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Latest YouTube SEO Guide 2023 [Updated]

Just like on Google, you have to win the competition in YouTube video search results. You should appear at the top of YouTube search results. How to win the competition? The answer is YouTube SEO!

Yes, by applying the right YouTube SEO, you can win the competition on YouTube and bring in a lot of viewers.

What is YouTube SEO? Well, if you’re new to the world of YouTube social videos and wish you had a lot of views, check out the following guide.

Understanding YouTube SEO

YouTube is a platform for promotion, branding, or making money from advertising. Just like websites. High traffic on videos and the appearance of ads can be an income. If the video has high views, the income obtained is also large. That’s why YouTube SEO optimization is important.

YouTube SEO is the optimization step of the videos you create and upload on YouTube. The main goal of this optimization is to make videos more accessible to the public. With certain keywords, videos can appear in the top position.

YouTube is a search engine just like Google. Anything in the database can be found with certain keywords. Because this concept is the same as website SEO, videos also need optimization such as giving keywords, tags, or others.

If you can optimize your videos by applying SEO techniques, they will be easier to find on the platform. In addition, videos can also appear in searches on YouTube, considering that this platform is also owned by Google.

You can see more detailed information about YouTube’s SEO guide in the next review.

5 Steps for YouTube SEO Optimization

There are several steps you can take to maximize your YouTube SEO. The step consists of

  1. Reset Keyword
  2. Making Videos with the Best Quality
  3. Metadata Optimization
  4. Video Promotion
  5. Take advantage of YouTube Analytics

1. Riset Keyword

YouTube SEO also recognizes keywords or keywords. Similar to the content on the website, you place keywords with a certain density. This applies from the main keywords, and derivatives, to their synonyms or LSI.

Keywords on YouTube determine the position of the content you create. This is an important point of YouTube SEO efforts.

For example, the keyword “how to make chili sauce”. These keywords certainly have great competition. Those with more views and followers will be at the top of the rankings.

If you want to make the most of video content that has been or will be published, check out the keyword research guide below.

1. 1. Find Keyword Matching Niche

If you want to dive into the world of YouTube professionally, the first thing to think about is a niche or theme that you are good at.

Say you want to create a niche with an automotive theme. So, the keywords used can be about cars, reviews, and trials. Another example is if the niche is about tourism, keywords related to tourist destinations can be used.

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These keywords are important for attracting a large audience if your YouTube page is still relatively new. If it’s been a long time and has a large fan base, uploading just one video can be trending.

However, if you are still a beginner, you have to work smart by maximizing keywords. Use tools like Google Trends to see the types of keywords you’re targeting and their derived phrases.

Why should YouTube SEO use Google Trends?

With this tool, you will know how much or how strong the competition is. Then you will also see how many times the keyword is searched every month. From this benchmark, you create structured content.

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1. 2. Analyzing Recent Trends

Take a look at the trends tab on YouTube. In a certain period, the next number one video has the same theme. For example, about a case review that is currently exciting or there is an exciting incident.

From there you can see that YouTube is also trending and from that trend, you can gain a lot of viewers.

There are two ways to see trends happening on YouTube. These two steps should be part of your YouTube SEO efforts.

First, from the autocomplete feature in the search field. Second, by directly looking at the trends tab and accompanied by looking at Google Trends. Sometimes what is going on on social media and also knows online news can also be brought up.

So, making videos or collating various information and images so that they become videos cannot be done arbitrarily. You may be able to create your own trend from what is made. However, you can also take advantage of that trend to quickly increase your audience.

1. 3. Keyword Collection on Google

About 20-40% of the traffic coming into YouTube comes from organic searches on Google. Given the size of the search portion, it is recommended that you collect keywords that are widely used and in accordance with your niche.

With the right keywords and an understanding of trends, optimization can be done more easily. However, original content must still be created so that your YouTube channel doesn’t seem copycat or just imitating.

2. Make Videos with the Best Quality

Just like Google, YouTube’s algorithm is also complex and changes frequently. With the same keywords, it could be that your video is on the umpteenth search page and someone else’s is at the top of the list.

In a YouTube search, the top videos are the videos that are considered most relevant to the keyword. Well, before doing various YouTube SEO optimizations with keyword research, you should know the types of videos that YouTube likes.

2. 1. Improve Editing Quality

The quality of the editing also determines whether the video will rank high or sink to the bottom. If the video editing technique is still bad, getting a lot of viewers will be difficult unless the content in it triggers viral and many people are curious to see it.

2. 2. Ensure Video Originality

Creating original content is important even though it is quite difficult. If your plagiarism, YouTube will know about it. Especially if there is video or music content that has a copyright. The platform can take it down immediately or it can’t be monetized.

Don’t use the instant method. Better to create quality original content. As long as the optimization is good and you are adept at applying other YouTube SEO steps, the video will get a lot of views.

2.3. Pay Attention to Duration

The length of the video determines whether the content is easily indexed with certain keywords. Some people who monetize always make videos above 5 minutes. Videos with this duration also have conditions to be monetized as raised by Adsense.

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2.4. Create Attractive Thumbnails

The packaging of the video should be attractive and contain anyone who happens to find it curious. This pack includes thumbnails on the video. Don’t upload a video and then release it without this section. Clickbait in words or interesting things from the video can be included in this section.

2.5. Consider Audience Taste

Quality videos are needed to get lots of people to like and eventually want to share or be viewed multiple times. The more videos viewed by YouTube users, the index of these videos will be very good.

With the same keywords, videos will easily appear on the start page of YouTube searches. The greater the number of subscribers you have, the greater the chance that they will appear at the top of the list.

In addition to managing videos, pay attention to the audience so that they are more loyal and will keep coming back every time there is new content.

3. Metadata Optimization

In the previous discussion, you said a lot of keywords or keywords. However, you don’t know where to put those keywords yet. Does it have to be in the video or in the description, caption, tag, or the like?

In this section, you will discuss how YouTube SEO optimization is done and where keywords are placed. Here’s the full review

3. 1. Insert Keywords in the Title

Title and keyword rules also apply to videos uploaded on YouTube. You should create a title that includes the keyword, its derivatives, or its synonyms.

The keywords in the title will be used as bait when performing a search. The more relevant the title to the keyword, the more likely it will appear on the first page.

As much as possible the keywords are in the first few characters. Here are YouTube SEO tips that are important to optimize.

Generally, there is a limit of around 60 characters. If it’s more than that, the title will be automatically truncated in YouTube search results. This of course will be very unfortunate, especially if the content is of high quality.

Next, try to have a title that contains keywords that are relevant to the content of the video. If it’s irrelevant and just playing with clickbait, your video might be taken down or get a report. Even if there is clickbait, try to stay relevant to the content presented.

3. 2. Video Description Optimization

In addition to the title, the targeted keyword must also appear in the description. Either way, don’t leave this description field up to 1,000 characters long. Provide a description according to the video or enter a CTA ( call to action ) or invitation.

In creating a description, try to include your targeted keywords in the first 100 characters or the first 2-3 lines. That section will appear on the video before the viewer clicks on the words “Show more”. Try keywords, CTAs, or other important things in that section.

Some people also provided transcripts of the words that emerged from the video. From there you can also enter the appropriate keywords. Do it right and be careful and don’t let the targeted keywords be Celtic or typo.

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3. 3. Enter the Correct Tag

Image source:

Keywords are not only included in the description and also in the title. In-engine YouTube SEO optimization is also a must.

You need to enter keywords that match the video and other related keywords in the tag. Tags help Google and YouTube to understand the context of your video. If keywords are maximized on these two things, optimization can run smoothly.

3. 4. Give Appropriate Hashtags

In addition to tags that are not visible from the outside, you must also include appropriate hashtags or hashtags. This hashtag appears at the top of the title in the form of a hash followed by various appropriate words.

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When a hashtag is clicked, YouTube will display videos with similar hashtags so that the search becomes more specific.

3. 5. Create a Thumbnail that matches the Video Content

Technology from Google, including YouTube, is very sophisticated in recognizing objects such as writing in pictures. Therefore, it is recommended that you put keywords or related ones in the thumbnails. Put it proportionally and don’t overdo it. Here’s an SEO effort for YouTube that probably hasn’t been done much.

4. Promote Video

After doing various YouTube SEO methods above, is this task done?

The answer is of course no. There are many things to do to attract a large number of video viewers. This is done by means of promotion. Here are some ways to promote the right video.

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4.1. Use the Right Social Media

Social media has an important role in doing content marketing in any form, including videos. You just need to share on your social media like Twitter or Instagram.

Provide links and video footage that contain summaries or passages that can make people curious. By doing so they will be interested in clicking. This method is quite effective, although not as significant as organic search on YouTube itself.

4. 2. Create a Community

If the channel or channel you have is already large and has a large fan base, it’s a good idea to start communicating. You can reply in the comments column or if you have a lot, just like as a sign that there is an interaction going on.

4. 3. Advertise Your Video

If the videos that are made are used for product campaigns with large funds, of course, posting alone is not enough. Since the goal is to get a lot of reaches, ads can be implemented. You can promote your videos through the Google AdSense advertising service. With Google AdSense, you can determine where your ads will be shown, one of which is YouTube.

5. Evaluate Your YouTube Videos

YouTube SEO is data-driven optimization. So, after carrying out the four steps above, there is still one step that is no less important, namely evaluation.

How do you evaluate YouTube videos on your channel?

Don’t worry, YouTube already provides an analytics tool. Just open your YouTube Studio then hover over the left and click Analytics. You will find an image like this

There you will get data analytics of all your videos. From the number of views, watch time, the number of subscribers, and the reach of each video, to the engagement of each video.

With this data, you can analyze what you need to improve in making the next videos. So you don’t plan to make videos based solely on assumptions but also based on data from previous videos.

Ready to Implement YouTube SEO?

YouTube is a popular video platform and can be accessed from anywhere. Along with its development, YouTube has changed into a search engine and becomes a platform to find passive income.

Under these conditions, YouTube SEO is an optimization that should not be missed.

Maximizing SEO on your YouTube videos will increase traffic and increase Adsense earned. Apart from maximizing the technicalities, create only quality content. Although not all quality videos have high views, at least the videos are worth sharing.

If the video is worthy and the optimization above can be done well, you are ready to gain a lot of views, income, and loyal viewers who will subscribe.

Hopefully, the above review is useful for those of you who are about to start a career in the world’s largest video social world, YouTube.

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