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7 New Programming Languages ​​You Should Know

Programming languages ​​are often a real headache for programmers. Although it is true that they are the specialists in the area, on more than one occasion they find themselves at a dead end. Fortunately, technology is also advancing in this regard. In this article, you will discover 7 new languages ​​that you should know if you are interested in the subject. Go for it!

When a new programming language emerges, users hope that it will finally be the one that solves all their problems. Sometimes that happens, but sometimes it doesn’t. However, the important thing is to recognize the innovation so that later everyone can draw their own conclusions.

Reactivate Clojure, one of the new programming languages

This language is a combination of Clojure with React. That means the new system combines all the functionality of reactive front-ends with the robustness of Clojure. Among its benefits, we can highlight that it allows you to deploy a large collection of front-end components and then insert them into a code together. The reactive fill in the details so that the data doesn’t get stuck between the database and the components.

Another noteworthy detail is that it has a multithreaded model, which makes it useful for complex control panels that display data on more than one task simultaneously.


This is a niche programming language as it is aimed at creating configuration files, a very useful functionality for creating modern architectures. The base is very similar to a template with built-in logic to create dynamic configuration files. It is highly functional and has a type checker. Another of its objectives is the correction to have a reliable backup.

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Kobra, the programming language for professionals from other areas

Kobra was created to make machine learning available to professionals other than developers. The editor that integrates it composes formulas very similar to the code and with very similar functions. Its development process is similar to R, although with data frames developed from tables.


This is a DSL domain-specific language. This means that it is only good for one thing. It uses a declarative syntax to create resources for Azure. At Biceps we will have support for all types of resources in Azure. We will also have simple syntax when using ARM templates. And, best of all, it does not require knowledge of other programming languages.

Fink, the programming language of mathematicians

According to the creator himself, this language was designed to simplify physical calculations. It is a tool intended for use in the real world. It follows the units of measurement through all the calculations, it allows unifying the units and verifying that the results reached are the logical ones. It has a powerful data archive of physical units.

For lovers of good sound, Faus is the best of all programming languages

The goal of this tool is to get the best quality sound possible. This is a highly sought-after feature by video game developers, virtual reality developers, or any other creative who appreciates sound quality.

The various operations in the code will cause a sound to be echoed and multiple other effects to be generated. It is a set of functions that can be combined or compounded to address the desired goal. It can be integrated into other projects, which makes it very versatile.

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WebAssembly, one of the most recent programming languages

It is also known as Wasm. It delivers binary code to browsers, previously combined with text in a standard format. Its purpose is to replace the minified JavaScript code with something better optimized, thus guaranteeing higher quality. Many developers are now using this software without writing code directly to it. What they do is use compilers that translate high-level languages ​​to WebAssembly.

So far we come up with the information “7 new programming languages ​​that you should know”, we hope it has been useful to you. Remember that at XANDER BLOG we offer technological solutions in the areas of infrastructure, virtualization, telecommunications, data, and contact centers. Contact us for more information and leave us your opinion about this article in the comments!

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