how to stop spam comments on wordpress

Dealing with spam comments on their site is one problem that is always challenging for any website owner.

If you have a content-based website, such as blogs, news, or something like that, comments are an integral part of your platform. It’s important to maintain involvement with your blog. In addition, good conversations with your content will be considered a good sign in search engine eyes. But, not all comments have a positive way. Spam comments are the main disadvantage for site owners.

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Fighting spam comments to your blog or website are important; why?

What is a spam comment?

Spam comments often come out of text writing, place the spam link to the right of your comments section. People make spam comments on your blog, especially for backlink purposes. In general, the website’s comments option allows commentators to place a link through their comments. Now, spammers use this method to bombard your comments box with AI technology. Humans make no spam comments you get.

Why do you have to prevent spam comments on your site?

The first and foremost reasons are,

Punished by search engines:

People do spam comments, put backlinks, use HTML coding to camouflage links. They all try to get backlinks from you. If your site has a pretty good DA, PA, there is a great chance to see the flood comments. Many spams, pornographic sites, or gambling sites are not supported by search engines placing their link because the higher your backlink profile, the greater your ranking opportunity.

Now, when search engines see that you have so many toxic links or spam to your website, they drop your rank. It is a clear reason you have to prevent spam comments.

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Bad user experience:

After reading your article, there are many readers who tend to look for comments. Now, comments must be relevant to your article or blog; Link out-of-context, spam makes a bad impression no matter how good your article is. Many people will consider you as a spammer too.

Discussion effect:

In the comments section, the reader asks the author or starts discussions with other readers. However, if the comments section has been filled with spam comments, people are likely not starting a conversation. Also, this spam comment comes in large quantities and often makes a terrible view.

Now, this is a problem with spam comments on your site.

So, how can you deal with spam comments?

There are many ways that you can adopt to stop bombarding your comments section with the Spam link development technique. Below we mention several methods you can take to deal with spam comments.

Don’t have a comment section:

Many websites actually don’t have a comment section to their blog or website. Comments are very important to get feedback from your audience. Where you need to increase, what to put. But still, many websites don’t have a comment option.

Delete URL insertion options:

In most cases, you tend to see comments with several irrelevant links causing spam. Use a comment bot, they will come and place their link on your website. So, if you don’t support the link, you might see fewer spam comments.

Approve comments manually:

It is an option that you can choose to comment spamming if you have time in your hand. When you moderate your site’s comments, no comments will be published without your review. When someone posts any comments to your site, it will wait for your approval. Then you check it and allow it to publish. But, when you have any comments on your site, it is very time-consuming to read all the comments one by one.

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WordPress websites have a very good choice to deal with this problem. There are many anti-spam comment filters available that will help you handle problems easily.

Akismet spam protection:

Akismet is a broad plugin to prevent spam comments on your WordPress site. Plugins come pre-installed with WordPress. They have a global database to identify spam comments that are suspicious and lower it. This plugin is basically free to use but if your site has a large number of comments that need to be checked, you can choose a premium plan.

Antispam bee:

AntiSpam Bee is a free and easy-to-use WordPress plugin that can prevent spamming to your website. Using it on your platform is very easy. Just install the plugin; No registration is needed. Even you use it for tons of comments, it’s free.

WordPress zero spam:

If you want to prevent spam in the section of your comments, without approaching users with various captcha, then Spam WordPress Zero will be the most suitable solution for you. In addition to preventing spam comments, it does the work perfectly to stop making a spam account on your site. The setting process is very simple. It is smoothly integrated with contact form 7, gravity form, ninja form, and BuddyPress.

There are so many other plugins available that you can try.

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