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7 Best Video Website Templates

In the previous discussion, you have learned about video marketing. However, making your own marketing video is not easy. Therefore, you can try using video templates. 

Currently, many websites provide free video templates. You can choose according to your needs. Unfortunately, the many choices sometimes make you confused, right?

No need to worry. In this article, we will provide recommendations for the best video templates. In addition, we will also provide tips for making good videos for marketing your business. 

Just look at the following explanation. 

7 Website Video Templates You Can Try

Here are some recommendations for the best video template websites from us:

1. Biteable


Biteable is a video template website that we really recommend. The reason is the appearance of their website is very user-friendly. Grouping templates by theme will also make it easier for you to get the template you need. 

Not only that, you can find special video templates for social media platforms, such as InstagramFacebookTwitter, and others. This will certainly make it easier for you to run social media marketing more effectively. 

Biteable will not make you run out of ideas. There are more than 85,000 images and animations that you can use to create videos. Each animation is 3-5 seconds long, enough to display a promotional message effectively. In fact, you can edit the font, colour, duration, and content as needed.

If you want to make video footage, don’t worry. There are around 800,000 footage clips available in various categories. Moreover, if you add the cool audio provided, it will certainly attract the attention of the audience.

2. Storyblocks


Apart from Biteable, Storyblocks is also an ideal website for finding video templates for businesses. Why is that? 

Most importantly, the collection of Storyblocks templates is quite complete. No less than 835,000 videos, 125,000 audio files, and 427,000 images can use. So, you will never run out of content ideas for your video marketing. 

In addition, you can freely choose the video resolution according to your promotional needs. Starting from HD quality to 4K quality. 

Not only that, Storyblocks makes it easy for you to choose footage or videos of a certain duration. That means you don’t have to bother with further efforts such as trim videos, right?

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In fact, you can also choose a video with a frame rate according to your needs, ranging from 24 fps to 60 fps. Choosing the right frame rate will make your video more comfortable to watch. 

3. Videezy


Want to create a marketing video for your website or YouTube? Videoezy can be an option. In fact, for advertisements on TV or other broadcasting channels, this video template website can be one of the best recommendations. 

Videoezy provides many templates with good image quality. You don’t need to be confused to find the template you need. All templates are organized into intuitive theme categories. Either based on the editing application used such as After Effects, or based on themes such as nature, animals, sky, and cities. 

In fact, Videoezy also provides footage recorded using a drone. This is certainly suitable for those of you who want to make a promotional video with a company profile theme. Without the need for complicated efforts, your video marketing can be created in no time.

4. Canva


Do you want to make a special promotional video for social media? Canva could be the choice. This website provides many special video templates for social media. For examples Instagram stories, Facebook videos, and YouTube video ads. 

The choice of templates is quite complete regardless of your type of business. Starting from the culinary business, tourism, and design to education.

Not only that, Canva also provides templates for Youtube video intros and outros. So, if you already have a marketing video and want to upload it to YouTube, just add the appropriate intro and outro. 

No need to worry that your videos will look out of trend. Because you can choose the trending intro on YouTube.

5. Elements.Envato

Elements Envato

Envato Elements is a template provider website that you can visit. The collection is quite complete and not only video templates. There are photo templates, templates for presentations, fonts, and more.

The templates provided have been grouped according to their type. So, it will make it easier for you when you need a special template, for example for opening, title, logo template, and much more. 

Envato Elements also provides templates for various video editing applications such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Motion, and Final Cut Pro. Choose a template according to your favourite application, and you don’t have to worry about the template being unreadable. The process of making videos will be easier, right?

If the visual appearance is not enough, you can get a variety of sound effects provided. Starting from the sounds of nature, urban, human, traditional music, and much more. So, you can make a complete video easily and quickly.

6. Editorsdepot


Editorsdepot can be your choice for video editing. You don’t need to bother adjusting its use. Just select a template from the video editing application you are using, such as After EffectsBlenderSony Vegas, or Cinema4D

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If you already have the raw video, just edit it. You just add an intro or outro that this website has provided. The intro or outro video provided consists of 2D and 3D videos. So, the more choices of types of video content that can be created. 

Apart from that, Editorsdepot also provides typographic video templates with a cool selection. This is what some of the websites we have mentioned do not have. The quality of the typography theme videos that Editorsdepot has can be said to be very superior. 

7. Velosofy


Velosofy is a website that provides a large selection of video templates. There are more than 3800 templates that you can get for free. You will not be confused about choosing a template because the display design is very intuitive. 

Another advantage, Velosofy also provides templates that are very suitable for video needs for YouTube. For example, video thumbnail templates, banners, and more. 

Want to make a marketing video with an audio visualizer? Can. There are even thousands of cool templates that you can use to make product promotions even more interesting. 

Velosofy is also rich in minimalist templates. A simple type of video will certainly look more professional with a clear message. You are free to browse this website to find the right video template. In fact, you can edit the template according to the needs of the promotion being run.

3+ Tips for Making Interesting Video Marketing 

Now, after getting the video templates you need, you can start making business videos with the following tips: 

1. Define Your Video Goal

Before making a video, you need to determine the purpose for which it is made. For example, to increase brand awareness or sales. 

In addition, you also need to determine the target audience. Is it business owners, workers, even students? By knowing your target audience, you can create targeted content. For example, in determining the type of music used, the message language used, and others. 

You also need to specify the content type at the beginning. For example, promotional, educational, tutorial or testimonial content. What type of content is appropriate? You can do content research through social media to understand your target market. 

For example, for testimonial content, you will focus more on consumers and use a lower third template. Or, for education, you can use video types with animated templates.

In fact, you can also watch competitor videos to get interesting content ideas. 

2. Create a Video Show with Storyboard

After determining the purpose of the video, you can start designing the video with a storyboard. 

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What are storyboards? Storyboard is a story script in the form of an image. Its function is to provide an overview of how the video is made per scene. With storyboards, you can make the process of making videos according to plan and efficient. 

Well, so you have an idea about the storyboard, you can see the example below.

Storyboards for video marketing

In short, by using storyboards, it is easier for you to find the right template and the video creation process becomes more efficient. 

You can also apply this to various types of content. For example, for videos with a typography focus. You can specify the scene per promotional message and the layout to display. 

3. Edit Videos with Interesting Elements 

The next tip, add effects or elements as needed to support video visuals. Elements can be, text, images, certain effects such as shadows, and others. 

You can use templates from the various websites above and do minimal editing. However, if it is still lacking, you can use a video editing application for a more complex editing process. Moreover, each application has a different collection of elements. So, adjust to your needs. 

To create an interesting video, avoid adding elements that are not very important. Don’t let your audience not focus on the main point of your video.

4. Promote Videos on Social Media 

What’s a cool video without a lot of views? Well, that’s the importance of promotional efforts. You can use various social media platforms for your business, such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. With this step, it will be easier for your video to reach a large audience. 

There is one trick to make it easier for your videos to go viral, which is to use YouTube. Why is that? Because YouTube has the advantage of easy sharing between platforms. Good for Facebook, Twitter, blogs to forums like Reddit.

The more often your videos are shared, the more likely the number of views is, right?

Well, one of the efforts, you can do YouTube SEO optimization. With the right SEO steps, your videos will easily rank in the top search results. 

It’s Easier to Make Video Marketing Using Video Templates!

So, those were the recommendations for online video template websites that you can choose from. Using the right video templates will make it easier for you to create marketing videos.

Each website has its own advantages. You can choose according to your needs. If you want an intuitive interface, Biteable can be an option. As for video templates according to editing applications, Envato Elements is certainly superior.

However, because using templates is not enough, we have also provided tips for making good video marketing. Starting from creating interesting story ideas, making storyboards, to promoting videos on social media. 

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