10 Recommended AdSense WordPress Templates

You are free to use your preferred WordPress website theme. However, if the website is to earn money from AdSense, the AdSense WordPress template should be the choice. 

Why is that? There are several features of the AdSense template, from the ease of setting up ads to attractive designs. With these templates, you can further increase your income possibilities.

Well, because there are thousands of themes available, we have summarized 10 recommended WordPress AdSense templates that you can choose from. Read more!

Why Should You Use a WordPress Template for AdSense?

WordPress templates in general are sufficient for the needs of an attractive website appearance, good performance, and SEO friendly. But for AdSense endeavors, that’s not enough. 

You need the special features offered by a WordPress Adsense template, including: 

  • Has many strategic spots for ad placement
  • Supports a wider variety of ad types and sizes
  • Can advertise without the need for special settings
  • Designed so that advertisements do not interfere with the convenience of the reader

So, the specialty of a WordPress Adsense template is that you can get a website that is suitable for Adsense ads, responsive on various devices, and lightweight so that it can be accessed easily.

The more comfortable your website is for visitors, the more people who come, the more often the ads on the website are seen by many people. 

So, what are our recommended WordPress templates for AdSense?

10 Recommended WordPress Templates for AdSense 

Here are some WordPress templates for AdSense that you can try:

1. Newspaper

Adsense-compatible wordpress template newspaper

As the name suggests, a Newspaper is perfect for you to use for news portal websites or blogs that need to post content frequently.

This template can load many ads on one page because many ad position options are available. Even so, the ads that are displayed do not interfere with the layout arrangement because they are placed in an empty space, so they seem neat and comfortable to look at. 

With these advantages, it’s no wonder this template has sold well until it reaches 117,439 users. In fact, this theme is also used by world-class websites, such as the United Nations website, Bitcoin, and many others.

Why is this AdSense WordPress template an option?

  • Automatic code detection that makes inputting ads code easier
  • Many ad spots, starting next to the website logo, on the right sidebar, to the sidelines of sections and articles
  • Can be integrated with Facebook, bbPress, WooCommerce , Gravity Forms, and WPML
  • 60+ customizable post layouts
  • 120+ layout options
  • Ad size automatically adjusts to the display of the device used
  • There is a video popup feature with ads
  • Setting on/off display ads

Price: USD 79.63 per year but you can get it on this site for USD 10

2. NewsMag

newsmag free ad template

The NewsMag template comes with a wide selection of ready-to-use layouts, such as magazine layouts, fashion, videos, classic blogs, and more. Well, these various layouts have been designed so that you can place ads in strategic positions, such as in the sidebar, header, and others. 

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Why is this AdSense WordPress template an option?

  • Smart sidebar that will adjust the appearance of the widget when the user scrolls down. So, the ads that you display can be seen by visitors for longer
  • Inline Ads that can place ads on the sidelines of blog content so that the possibility of ads being seen by visitors is higher
  • Provides ready-made scripts for every AdSense screen size and position
  • Has 10 point location of the ad banner
  • Customize Ad box elements
  • Provides 14 layout options
  • Drag and drop for layout customization
  • Can be integrated with YouTube content
  • Compatible with WPBakery page builder, can be an option for those of you who use the page builder so it can be easier to customize the website
  • Compatible with bbPress, WooCommerce, WPML

With its various advantages, it’s no wonder NewsMag is considered one of the best optimized WordPress AdSense templates.

Price :

  • Free – Limited features
  • Premium – USD 62.88 per year

3. Herald

template wordpress adsense herald

Herald is a WordPress AdSense template with a modern and simple look. 

The Herald template layout is designed to fit multiple contents on a single page. This template is suitable for you to use as a magazine, news portal, or blog with high activity.

In addition, this AdSense template can also display several ad spots, such as in the header, footer, sidebar, to the sidelines of the article (inline ads). With these strategic spots, you can increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your ads.

Why is this AdSense WordPress template an option?

  • Simple Ads Manager to manage ads more easily
  • Fixed sidebar for ad box thereby increasing impression time
  • 500+ layout options that can be combined to create a unique look
  • Compatible with WooCommerce, bbPress, and WPML
  • Customer service support is available if you experience problems

Price :

  • Free – Limited trial period
  • Premium – USD 90.38 per year

4. True Mag

wordpress template adsense true mag

TrueMag is a WordPress template suitable for visual content such as photos and videos. A template like this is perfect for you to use as a portfolio, online magazine, or blog.

Although it can load many visuals at once, the placement of ad boxes does not interfere with the appearance or make the page full. That’s because this template brings an effective UI and UX so that it maximizes space with a dynamic layout. 

Why is this AdSense WordPress template an option?

  • Responsive ad size so it can fit various devices
  • Google AdSense banner script or shortcode available
  • Has 6 ad spot options and can be added using Visual Composer
  • Has an intuitive UI and UX
  • Provides 10 layouts, 3 navigation options, 11 homepage slider options, 2 layout options, 6 ready-to-use widgets, 3 widgets styles
  • There is a dark mode option
  • Video Advertising Plugin that can play ads before the video starts
  • Kompatibel dengan Visual Composer page builder, WooCommerce 

Price: USD 51.88 per year

5. The Fox

template adsense the fox

Do you want to create a website with a magazine theme and make it a source of income? However, don’t want the ads displayed to annoy visitors?

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Well, The Fox could be an AdSense WordPress template that you should try. What is the reason? Because this template has many minimalist layout options and is able to cover a lot of content on one page. 

Why is this AdSense WordPress template an option?

  • Provide AdSense banner shortcode
  • Has 11 ad spots
  • Lightweight and does not burden website speed
  • Has many layouts that can be combined
  • Has 1000+ element setting options
  • Provides dark mode
  • Provide a ready-made homepage builder (drag and drop)
  • Compatible with WooCommerce, Facebook, Elementor , and WPML
  • Can be integrated with Polylang, Yoast SEO, Instagram and YouTube

Price: USD 76.63 per year

 6. JNews

wordpress website template for jnews advertising

JNews is the ideal template to enhance your AdSense business. That’s because JNews can place several ads on one page at once, in strategically neat places.

By using JNews, visitors can browse through a lot of content in one visit, so that ad impressions increase. That’s why almost 13 thousand websites have used this AdSense template.

Why is this AdSense WordPress template an option?

  • The AdSense ad Manager feature makes the process of showing ads easier
  • There are page level ad formats with Anchor and Vignette Ads
  • Customize by drag and drop, and live preview available
  • Provides 250+ homepage options
  • Have a clean and lightweight code
  • Ads responsive to device screen size
  • Has several monetization options, such as paid subscriptions, paid post submissions, and sponsored posts
  • There is a JNews Review system for referral efforts or affiliate marketing
  • Compatible with bbPress, Elementor, WooCommerce, WPBakery page builder, Visual Composer, WPML, Autoptimize, WP Super Cache and other plugins
  • Integrated with Google AMP and Facebook Instant Article, so pages can be accessed faster from mobile

Price: USD 76.63 per year 

7. REHub


If your website is used to make money from the internet, REHub can be an effective WordPress AdSense template choice. 

This template is known as the “all-in-one template” because it has many layout options for various online businesses. The cool thing is, every available layout has been optimized for AdSense to the maximum, such as placements, shortcodes, and more.

Since this template can be used for a wide variety of businesses, including maximizing AdSense, it’s no wonder REHub has been used more than 28 thousand times!

Why is this AdSense WordPress template an option?

  • Provides a special section for ads
  • There are ads on/off options
  • Has an animation framework, comparison chart builder, and listing builder
  • Has a choice of mobile version layouts
  • Provides dark mode option
  • Can be integrated with the javascript framework to make the website more interactive
  • Kompatibel dengan Facebook, bbPress, Easy Digital Download, Elementor, Events Calendar, Gravity Forms, Visual Composer, WooCommerce, WPBakery page builder, WPML, AngularJS, ReactJS, dan Bootstrap
  • Integrated with Google Review Update
  • Provides a bonus of many premium plugins for USD 500 for free, such as WPBakery Pro, RH Chart Pro, WooCommerce Sale Notification, and more

Although there are some cases where the plugin fails to install, the problem can be solved easily because of the large REHub user community.

Price: USD 76.63 per year

8. Jannah

wordpress template adsense jannah

Jannah is an AdSense template that is perfect for your blogs and magazines and has been installed 15,000+ times. That’s because this template optimizes every side of the page space to load a lot of content in a neat and effective arrangement. 

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You can customize each page to make sure it looks cool while maximizing the available ad fields.

Why is this AdSense WordPress template an option?

  • Provide 22 demo templates
  • Various content layout options, so each article can have a different layout
  • Provides dark mode toggle
  • 900+ icons
  • 1,000+ font options
  • White label
  • Optimized speed with Lazy Load, built-in cache, WP Super Cache plugin and more
  • Provides Ajax mega menu
  • There are options for parallax effects and video background
  • Kompatibel dengan Facebook, bbPress, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, WPML

Price: USD 71 per year

9. Boombox

template adsense viral boombox

Boombox is a WordPress template that was built for monetization or earning money, one of which is AdSense. 

Boombox has 16 unique demos that have been optimized to get the most out of your AdSense efforts. For example, strategic ad box placement, ideal ad sizes, and others.

Apart from having the default ad locations from the template, Boombox will also provide you with the WP QUADS plugin. So, you can maximize Ads installation points, such as the post list section, sidebar with sticky options, related content, before the comment column, the footer widget area, and others.

Why is this AdSense WordPress template an option?

  • Provides sponsored articles feature (can add blog monetization options)
  • Provides a concise ad script
  • Can combine layouts without limit
  • There is an option to post content with Zombify Front-end Uploader
  • Provides 3 premium plugins for free
  • There are post ranking system features, such as views, shares, upvotes, and comments
  • Lifetime update gratis
  • Compatible with Visual Composer, bbPress, WPML, and WooCommerce

Price: USD 76.63 per year

10. Admania

admania template with many ad spots

As the name suggests, the Admania template is perfect for you to use to get the most out of AdSense. In addition to its modern and neat appearance, Admania also provides a lot of ad space that you don’t get in other templates, such as Grid Post Ads, Slider Ads, List Post Ads, Rotate Ads, and others.

Why is this AdSense WordPress template an option?

  • Provides several ad-specific features, such as Ad Manager, Ad Blocker, and Ad Rotation. So, you can edit ads through the front editor to manage ads and their layout easily
  • Has 20 layouts, including blog, magazine, newsletter, and ad layouts
  • Has a homepage widget builder feature for easier customization with a drag and drop system.
  • Provides live preview
  • The template is lightweight so it doesn’t affect website speed
  • Compatible with Guttenberg, Elementor, Events Calendar, WooCommerce, WPML, RTL, and AMP

Price: USD 49.13 per year

Which WordPress Template for AdSense is Your Choice?

With a regular WordPress template, you will get a cool, responsive, and SEO-friendly design. However, for monetization purposes via AdSense using a WordPress AdSense template is the best recommendation.

In addition to making it easier for you to place ads at strategic points, the AdSense template is compatible with shortcodes or scripts for placing Google ads.

In essence, with a WordPress template for AdSense, you don’t have to bother setting here and there to manage ads. Just install and wait for the results to come!

Well, if the ad arrangement is good, it’s time for you to look for ways to increase website visitors. That way, the potential income from the ads you see is certainly greater, right?

Hopefully, the information we provide is useful and your income through Google AdSense ads will increase. 

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