How to verify adsense account without pin

Do you know that all things are possible to come and learn to verify your Google AdSense without pinning with identity cards of your home country?

For those who have sent multiple pins during this pandemic, but still have to receive.

This is for you.

Adsense has allowed you to verify your AdSense account via a contact form.

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Here Are The Steps To Learn How To Verify Your Adsense Account Without Using Pin

1. On your AdSense dashboard, click on the icon? Mark the header section of your dashboard.

2. This will take you to a place where you will see the Community Poster option, as well as the option, Contact us. I select the Contact Us option.

3. When contacting us, you will see the first step, which will allow Adsense to know what is the question.

Type “AdSense Address Check” in the text box and click Next.

4. Select Account Address Check, click Next.

5. Then select the e-mail as a contact option.

6. This is the most important part.

Fill out the form that will appear on this page.

 Here are the things you need to fill in: 

1.The name as it appears on the AdSense account.

2.The email holding the AdSense account.

3. Your publisher.

4.Upload your valid government .

Make sure to snap the ID very well and make sure there is no light reflection on the image.

Also, make sure all the details show clearly.

Make sure to follow the procedures correctly.

You can refer to the screenshots for clarification.

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The Card Contact us would be available on your dashboard if you have not rejected it.

So you can start there to speed up the process.

Note: It can only work when you have exhausted your brooch delivery.

Oh yes. And many people have exhausted all their tests at the spindle, without checking their account.