. AdSense forever prioritizes valuable content. which means you must have informative ads on your journal, that helps folks. several bloggers United Nations agency solely target the AdSense earnings do hurry to use for it. they solely quickly one or two articles on their website and send them for approval. As a result, once your website gets checked manually, they reject it as a result of it doesn’t have enough content thereon. that’s a big policy violation. This “no content” violation doesn’t limit to the few articles or blogs on your website. it’s some additional parts,

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More media less content:

Media files like pictures, videos square measure Associate in Nursing integral a part of your journal. however, generally, bloggers place additional videos, photos, and flash than the content or writing. The conception behind doing this sort of following is that folks suppose this can build their content massive, and additional ads can seem on them. however, it’s positively a follow AdSense won’t welcome. once AdSense is your initial priority, you must forever provide your target quality content, not however massive you created it. So, these varieties of blogs largely get no content policy reason.


Not having several articles or blogs:

For many reasons, AdSense doesn’t approve new journal sites, and having not enough content is additionally a reason for rejection. several bloggers don’t pay a lot of time making ready a decent quantity of blogs on their platform. which will additionally cause this no content policy. once writing 4-5 blogs, they applied for AdSense and got denied.


Placing too several ads:

To gain additional ad revenue, generally, folks place too several ads compared to their page and content. there’s a customary quantity of ads folks ought to implement on their journal so that the readability remains sensible and users don’t get fazed. that’s the rationale this policy violation may occur too.


Placing Ads on Login or signup pages:

For many reasons, sign-on or login square measures are additionally engorged, and lots of folks visit that page. That’s why several bloggers suppose why not legalize that page too. however, it’s not the correct issue. On the signup or login pages, you can not place not a lot of content, and AdSense has strict policies that it’ll not show ads on the pages that don’t have any to less content.

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AdSense bots cannot realize any text content:

AdSense bots oftentimes come back to the positioning and check for the standard of the content. If they got prevented to your website thanks to some technologies, they could show you that no content as a result of they failed to realize any content, however really you’ve got.


How are you able to avoid the Valuable Inventory: No Content policy?

Let’s begin with the primary reason for a policy violation or not coming back below the AdSense policies.


Maintain the text content and media content ratio:

As declared before, AdSense could be a content-based ad network, and you must be victimization media as a demand, not alternative intensions. you’ll realize obscurity what percentage of pictures or videos you must place in your article. it’s only on you what percentage of photos can fulfill your journal.


Write a minimum of thirty articles before apply:

Before applying for AdSense, a minimum of writes thirty-(30) distinctive and valuable articles in your journal. If you’ve got thirty or additional articles and have written them systematically, AdSense can see that you just square measure providing useful info and have a lot of them already, thus your possibilities get high to urge approval.


Follow ad inserting limits on pages:

If you’re manually inserting ads on your pages, you must follow the ad limits on a page. in line with the various varieties of ads, there’s a selected limit. to urge specific info AdSense ad placement policy page will provide additional precise info.


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Do not place ads on the login or sign on page:

AdSense bots square measure sensible enough to count the content amount on a page compared to indicate ads. That’s the rationale login or sing up pages ought to be ad-free.


Do not use any login or larva checking choices on your site:

Using any login or larva checking possibility to go to your {site|website|web website} can forestall AdSense bots from checking your site. So, you’ll not need to use these on your website.

Besides them, having pages like privacy policy, Disclaimer, Contact page, and cookies policy pages square measure usually caused no content policy violation.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below thank for reading.

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