Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Much Organic Traffic

Many website owners face the most common problems with their site; they don’t get enough organic traffic to their platform.

Welcome back to another article of, We are going to discuss the reasons why you are not getting much organic traffic. No matter what your site is, traffic is the only thing that is calculated for the success of your platform. Now, you can drive traffic to your site in many ways. The main and most quality traffic is organic. Organic visitors refer to visitors looking for something on the search engine and seeing you as a result. Then they visit your site after clicking there. There are many other ways visited by people like your platform,

Paid visitors; Is when you spend money to get visitors from search engines.

Social traffic; Is when you get traffic from various social media channels.

Direct visitors; You use different email marketing, forum shipping, backlinks to bring visitors directly to your platform.

In various aspects, sometimes additional traffic provides different conversions. However, if you want the maximum benefit of your site in the overall requirements, then organic traffic is the best. But, getting organic traffic to your blog is not an easy task these days.

If you also face the same problem with not having organic traffic to your blog or website, then you are in the right place. Here we will mention a few points that prevent you from receiving organic traffic to your site.

Because there is no lack of parameters that direct you to get organic traffic to your site, we mention the main reasons. The first reason is,

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High-quality content

Many of you have heard a famous statement made by Bill Gates, “Content is king.” Your content plays an essential role in getting organic traffic to your site or not. When people search on Google or other search engines, it is a search engine task to offer them the best quality, helpful, and relevant results. If you are looking for something on the internet, you will look for the best. If you don’t meet your expectations, you will immediately leave the site. That is the reason; The site must contain high-quality content to get organic traffic.

Another thing to remember is when search engines suggest something to visitors and see that high bounce rates. There is a possibility of ranking your site going down, and from the next time, you will receive fewer organic visitors because search engines will advise your site for fewer people. If you can master SEO-friendly content writing, then you can easily rank your content and your website.

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Having backlinks from spam sites

People do not know the importance of backlinks. It makes a lot of difference. Between sites have fewer backlinks compared to them, who have more. If you are looking for various keyword search tools such as SemrushAhrefs, or others and check the ranking articles on Google, you will see, the site has an extensive backlink profile.

But, backlinks can work as a two-sided sword. It’s not always clear that backlinks will help you get more traffic. In many cases, backlinks can cause you less organic traffic to your site. As a result, there are many backlinks that you have to avoid to prevent lower site rank problems.

Search engines assume that your site is spam when you get traffic from spammy sites and get it in large quantities. Therefore, Google always reduces spam site rankings. However, in many cases, website owners do not place their links to spam sites. Some fraudsters do that and demand money to remove the spam link. If you want to deal with such a practice, you need a backlink checker and find out which link is suspicious and dangerous for your site. Then you have to give a link to Google. That’s how your site will not reduce the ranking and organic traffic.

Haven’t embraced the mobile-first indexing

According to various statistical reports, more than half of the total web traffic comes from mobile devices. Because 54 percent of traffic uses mobile devices, you cannot ignore mobile traffic, so search engines. Google and all other search engines have adopted various changes in their algorithms, taking the initiative to project the first cellular policy. To get more organic online visitors, website owners also need to take steps, make changes on their site, and check the mobile indexing. Google has mentioned that Google will prioritize mobile-oriented results. That is the reason the website owner must consider focusing on the first indexing. In addition to the indexing section, the website must also focus on its mobile user experience. Therefore they must obtain optimization for all devices.

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Slow loading speed from your site

The time for loading your website is comparable to your organic traffic. If you are looking for anything Google, and when the results appear, you can check it with certainty that all the results appear, is an excellent website. Google and all other search engines hate slow loading sites. If your site takes too much time than usual to load, search engines don’t show you as a result, or you get organic traffic. Various statistical reports show even one second of delay in loading time due to an increase in bounce and loss of income. So, it would be best if you focused on your speed to get more organic traffic. Here is a good article on how to speed up your site.

You are not doing the 301 redirections from old pages

When you have a website, you might need to delete content published for various reasons and move the URL to new places. If someone deletes something or moves the old URL to a unique URL, it shows a 404 error not found. It’s a massive disadvantage for visitors and search engines. If visitors are clicking on your article and seeing errors 404, the user bounces directly. Search engine bots find that you have this type of problem; They reduce your rank. In addition, it must affect your organic traffic reach. To handle this type of problem, you need to use 301-redirection. This shows to the search engine crawler that you moved to another URL. Also, when visitors click on the link, they are directed to the new URL.

Your site is blacklist by Google or by search engines?

If your website is penalized by Google or any other search engines, regardless of the powerful hosting you use, how much content writes, the amount of backlight you get, your site can not come in the search engines. But, there is no need to mention that you will not get any organic traffic in that case. Therefore, you should avoid unwanted email practices if you start with a new website and a great domain. If you buy any expired domain for SEO benefits, you must verify it correctly: Was it the penalized domain by Google and the search engine for any spam practice.

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You are not using Alt text on images.

Many bloggers, website owners gave their complete focus on articles. Precisely perform keyword research; Use them on the title label, the goal description, and the article organism, but a significant aspect often overlooks; The images and the text ALT. If you observe your Google Analytics report, you will see how many photos received prints on search engines and how many clicks he got from there. When you go to search for Google images and write something, see the same with images.

Similar to content, the images also classify and handle organic traffic to your site. To get organic visitors by search of ideas, you should use the Alt text on your photos. This is how the search engines understand what your image is about and show it as a result.

Copying  content of others:

The content is king, and there is no doubt about it. But that does not mean that no content on your website classifies your site and brings tons of organic visitors. Thousands of new blogs are being written every day, but very few of them enter Google’s search ratings. The different parameters meet to place your article on the results page of the search engine. But one thing is sure that, if you are using the content of copying on your site, it will take you anywhere. In addition, you will not receive any benefit, and also, the search engines will reduce your ranking. Search engines always prefer original high-quality content. If you want organic traffic, you will have to write original content on your site. In any case, if your site appears on the search results page and the original owner of that content hits Google with DMCA, Your content will be removed from Google.

These are the important points for you to get more organic traffic to your site. If you face a problem, you receive search engine traffic on your website, and you can check these things. Thank you for reading. We hope this was interesting.

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