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You spend so much time with your laptop that it’s no longer just a few hardware – it is an extension of you, and stickers and decals are the ideal way to show it some love and express yourself.

Whether you like MAC minimalist design or plaster the entire surface, here is a list of the coolest stickers that will make you (and your laptop) closed.

10 Best Coolest Stickers

1.Boho Sticker Pack, $6.50 at Etsy

For the mothers of loving plants Boho, adorn your laptop or bottled water with pampas grass stickers, cactus, and more.

2.Custom Photo Stickers, $8 at Etsy

Turn your family photos and pics with your friends into personalized stickers.

3. COVID Quarantine Sticker Sheet, $3.95 at Etsy

We will never forget 2020 anytime soon, but even still, the Covid-19 sticker package will ensure you remember the face mask, hand sanitizer, and lack of great TP forever.

4.Zodiac Stickers, $2.70 at Etsy

5. Shamrock With a Mask Sticker, $3.12 at Redbubble

Designed by a pretty amazing 13-year-old player called Charlotte, this line of mask stickers should remind him of people who covid not over. You should still use a mask! And if she likes this beautiful four-leaf clover, Charlotte has designed other versions for almost any other party, also conversing hearts, pumpkins, reindeer and masks that use more.

6.The Office Stickers Pack of 50 Stickers

7.This Is Fine Dog Sticker, $3 at Etsy

Everything is fine. The world around us is literally on fire. But it’s fine!

8.Forested Bicycle Vinyl Sticker, $5 at Etsy

9.Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Sticker, $3.50 at Etsy

Plant moms (and dads!).

10.It’s From a Tiktok Sticker, $3.05 from Redbubble

You do not understand it? It’s from a TikTok!
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