airtel free browsing cheat

 Airtel Daily 500MB Cheat is back and works again with our new configuration file. Get it from this article or telegram group.


Enjoy the latest AIRTEL DAILY 500 MB cheat using Stark VPN Reloaded and HA Tunnel plus configuration file. Airtel 500MB Free Browsing Trash is currently working primarily on these two VPN applications for Android. It can also be used from PC using rental applications.

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How Airtel 500MB Cheat works

Airtel 500MB Daily Free Browsing Cheat gives you 500 MB of free data every day to browse, download, broadcast streaming videos, chat, etc. Once the data is exhausted, you will be disconnected for the day. That’s why you get a “Connection failed” error when using HA Tunnel Plus. It simply means that you have used your data allocated for the day because the cheating is capped at 500 MB.

To continue to enjoy the free browsing, try it the next day and this will connect instantly.

If you use Old Stark VPN App, you need some data to “update changes” before you can see the cheat and use it.

But if you use the latest version of STARK VPN, you do not need active data or Airtime in your SIM. In fact, with 0.0KB, you will be connected.

Similarly, if you are using HA Tunnel Plus VPN for this cheat, it will work on Airtel SIM with a 0.0KB scale as long as you have a Ha Tunnel configuration file.

So, without many teens, let’s go directly to the point.

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Requirements for Airtel 500 MB Cheat

STARK VPN Settings for Airtel 500MB Check

Here’s how to configure the STARK VPN application for Airtel 500MB Free browsing Cheats.

  • Open the Stark VPN reloaded.
  • Tap the menu button in the upper left corner.
  • Tap the update tweak from the options listed. This will load all the latest cheats.
  • Tap Select Tweak is located under “Auto Server”
  • Now look for “Ng – Airtel 500MB Daily” and tap to choose.

  • Finally, tap the large round button to connect.
  • After connecting, you will see bandwidth reading as shown in the screenshot below.

Quite minimize the VPN application and continue to enjoy the data bundle allocated for that day.

File Config Config Tunnel Ha for Airtel 500MB Cheech Daily

Here is Ha Tunnel Setup and Config File for Airtel 500MB Daily free browsing cheat.
  • First of all, download the updated airtel ha tunnel configuration file.
  • Open Ha Tunnel Plus App
  • Click three dotted lines on the upper left side
  • Choose Import / Export
  • Choose import config.
  • Now select the configuration you download
  • Then tap “start” and it will be connected and start reading.


  1. If you get an error “failed connection“, that means you have used 500MB allocated for that day. Try the next day. But if you are not connected at all for that day, get a new configuration of this telegram group.
  2. You cannot use more than 500MB in a day for the same SIM card even if you use a different VPN application. Each SIM airtel qualifies for 500MB per day.
  3. To accumulate more data, get some SIM Airtel. After using one, enter another SIM on the same device and get 500MB for free.
  4. Airtel 500MB Daily Cheat Powers All applications include your web browser and even Twitter which are banned in Nigeria.
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