How to Create a Disclaimer page for Blogger and WordPress


Disclaimer is a statement that all information written on the blog is for information only and the owner of the website or blog is not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the published information. Readers are considered to automatically agree to the terms and conditions that apply to the blog.

This disclaimer is absolutely necessary for those who want to register to become an AdSense publisher. In addition, a privacy policy page and a contact page are also needed. So it’s better to read first how to create a contact widget on a static page and how to create an automatic privacy policy so that the requirements for registering for AdSense are more complete.

This time we will make a Blogspot disclaimer with a free online generator . So there is no need to be tired of writing manuals because there is already a provider. Many people have used this method so don’t worry, the content is good and easy to read. Because the website is from outside, the writing will be in English.

How to Create a Disclaimer for Blogger and WordPress

It’s easy and short. First open the following website:

Fill in all forms according to the blog data.


Your Site Title: Blog name.

Your Site URL: Full blog address.

Contact Link: Contact us address or other page addresses that are used as a place to contact the blog owner.

Email Address: Email the blog owner.

After all filled in, click the button Generate Disclaimer. A box will appear containing HTML code.


Posts created successfully. Now it’s time to create a disclaimer menu on the blog . Create a new page (static page) by accessing the Pages» menu New page.


Make sure to select a mode HTMLyes, NOT Compose! Give the title and copy the HTML code from the disclaimer generator for blog to the Blogger text editor and click the buttonPublish.


Done. Now you have a new Disclaimer page and menu. Hopefully it will be accepted for those who are currently registering for AdSense.

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