We promise to update you with the latest hot airtel browsing cheat 2021 from time to time on this blog xandertech.com.ng and we have another working cheat. So, if you have an airtel SIM and an Android smartphone, come here and see how to browse for free.


There are several ways to enjoy free internet with airtel ng so we will concentrate on the method that still works when this post is updated. So let’s look at the airtel cheat that is working now.

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Social Airtel Cheat

This is a data bundle intended for social media but with a strong tunneling application, you can use a social plan to power every other application on your device. This is similar to 9Mobile Social Mr. Cheat that gives you 2.5GB of internet data.

To start using this cheat;

First, subscribe to the Airtel social bundle.

To activate the Airtel Social Plan, press * 948 * 4 # to start. Or just press * 141 * 104 # to activate the 500MB Airtel Social Plan for the N100.

Or, see all Activation Codes of the Airtel Social Plan.

After activation, install the latest HTTP Injector

Download the Airtel Config file here or request the latest configuration file here.

After the configuration is downloaded, open your HTTP injector and click the Paper icon on the right-left side of the application

  • Select “Import”
  • Find configuration and import files
  • Now, go back to the application and click “Connect”.
  • It must be connected in under 7 seconds.

Download More Airtel Social Package HTTP Injector Config Files

Airtel Config File 2 (Sydney Server)
Airtel Config 3 (USA Server)
Download and upload one of the files above to your HTTP Injector application to enjoy the Airtel Social Browsing Cheat.

Airtel Free Browsing Cheat | Airtel 0.0kb cheat.

Android and PC users, checkout airtel free browsing cheat currently working with valid configuration files from HTTP injectors. Cheat is usually called “airtel 0.0kb cheat” or airtel unlimited cheat.
The amazing thing about this airtel cheat is that it works in many countries including Nigeria, Kenya, India, Gabon, Malawi, Bangladesh, Seychelles, Uganda, and Zambia. All you need is to get the correct file config file for your country, import, and enjoy free internet.
HTTP Injector is a very strong virtual personal network application that is used to bypass geographical restrictions and the internet from any country and network. Lately, it has emerged as the best free search application used to enjoy a few free cheat searches including free internet MTN. HTTP Injector Configuration can be made by anyone and imported by others so even if you are not a smart technology, you can use this application by just importing configured configuration files.
Airtel is one of the popular cellular data networks in Nigeria, India, and several other African countries with several data packages that include cheap N25 for 500MB night packages, but some users prefer completely free internet browsing without paying change.
Well, be it because it’s possible, you are closed and we are behind you if you are looking for ways to enjoy free searches at no cost.


  • Registered Airtel SIM
  • Balance 0.0Kb, no active data bundle
  • Android phone.
  • 3G or 4G network stable
  • HTTP injector application (install here)
  • The latest configuration file for HTTP injectors with airtel cheat (get here)
  • A little patience.
  • Free airtel browsing settings with HTTP injector configuration files
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The setting for the latest airtel cheat is quite easy after you have a configuration file that functions with you. That’s why you need to join this free internet telegram group to request and get a new updated configuration file for your free airtel browsing. After that, follow the procedure below to set it and import the configuration.

Step 1:

Install the latest HTTP injector application from the link provided under “Requirements” above.

Step 2:

Open the application and click “File icon”


HTTP Injector File Icon

Step 3:

Click “Import Configuration File”
Import configuration files

Step 4:

Now find the configuration file that you downloaded from the telegram or Mediafire. If it’s on the telegram, you will find it here Android> SDCard> Telegram> Documents but if you download from Mediafire you will find it here SDCard> Download or SDCard> UC. It depends on the web browser used to download files.
Note that the HTTP configuration file is formatted.

Step 5:

Now you have found a configuration file, just click to import it into your HTTP injector application.

Step 6:

Finally, click Start To Connect. After connecting, you can minimize the application and open your web browser to explore free or just open any application on your mobile.

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Note that this airtel free search cheat with the HTTP config file works better on a 4G network using an airtel 4G sim card so if you are not connected with a 3G network and SIM, just get 4G sim and enjoy free internet without limits.
However, if you want to enjoy free searches with other networks, just look at this updated free search trick for all networks and countries.
If you have any questions or problems leave your comments below thank you.