Protect your Posts from Copy and Paste By Installing This Code On Your Site (Blogger)

How To Prevent People From Copying Your Posts on Blogger

Xandeblog Introducing the Anti Copy Paste Script on the format to forestall copyright infringement.

Before I quit wasting time, I will mention to you what is literary theft? As indicated by Wikipedia, counterfeiting is the demonstration of taking or taking somebody’s work and own assessment and can be considered as a criminal offense due to taking the copyright of others deliberately or not without earlier authorization.

Albeit the substance that we accept is our own can in any case be ensured by announcing it to the DMCA so the substance can be promptly eliminated from query items on web crawlers, obviously so it doesn’t repeat. Our idea is to give more insurance to your own blog by utilizing the counter reorder JavaScript in your blog format. So how would you do it? We present this article to tell you the best way to introduce hostile to duplicate glue JavaScript on blogger formats:

How To Install

1. Open the Blog Dashboard


2. Explore to Themes > Edit Theme


3. Quest for </Head> or &lt;/head&gt; at that point glue the beneath content above it:


4. Save your format.


Presently your blog is protected from the danger of duplicating articles since it has been ensured by against reorder JavaScript on your format, I imagine that is all from me and remember to share this post to your web-based media in the event that you like it. Much thanks to you.

Protect your Posts from Copy and Paste By Installing This Code On Your Site (Blogger)



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