How to get a Virtual dollar card in Nigeria and Foreign Bank account


International transactions are down in Nigeria, Barter by Flutterwave and a host of other fintech companies (such as Eversend, Payday, GetEquity, Busha, Vesti, etc) announced that they were suspending their virtual dollar card service.

These companies attributed the suspension to instructions from their card partner—Union54. On Monday (July 18, 2022), Union54’s CEO Perseus Mlambo tweeted a screenshot of an internal Slack message, stating that “the pause on service is part of a necessary compliance audit” which will take place within two weeks.

Several Nigerian users depend on these platforms to pay for services on global sites like Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and Facebook, if you are a tech guy like me you need to pay for your hosting and to pay for things in Dollars facing a challenging time. Especially with the $20 daily limit on international transactions by Nigerian banks that we are still complaining about now 0$ daily limit on international transactions means you can’t pay in dollars with your local card. 💳

Here are alternative fintech companies that are still issuing virtual cards and are currently functional. Geegpay,


how to get virtual dollar card in nigeria

Geegpay is a product owned by Raenest, a digital finance platform for the Gig economy. Geegpay provides virtual cards which can be used to make payments online, and shop, without unnecessary bank limits across millions of websites.

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To sign up on Geegpay, you need the following:

  • Bio data.
  • Link any of your other bank accounts.
  • Proof of address could be any of these documents: Driver’s license, International passport, National Identity card, or Voter’s card.

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How to sign up in Geepay

First, you need to visit and click on the open an account button 🔳

Now you have to fill in your information correctly

how to get dollar card in nigeria

The next step is for you to verify it.

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Proof of address could be any of these documents: Driver’s license, International passport, National Identity card, or Voter’s card.

Here is a video for more information


This is how to get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria, and a Foreign Bank also I have been using this platform, and I have not faced any problems if we find another alternative of this we are going to update this post if you find this post useful share and comment, see you in next article.

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