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Why Just One Domain Isn’t Enough? Here are 5+ Reasons!

Choosing the right domain you must pay attention to when your business goes online. But you know, having one domain is not enough? You need to order multiple domains at once for business needs.

Loh, why is that? Don’t worry, the answer is in this article. This time, you will learn why your business should have more than one domain.

Curious right? Read this article to the end, yes!

6 Reasons Why You Should Have More Than One Domain

Here are some compelling reasons why your business should have multiple domains at once:

  1. Avoiding Errors Due to Visitor Typo
  2. Protecting and Strengthening Branding
  3. Improve SEO Performance
  4. Facilitate Promotional Activities
  5. Expanding Market Reach
  6. Domain Prices Are Rising

Ready? Let’s go straight to the first reason!

1. Avoiding Errors Due to Visitor Typo

avoid errors due to visitor typos

Writing errors or typos are bound to happen to everyone. Including, when visitors write your website URL in the browser. Although classified as normal, this is quite disturbing, right?

Instead of your website being opened, an error page will appear. But actually, this can be tricked if you buy several variations of the domain name. Loh, how come?

An example in this case. Google purchased several variations of the domain, such as Googel.com and Gooogle.com, to accommodate visitors who mistyped the original URL.

After that, Google redirects from some of the ‘typo URLs’ to the ‘original URLs’, namely Google.com. Brilliant solution, right?

Well, you can also copy Google’s strategy. Buy a new domain, then redirect to the original domain. So, your website is still visited even though users often type the URL wrong.

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2. Protect and Strengthen Branding

Buying multiple domain names can protect and strengthen your business branding. Why is that?

Preventing Copy Domains

Competitors may buy similar domains and cause confusion for customers. Or worse, direct your customers to their business with a dummy domain.

Just imagine this. You do online fashion business on the hannaclothing.com website. Apparently, there are competitors who imitate your fashion business with the hannaclothing.id website.

If your customers are not careful in writing the domain name, they may enter the wrong competitor’s website. Well, buying several different domain extensions can prevent this from happening.

Easy Rebranding

Rebranding is a common thing in the business world. If your business is going to rebrand, just buy a new domain that fits. However, don’t give up your old domain, okay?

The reason is, not all customers are aware that your business name has changed. So you need to redirect customers who visited the old URL to the new rebranded URL. That way, you introduce new brands more seamlessly.

Understanding Consumer Characteristics

You need to know, consumers do not always mention your business name officially. For example, many people refer to Coca Cola as Coke. In fact, the official name of the brand is Coca Cola.

Therefore, Coca Cola also bought the Coke.com domain. Well, users who visit the URL will be automatically redirected to the official Coca-Cola.com website. You can imitate the trick from Coca Cola.

In other words, buying an additional domain can make it easier for you to reach potential customers who know your business by another name.

Leveraging the New TLD

Buying the same domain name with different top-level domain ( TLD ) extensions can open up new opportunities for your business. What does it mean?

Say, you sell gadgets on a website called reginagadget.com. In addition to the.COM extension, you can also purchase new domains such as reginagadget.store, which you can use on the special sales page.

This is useful for increasing traffic, even visitor transactions. Not only that, having a variety of domains can make your business look superior to competitors.

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3. Improve SEO Performance

improve seo performance

Having more than one domain has a positive impact on SEO. You could say, this can skyrocket a website’s ranking in search results. However, there is a special trick here.

You do this by redirecting traffic from additional domains to the main domain, using Redirect 301. Well, this one redirect can move traffic between domains permanently.

Don’t worry, Google will not ban you from search engines because of this redirect practice. Instead, a 301 redirect makes it easier for your website to be indexed on Google.

And again, how to do a 301 redirect is very easy. You can redirect using .htaccess, the WordPress Redirection plugin, or take advantage of the Redirects feature in cPanel.

4. Facilitate Promotional Activities

facilitate promotional activities

If your business often holds promotional activities, campaigns, or special events, you need to have a specific domain for each event. The reason is simple users are interested in visiting the website.

For example, you sell chips on the website chippedassuneo.com. Incidentally, your chips have a new variant, namely shrimp flavour. Well, you can use the new domain crispsudadangsuneo.com to introduce the product.

In short, you can register a new domain related to the event in question. Then, create a special landing page to support the event.

But there’s one thing to keep in mind, especially if your campaign is temporary. After the event ends, always disable the domain, hide the landing page, and update the sitemap.

The goal is that the temporary website is no longer indexed in search engines, and instead destroys the ranking of the main website.

5. Expanding Market Reach

expand market reach

Have you ever thought about expanding your business to the international market? If yes, you have to do various international domain extensions. 

Indeed, going international is not that easy. But, you can pay off the preparations from now on. The easiest, of course, is to buy a domain with a foreign extension, such as. The US,.ASIA, or . the UK. Who knows, your business might actually go international in the future.

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Incidentally, international domains are very useful for Global SEO. With a domain and website specific to a particular language or area, it will be easier for your business to be found in search engines for that region.

6. Domain Prices Are Rising

The last reason why you should have more than one domain is none other than because the price of the domain is increasing. For example, the price of an.

Lol, how come? Yes, because the government raised the VAT rate to 11%. Hence, the price of taxable goods including domains also goes up. Well, those of you who have been eyeing a . ID domain name for a long time are advised to buy it now.

This also applies to other domain extensions. It’s better to buy immediately, who knows the price of your dream domain will even rise in the future. Or worse, the domain has been bought by someone else.

Rather than regret later, right?

Already Have a Target Domain? Buy Now!

In this article, you’ve looked at some of the reasons why you should have more than one domain. Starting from strengthening branding, improving SEO performance, to facilitating promotional activities.

If you already have an idea of ​​a new domain name, secure it now. Don’t let the price go up, or even be taken by competitors. You can buy at a domain provider service, such as Bluehost.

Why should you buy a domain at Bluehost?

First, Bluehost is a trusted domain provider service with ICANN accreditation. Second, there are various domain extensions for you to choose from. Third, the price is super affordable and is Recommended by WordPress, starting from $12.99 only!

What are you waiting for, let’s secure your dream domain now by buying a cheap Bluehost domain!

Thus the article this time is hopefully useful. Don’t forget to click the Subscribe button so you don’t miss our latest updates. See you again!

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