Reasons Why You Should Be Using URL Shortener For Your Social Media Posts

Reasons Why You Should Be Using URL Shortener For Your Social Media Posts?

If you are running a business and have an online presence, you can not ignore social media platforms anyway and share links on them.

Having a billion active users up to date, helps companies increase their knowledge of the brand, increase sales, and strengthen their relationships with customers.

The publication of links is a task often important that people do not make the sale of something or not. In this article, we will discuss the URLs that are shared through social media channels.

But, before reaching the main point that we are going to have a small background of URLs.

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What is a URL?

URL means Uniform Resource Locator and most people usually consider as the domain name of a website. Well, technically it’s not bad either, but there are a lot of things you should know about. Through browsers, visit any website where we want to be. When you visit any website, the URL of the website appears in the address bar of the Web page.

But when we look at his URL, there may be a lot of things. For example, some websites start with “HTTPS“, where some just start with “HTTP“. Both indicate two different things. After the HTTP or HTTPS, it is not the “www” part. After that, the domain name of the website begins. If you visit the home page or landing of a website that usually has When visiting any other page of the website, the URL changes and appears as set out. Many URLs contain special characters such as “%“, ‘and’ or any number numerical and anything else.

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The URL is actually the full address of a web page. If you have a specific page on your website that is accessible by your URL. News websites usually have a large number of URL addresses, because each of the news makes a unique URL.

Now, come on, ‘s come to the points,

Sharing the URL of your website to social media:

Take advantage of social media to strengthen your web traffic or increase sales, is inevitable. If you want to generate traffic on your website from any perspective, sharing links is a must, otherwise, how will they land on your site. Sometimes you have to share blocked links out there. But sharing ordinary links has disadvantages. Below we describe them.

Get more space for your content:

On many social media platforms, you can not put a long post legend apparently if you could do it, most people do not read them at all. On Twitter, you get very little space to add a legend or write something detail.

So your message should be interesting, informative, and short. Now, if you have a long-page URL, it will consume a lot of space. You can not mention more detailed information out there. Thus, the shortening of the link is the best way to overcome the problem. Whatever our URL length, the link shortening tools will make it shorter.

Provides more confidence:

Spam and misleading links are often accompanied by the greatest length of most people. This is the reason when they encounter such a large URL on Facebook or Instagram or elsewhere, they tend to avoid it. So, it is necessary to short of your URLs to increase the engagement of your message.

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Avoid bad impressions:

URLs often have many special and digital characters on them. It often seems bad. If you are a brand or you sell something via your website. This creates a bad impression.

To shorten your links your URLs for goals, a largely popular tool is biblié. Below, we mention some of its plans and features.


Bitly is one of the most popular URL shortcut platforms offering free and primary URL shortening services. They offer four plans,

  • FREE.
  • BASIC.


This plan allows you to shorten up to 1,000 URLs a month and get unlimited clicks on URLs. But it lacks most premium features finally.


This is the first paid plan that allows you to short 1500 URLs per month. Here you get the functionality to make custom URLs. Premium plans, you can create your own personalized domain instead of a Bitly URL.


This plan offers 3,000 brand links per month, advanced analytics, and many other features. The pricing is $ 199 per month. If you need extensive URL customizations, this plan is perfect for you.
The last is the business plan. This plan allows you to hide URLs up to 10,000+ and offers all the best Bitly features.
There are several other link shortcut tools such as, Twitter’s in-built URL shortener, Tiny URL, and many others.