Upgrade MTN SIM To 4G LTE & Get Free 4GB+

Upgrade MTN SIM To 4G LTE & Get Free 4GB+

How To Upgrade MTN SIM To 4G LTE & Get Free 4GB+

Do you want to learn to update the coverage of the MTN SIM network at 4G LTE? This publication is for you.

Do you remember how all the Internet things started and online navigation? When you have to go to a Cyber ​​coffee shop to manage the 2G network, you have to get important information.

The staff or agent will collect your money without concerns about your navigation experience.

Today, you will learn how to convert your SIM 3G to 4G following the guidelines correctly.

About the activation of MTN 4G LTE

MTN 4G LTE is the fourth generation of telecommunications technology that offers higher Internet browsing speeds

LTE means long-term evolution. That said, it is here to stay with higher data speeds such as 5g and more.

4G LTE was introduced a few years ago after the coverage of the 3G network is very widespread and is known as the best signal to enjoy a good navigation experience.

Here, you will learn to update your MTN SIM at Home, apply the given code.

How to update MTN SIM to 4G

You kindly open the messaging application of your phone and compose a new message.

Ten, SMS 4G to 131 to verify if your SIM is enabled 4G / LTE.

If you receive a successful MTN message, it means that it is good to enjoy a better online browsing experience.

Turn on your mobile data connection You will see the 4G + icon or the signal at the top.

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Now, if your SIM card is not yet activated, follow the guidelines below:

Go to the nearest MTN office in your area.

Visit a network service center in your area or

Call customer service by address what to do. You can dial 180 to connect with a representative in charge.

Undoubtedly, 4G + duplicates the navigation speed of the existing 3G service previously known. You are getting 200 Mbps to download faster, make video calls clearer and clearer and even transmit online movies without worries.

Benefits of Activate 4G LTE in MTN

  1. Free 4GB data package in activation.
  2. Get 2 times each data plan for 3 months.
  3. Faster downloads.
  4. Best films that transmit quality.
  5. Lighter and more stable video calls.
  6. How can I update my SIM GLO to 4G?

You will enjoy 10 GB free after an update plus an additional bonus of 25% in the data packets you buy.

First, change your current SIM for a USIM.

Then, SMS 4G at 400.


How can I update my phone to 4G?

Your mobile phone operating system decides. If your smartphone was incorporated with a long-term 4G evolution capacity, yes, you can enjoy a higher Internet speed at 4G +.

How do I update my SIM to 4G?

It depends on the sim you use. There are different procedures to improve MTN, Airtel, GLO and 9Mobile. Please follow the guide in this post correctly to update your SIM MTN card.

Have you updated your SIM to 4G LTE?

If you have followed the instructions very well, you must be able to update your SIM of 3G to 4G with ease.

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What is the result you have? You have 4G now, right?

He commented below!

This is how to update MTN SIM to 4G at this time.

Upgrade MTN SIM To 4G LTE & Get Free 4GB+