How to Set Email on Android


Are you looking for a guide on how to set up email on Android? Well, you are on the right page, here. This article will explain how to activate email on an Android phone. 

We will not provide an explanation of the steps for setting Gmail on Android, you know. However, there will be a guide on how to set up corporate email on Android if you have an email with your own domain.

Come on, just take a look at the complete guide below!

How to Set Email on Android

Before setting up Gmail on Android, make sure you’re using the latest version of Gmail. 

To be sure, open the Google Play Store and type Gmail in the search field. If you see an Update button, click it to update the version.

If so, please follow the tutorial on setting Gmail on Android below:

1. Open the Gmail app, then click the profile icon in the top right corner of the page. Select Add another account.

select add another account in gmail

2. On the Set up email page, select Google.

select Google on the email setup page in Gmail

3. Enter the Gmail email that will be added to your Android phone. Then, click Next.

enter Gmail email address

4. Enter your email password, then click Next.

Enter Gmail email password

5. You will see a question to add a mobile number. If you want to do this, click Yes, I’m in . Otherwise, click Skip . 

6. On the Google Terms of Service page , click I Agree .

agree to Google Terms of Service

7. Up here you have successfully set Gmail on Android. You can access the Gmail you just added by clicking the profile icon and selecting the Gmail you want to access.

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access newly added Gmail emails

How to Setup Corporate Email on Android

If you have a corporate email with your own domain, you can also open it through the Gmail app. But before that, you must first know the detailed information of your email account.

Here’s the complete guide:

1. Go to cPanel hosting and access the Email Accounts menu. 

access the email accounts menu in cPanel

2. Select the email you want to add to Android and click Connect Devices.

click connect devices on the selected email in cpanel hosting

3. Scroll down and find the following display:

email information details for email configuration on Android

The above information you will use when configuring email on Android. You can copy the information into your notes or go directly to the tutorial on how to set up corporate email on Android without closing the Mail Client Manual Settings information.

4. Go to the Gmail application. Then, click the profile icon in the top right corner and select Add another account.

5. Since you will be using a corporate email domain, select Other.

select other on the Gmail email setup page

6. Enter your company email address, then click Next.

7. You will be asked to choose the type of email account. In this tutorial, we chose IMAP.

select IMAP as the type of corporate email account in Gmail

8. Enter your company email password, then click Next.

9. On the Incoming server settings page, change the Server field with your company’s Incoming email server information. Usually, the value is

enter incoming server details for corporate email settings in Gmail

10. On the Outgoing server settings page, change the SMTP Server field with your Outgoing email server information. Then, click Next.

enter outgoingserver details for corporate email settings in Gmail

11. Select the time-frequency to sync your email in the sync frequency dropdown. Leave all the checkboxes checked, then click Next.

choose the time to sync corporate email in Gmail

12. Enter your business name in the Your Name field. Later, this name will be listed in the email you sent. If so, click Next.

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enter business name for company email in your Gmail

So far, you have successfully followed the guide on how to set up corporate email on Android.

How to Set Email on Samsung Android?

For those of you Samsung Android users, you can also use the Samsung Email application to access your email, regardless of the account. 

Here are the steps:

1. Go to the Samsung Email app. On the Setup Email page, you will see various account options that you can set up on Samsung Android. 

For Gmail accounts, you only need to enter your email username and password as usual. 

In addition to Gmail, you can also add company email with your own domain on your Android, as we did in this tutorial. How, select Other.

select other for corporate email settings on android samsung

2. Prepare detailed Mail Client Manual Settings information which you can see in cPanel.

3. Enter your company domain email and password. Then, click Sign In . Next, you will see a pop up to select an email account type. Select IMAP account .

select IMAP account type on samsung

4. In the server settings page , enter the Incoming Server and Outgoing server information according to the information from the Mail Client Manual Settings page of your email. 

enter detailed incoming and outgoing server information on Samsung

If all the information has been filled in as shown in the image above, please click Sign in. Well, at this stage, how to set up email on Samsung Android is complete.


How, how to activate email on a cellphone is easy, right? In this article, you’ve learned three ways to set up email on Android, namely:

  1. How to set Gmail on Android
  2. How to set up corporate email on Android via Gmail
  3. How to set email on Samsung Android via Samsung Email
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Now, you can access Gmail or corporate email with your own domain name directly from your cellphone. That way, email management can be faster.

Unfortunately, for professional or business purposes, using Gmail email alone may not be enough. The solution is to use an email hosting service. Why is that?

First, Gmail limits storage to 15GB only. Second, anyone can create an email that is similar to your business name, so the credibility of your business is at stake.

Well, email hosting allows you to create a corporate email with your own business name domain. In addition, the storage capacity offered is also greater than Gmail.

The proof is that Bluehost Email Hosting service offers very large disk space, ranging from 25GB to 200GB! And even then, with the advanced features of Greylist & SpamAssasins to protect you from spam.

Not only that, you can send as many as 9600 emails/day. And last but not least, there is also a weekly backup feature to protect your email data.

So what are you waiting for? Start managing your business email using Bluehost Email Hosting now!

That’s the article on how to set up email on Android. Hope it’s useful for you, ok?

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