What is CloudFlare? See complete explanation!

What is CloudFlare? See complete explanation!

Security and speed are factors that need to be considered when managing a website. The method that can be applied to meet these two things is using Cloudflare. What is Cloudflare and how do you use it?

Before discussing what CloudFlare is, it is better to first know about the content delivery network (CDN).

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Content delivery network (CDN)

What is CDN?

CDN is a transparent backbone in the internet network responsible for sending content. It seems, every time we interact with various CDNs. It can be while reading this article, shop online, or see social media.

The Role of CDN is to reduce the latency between you and the server that stores website files and aims to increase the speed and performance of the site.

How CDNs function

To reduce the distance between your visitors and websites, CDN Caches several storage locations. Each repository closest to visitors is responsible for providing content when visitors to the website access it.

Simply put, CDN places your content in several places and provides website visitors with faster access.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a content delivery network that acts as a proxy between websites and visitors. Serving static content cached from the nearest location (CloudFlare has many servers spread across several countries), makes the website load faster.

As a simple illustration,Cloudflare acts as a liaison between visitors and website servers. The aim is that the website is protected from evil attacks by website visitors.

Visitors to websites are divided into three types:

  1. Visitors: Here, are type visitors are humans who visit the website.
  2. Crawlers and robots: Crawlers and robots are visitors in the form of a program that aims to scan every page of the website, and can consume many bandwidth servers.
  3. Attackers: Attackers are visitors who aim to carry out attacks on the website.

By using Cloudflare services, your website is guaranteed to be safe from various attacks and activities that can damage your performance.
In addition, Cloudflare presents all requests to the website and can offer services that are more useful when compared to traditional CDNs.

Here are some facilities you will get using Cloudflare.

  • Mitigation of DDoS attacks.
  • Analytics for all requests made to the website.
  • Installation of an easier SSL certificate.
  • Network gateway between protocols.

Cloudflare function.

When Cloudflare is activated on your website, the name server will automatically follow the name server from Cloudflare. This will allow all activities on the website filtered and accessible faster because all traffic passes Cloudflare first.

The following are some of the benefits you can get from Cloudflare.

1. Directing visitors to the fastest connection

Cloudflare will direct visitors to the nearest data center so that the website can be accessed twice as fast without using Cloudflare.

2. Keep an eye on dangerous traffic on the website

Cloudflare will receive access requests and analyze whether visitors are dangerous or not. This can be seen from IP, the resources are accessed, and how often they access your site. If it looks like a threat, CloudFlare will block it.

3. Serves as a static content cache

Cloudflare serves as static cache content for websites, such as images, JavaScript, CSS, and others.

Why do you have to use Cloudflare on your website

Here are the reasons why you should use Cloudflare:

1. Increase the performance of websites

Cloudflare has a proxy server spread across several countries and can direct visitors to the nearest server. This is what makes the speed of the website load speed increase.

2. Website optimization on mobile devices

Technologies such as rocket loaders and automatically make your website accessible faster and more efficiently through various devices.

3. Protection of bots and threats

Cloudflare uses data from users and third parties to identify whether traffic to the website is a threat or not, and will try to stop it. You can see reports on the Cloudflare dashboard.

4. Protect the website from spam comments

Cloudflare uses data from third parties to filter comments on your site.

5. Give a warning to visitors if the computer is infected with a virus

Cloudflare can warn visitors if their computer is infected with a virus and suggests cleaning it immediately. Usually, to access your website, visitors will be asked to enter a captcha.

6. Offline browsing mode

When hosting is having a problem, visitors can still access the website because the page of the website is already in the cache Cloudflare.

7. Reduce the use of server resources

The request on the server will decrease and this affects the server load, such as the use of CPU on hosting. Even when there is a surge in visitors, the server load will remain safe.

8. Visitor reports

Cloudflare can display visitors whether they are a search engine robot, threat, or traffic from human visitors.

Cloudflare integration.

This service is integrated with several content management systems (CMS), control panels, hosting service providers, e-commerce platforms, and so on. The aim is to provide services that can improve the security and performance of the system that uses it.
Cloudflare in WordPress in the form of plugins can accelerate page load speed, improve SEO quality, and protect websites from DDOS attacks and other security holes.
Besides WordPress, there is also a Magento CMS that provides integration with Cloudflare.

Cloudflare Pro.

What is Cloudflare Pro?

Cloudflare Pro is one of the paid packages offered by Cloudflare. Besides Pro packages, there are also business packages and companies. Of course, the advantages offered vary, especially compared to the free version.
When using the free version there are several restrictions that you must receive, such as the maximum number of applicable rules and other optimization.
Despite providing third-party services, the price offered is quite expensive. For example in a pro package, you need to pay 20 dollars per month for only one domain.
However, no need to worry because Cloudflare also provides free services with some limitations of course.


Based on the information above, Cloudflare can be an interesting solution to try. You can compare the performance of the website before and after using Cloudflare services.
At least some explanations related to what Cloudflare is and the Cloudflare function that has been discussed can provide an overview of the benefits of Cloudflare. In addition, it can also be applied to your website, so it can meet the factors that make the size of a good website. Plus the caching feature is also an interesting value that can be considered when you want to use it.
The Cloudflare installation process is quite easy to do. You can follow up with our next post about how to set Cloudflare for a more detailed process.
If there is no difference or even makes the website performance decrease, then you can delete it anytime.