Pay For Me Code For MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile 2024

Pay For Me Code For MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile 2021

Pay For Me Code For MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile 2024

Pay For Me Code All Network

It is safe to say that you are likewise searching for the Compensation For Me Code on MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and Glo? Xandertech write this post for you.

Numerous people have been inquiring;

How might I get individuals to pay for my call at whatever point I call them?

How to make somebody you are calling pay for your approach mtn?

Furthermore, more inquiries like that.

No concerns, subsequent to following my rules effectively, you will actually want to apply the stunt and make others pay for your calls.

About The Pay4Me Administration

I framed the name really. Who knows whether there’s a current bundle that empowers free requires the guest to the detriment of the recipient.


I simply haven’t seen any authority declaration in regards to another person paying for my call.

It’s not something legitimate and not fitting to do. Except if the individual knows, at that point fine.

Follow the instructions…

MTN Pay For Me Code

It is known as the MTN Gather Consider Administration that permits you to settle on decisions with another mtn number. It very well may be your loved ones. The arrangement is that;

The individual you’re calling pays for the call.

Presently, how would you actuate it? 

  • Basically dial *121*Phone Number# on your telephone dialer. For instance, in the event that you need 09012345678 to pay for the call you’re going to make, simply dial *121*09012345678#.


From that point forward, the framework will affirm if;

  1. You in the Permitted Levy Plan.
  2. Your companion is in the ATF.
  3. Your companion is a MTN Organization Client.
  4. Your companion has adequate broadcast appointment needed to pay for the call.
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In the event that the individual meets all requirements for this, you’ll see a message like;

“Bring in progress. Kindly pause while your call is being associated”

From that point onward, the individual you’re calling with get a warning this way;

“Welcome to MTN Gather call administration. Press 1 to acknowledge, Press 2 to dismiss, Press 3 to acknowledge and add to white rundown, Press 4 to reject and add to boycott”.

This happens quick. So observe. 

Presently, your support (the individual you’re calling) will be asked to:

  • Press 1 to acknowledge the call.
  • Press 2 to dismiss the call.
  • Press 3 to acknowledge the approaching call, at that point add your telephone number to the white rundown.
  • Press 4 to dismiss the call and add the number to the boycott.


Any choice your support reacts with, think about how conceivable it will be.

In the event that the individual presses ‘1’, it implies they’ve consented to pay for the call.


Airtel Pay For Me Code

  • Essentially dial #Phone Number. For instance, on the off chance that you need 07012345678 to pay for your call, simply dial #07012345678 on your telephone dialer.

The individual will get. 

After the call, they’ll get a charge alert in regards to the call they just got.

There is an option Airtel to Airtel free call code, however.

What’s this code? 

It’s the Airtel Get Back to Me Code that permits you to demand a get back to from somebody to you.

9mobile Compensation For Me Code

The following is the way to send get back to me on 9mobile /Etisalat:

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  • Dial *266*1*Phone Number# on your telephone dialer application. For instance, on the off chance that you need to demand a call from 07012345678, simply dial *266*1*07012345678# and anticipate a callback.

This is one identified with the 9mobile blaze code that can be utilized to streak without broadcast appointment on 9mobile.

Presently, get this. Utilizing this medium to demand a call from a companion or neighbor doesn’t mean you’re poor. You have your justification this and I regard it.

And furthermore, the Kindly Get back to me code isn’t restricted to a predetermined Levy plan on 9mobile.

However long you purchase, register, and actuate your 9mobile sim card effectively, you’re consequently qualified to send get back to me messages to different clients.


Glo Pay For Me Code

  • Just dial “7733+Phone Number” you need to call. For instance, on the off chance that you need to call 07011223344, simply dial 773307011223344 from your telephone.


This one is known as the Glo Pay4Me Administration that makes it workable for all prepaid clients to

Here’s the manner by which it works;

When you dial the code over, the individual you called will get a message like;


“You have a call from a client who needs you to pay for this call. You will pay N7.50k for 30 seconds for the call, press 1 to affirm and interface your call.”


Fortunately for you, if the beneficiary reacts by squeezing ‘1’, you’ll be given free admittance to talk with that person.

Then again, you can utilize the Glo Get Me Credit administration by;

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Dialing *321# on your telephone.


At that point, select the sum you need to get. How qualified you are includes for this situation.

So you can utilize the short ussd codes underneath to get between N50 to N1000:

Dial *321*50# for N50

Dial *321*100# for N100

Dial *321*200# for N200

Dial *321*500# for N500

Dial *321*1000# for N1000 credit.

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