7 Profitable Business Ideas in 2022 that You Must Try

Many say that 2022 will be the year of economic revival after the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it has not fully recovered, in the new year there will definitely be various profitable business ideas that are more prospective, so they are very interesting for you to develop.

If previously fresh innovations were created to look for ideas and techniques for starting a business, then this will be even more exciting in 2022. Especially online business opportunities. There are even profitable business ideas that were previously only run in a conventional way, now you can grow them through the internet.

The Secret to Finding Business Ideas

Finding new business ideas is not a difficult job. As long as you can find people’s needs and many are interested in buying, then this business opportunity is worth choosing. Therefore, don’t hesitate to do research even if it’s only a small thing to find out which products are often needed.

After that, choose the one that best suits the skills and interests you want to pursue. Then don’t forget to think about capital issues, because after all this business is the most important part of business needs. If it is not sufficient, the alternative can be looking for investors or loans.

Terms of Profitable Business Idea

A new business opportunity can be said to be a profitable business idea if it can fulfil several conditions. First, the products, both goods and services, must have a high selling value or at least be able to provide benefits for the perpetrators. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the risk of loss is not too high.

Not only can it generate profits, but the business must also be able to survive in the long term. For that, if you want to develop a trending business opportunity, take into account how long the products you offer can continue to be popular in the community.

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Furthermore, profitable business ideas are always able to adapt to various situations and conditions and are not even affected by trends. Even though there are changes in trends, these products are still selling well because many people are looking for them. For example, clothing is always a necessity and only the design changes frequently.

7 Profitable Business Ideas 2022 You Must Try

Many business observers say that in 2022, the MSME business will experience rapid progress. Moreover, there are many MSME business ideas that were previously never thought of at all, but in fact, have very good prospects to be developed. Some examples are as follows:


As previously explained, clothing is a product that often experiences trends, especially in terms of design. In addition, because it is a necessity, of course, the market share is very wide. If you want to pursue this profitable business idea, determine the specific market segmentation. For example, children’s clothes, teenagers, women and so on.


According to data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the culinary business has contributed about 41% of the gross domestic product in the creative economy sub-sector in Indonesia. This is proof that this profitable business idea has a good future in 2022. Especially now that online delivery services are available through the application.  

Tour services

After having to stay at home for a long time due to the spread of covid-19, many people want to find entertainment through tourism activities. Therefore, you should not waste this business opportunity. Those who like adventure can be tour guides. In addition, you can also become a ticket agent for trains, planes, hotel bookings and others.

In addition to the reviews above, there are many other profitable business ideas with no less bright future prospects. However, whatever field of business you run, can bring great opportunities to advance if it is accompanied by proper and correct development techniques.

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Graphic design services

In the coming year, more and more companies will need graphic design services to help launch marketing. If you have expertise in this field, don’t waste this business opportunity. The scope of his duties is quite a lot, such as making poster designs, banners, websites and so on. So the pay is also very tempting.

web developer

Not all business people have the ability to create their own business web. Therefore you can offer the services or skills you have to them. Moreover, if you have more complete knowledge such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java and others, surely more and more people will be interested in collaborating.

Online training

There are so many skills that you can teach through online training or virtual classes. Starting from cooking, foreign languages, sewing, making crafts and much more. You can use the presence of various platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Whatsapp and others to launch this business. 

Reseller hosting

In the digital era, a new business opportunity has emerged with great potential for you to develop, namely reseller hosting. The community’s need to immediately get their business online makes hosting providers compete to help realize the digitization. Reseller hosting business opportunities in the digital era are also growing. Even according to estimates, this reseller hosting business can be excellent because it is easy to run. 

The high-profit value makes it one of the potential business ideas that can be done.

Techniques for Developing Business in the Future

Techniques for Developing Business

You need to understand that the longer digital technology has a big influence on life, including business affairs. Thus, business actors must be able to adapt to these changes. One of the most effective steps to make this adaptation is to go online.

Apart from adaptation, there are several other reasons businesses should go online. For example looking for wider market opportunities, facing business competition, increasing consumer confidence and so on.

tilizing Social Media

In order to go online, you must also realize that social media has a big role in online marketing. Moreover, this service can also be present as a tool to build communication with consumers and other important purposes in business activities. This is the reason for the importance of advertising on social media. Some of the social media that you can use include:

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Now Instagram already has features to sell products. Learn carefully how to activate the Instagram shopping feature and various Instagram reels tips for how to promote it. You also need to master various types of Instagram tools to increase sales, yes!


Facebook also has a special feature called Facebook ads. Advertising on social media on this one can give your business a great opportunity to reach a very broad market share. Therefore, do not hesitate to take advantage of these facilities in order to advance the business.


Previously, TikTok was more often used as a medium of self-expression or just for fun. But very different from now, many are using this social media to grow their business.

Just like Instagram, TikTok also has an algorithm system with the main function of regulating the circulation of content or information from users. So so that the content or information has a wider reach, mastering knowledge related to the TikTok algorithm is a must.

Learn Content Marketing

Still related to the use of social media as a means of digital marketing, there is other knowledge that is also very important for you to master. This knowledge is nothing but how to build a content marketing strategy.

This knowledge not only enables you to be able to create product offering content. What is more important is that content can appear as a solution for the brand that you offer to consumers.

Next, don’t forget to create a logo design so that your business has a better and more professional impression. A logo is like a face and identity for a business, so you have to pay close attention to this, OK!.

Using Google Ads Services

Then lastly, if you have a sufficient budget, also take advantage of cheap google ads services from XanderBlog. So that the profitable business idea that you are pioneering can progress and develop more quickly and rapidly. 


Finding the most profitable business idea in 2022 is actually not difficult and can be adjusted according to your interests and skills. There are also quite a few examples, including techniques for running these business opportunities. Especially now that there are various applications and platforms for doing business, promotion and marketing tasks.  

Through hard work and unyielding nature, you can achieve success brilliantly.

Good luck and don’t forget to always pray.

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