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LiteSpeed ​​Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Rocket, and W3 Total Cache: Which is Better?

Don't worry, there are ways to speed it up. One of them is by activating the cache using a WordPress plugin

Have you ever checked your website speed? If not, check it out immediately. Do not let the number of visitors decrease because the website takes too long to load.

“Well, what if my website is really slow?” 

Don’t worry, there are ways to speed it up. One of them is by activating the cache using a WordPress plugin. Previously, you must have known that cache is a temporary storage medium that can speed up website loading.

However, you may immediately ask: “What cache plugin should I use? There are many choices, right?”

So, to make it easier for you to choose, in this article we discuss the four best cache plugins, namely:

  1. WP Super Cache
  2. WP Rocket
  3. W3 Total Cache
  4. LiteSpeed Cache

Our discussion will cover nine aspects, namely:

  • Cache system. Mode for caching websites.
  • Cache updates. Update the mechanism according to the set duration of cache storage.
  • Cache wipe. Expired cache deletion provisions.
  • Cache variations. Ability to create more than one cache version
  • Preload and rebuild caches. Preload is the ability to search for web pages without cache and make them. The rebuild function is to serve expired caches while the plugin is preloading
  • Compression type. Cacheable file compression
  • Personal content cache. Plugin ability to serve personalized content in cache. For example, fill in a shopping cart on an e-commerce website.
  • Speed ​​optimization feature. Features other than caching that can make websites faster
  • Price. Plugin usage fees.

In the final section, we will provide a comparison of the four plugins according to their aspects. Now, let’s see the full explanation first!

1. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

Want more control over website caching without the need for a subscription fee? WP Super Cache is the choice. 

This plugin by Automattic (WordPress developers) has multiple caching modes, can create caches automatically, and lets you define when expired caches are removed from the directory.

System Cache

WP Super Cache offers three caching modes. Each mode has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Expert
    As the name implies, this is the most optimal mode that WP Super Cache has. This mode takes advantage of WordPress’ rewrite rules to ensure that no PHP scripts are executed. As a result, the cache created by this plugin is very light because it only contains HTML files. However, websites that rely on PHP can be messed up if this mode is used.
  • Simple
    Mode Simple works in a similar way to Expert mode. However, rewrite rules are not used so PHP scripts will still run. Of course, this makes the resulting cache not as optimal as Expert mode. On the positive side, this mode is safe to use if your website relies on PHP.
  • WP-Cache
    Unlike the two previous modes, the performance of the WP-Cache mode is more specific. This mode only creates a cache for dynamic content or parts of website pages. For example, post feeds and comment lists. Therefore, the WP-Cache mode is suitable for websites that allow visitors to create accounts or do personalization.

Cache update

WP Super Cache has a sophisticated way to update the cache. Every time you update content, WP Super Cache automatically deletes the old cache and creates a new one. 

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Interestingly, this mechanism also works when visitors add comments to your content. 

Cache Wipe

Expired caches are not immediately deleted from the directory, but only deactivated and entered into a separate directory. With WP Super Cache, you are free to decide when expired caches are deleted.

Cache Variations

WP Super Cache is able to serve cache for desktop and mobile versions of a website. This is of course an advantage considering that website visitors do not only access from PCs or laptops but also smartphones and tablets. 

Preload dan Rebuild Cache

WP Super Cache is capable of preloading well. At the same time, this plugin will enable cache expiration until the preload process is complete.

However, the WP Super Cache preload feature automatically runs to cache the desktop version only. For the mobile version, you need to create a cache manually.

Compression Type

WP Super Cache supports the GZIP compression type. This means that this plugin can create a cache for websites whose files have been compressed. This is of course important to support faster website loading

Personal Content Cache

Certain types of websites allow for personalized content. For example, the contents of the e-commerce website visitor’s shopping basket. Well, content like this is difficult to cache. 

WP Super Cache is one of the plugins that can do this if you choose WP-Cache mode as the cache system.

Speed ​​Optimization Feature

WP Super Cache provides Content Delivery n\Network (CDN) as a feature for speed optimization. 

With the CDN feature, your website files will be duplicated and stored on servers in various parts of the world. Later, visitors will be served by the nearest server so that website access can be faster.


WP Super Cache is free and can be installed directly from your WordPress plugin page.

2. WP Rocket

WP Rocket

If you’re willing to spend a fortune, WP Rocket is a premium caching plugin that could be your choice. Because the features offered are quite complete. Starting from deleting expired cache automatically, to optimization features to make the website faster.

System Cache

WP Rocket’s caching system uses rewrite rules, similar to WP Super Cache’s Expert mode. This means that the cache that this plugin generates only contains HTML and is small in size.

Cache update

Every time there is an expired cache, WP Rocket will update it automatically. However, you are also given the option to do it on each website page manually.

Cache Wipe

WP Rocket will also empty the expired cache directory automatically. There is no longer any need to specify when expired caches will be deleted.

Cache Variations

Like WP Super Cache, WP Rocket creates and serves two caches for your website: a desktop cache and a mobile version.

Preload dan Rebuild Cache

WP Rocket has the ability to do preloading. However, because the expired cache is immediately deleted, the cache rebuild process does not occur.

Supported Compression Types

The WP Rocket plugin supports GZIP compression, so you can get a more optimized cache.

Personal Content Cache

Even though it is a paid plugin, WP Rocket is apparently unable to create a cache for personal content. Therefore, this cache plugin is not suitable for web applications or e-commerce websites.

Speed ​​Optimization Feature

There are many speed optimization features that WP Rocket offers. Here are some of them:

  • Lazy load image
    The number of images on a website page will make it take longer to load. Now, with the lazy load feature, loading visual content will be delayed until the visitor scrolls to the part of the page that has an image. As a result, page loading can be faster.
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript minify
    Minify or minification is the process of “tidying up” code in website files. Unneeded spaces, characters, and comments will be removed. Even though it sounds simple, minify can lighten files and speed up website loading.
  • Critical CSS generation
    If CSS minification isn’t enough to improve website performance, you can use critical CSS generation. This WP Rocket feature works to run minimal CSS code without messing up the appearance of your website.
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WP Rocket is available in three versions, namely:

  • Single ($49/year) — used for one website only
  • Plus ($99/year) — can be used for three websites
  • Infinite ($249/year) — can be used on an unlimited number of websites

By default, automatic renewal applies to subscriptions to the three versions above. However, there is also a manual update option. If you want to upgrade, you can do it at any time.

3. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

You are actually interested in the capabilities of WP Super Cache. However, if you want more complete optimization features and if possible it’s free. If so, W3 Total Cache is the solution. 

System Cache

W3 Total Cache offers two caching modes, namely:

  • This Enhanced
    The mode works like WP Super Cache’s Extreme mode by taking advantage of the WordPress rewrite rules. The result is a very lightweight cache containing only HTML.
  • Basic
    Mode Basic still includes PHP in the cache. Although, not as lightweight as the Enhanced mode, it is more flexible.

Cache update

W3 Total Cache works like WP Super Cache. When a website page is updated, the existing cache is automatically deleted. Then, the plugin will create a new cache for the page.

Cache Wipe

You can ask W3 Total Cache to delete expired caches according to a specified schedule. However, only the main cache is deleted. If you enable caching for personal content, you must delete it separately.

Cache Variations

W3 Total Cache can provide not only desktop and mobile versions of cache. This plugin also makes use of visitor cookies to create a more specific cache.

For example, when you access a website that offers content in English and Indonesian. When selecting the Indonesian language setting, the website will remember it in the form of cookies.

Well, website content in both language versions can be cached by W3 Total Cache.

Preload dan Rebuild Cache

The W3 Total Cache cache preload process is the same as that of WP Rocket. The plugin will create a cache automatically without any rebuilding process.

Supported Compression Types

Just like the previous two plugins, W3 Total Cache can create caches for websites that have been compressed in GZIP format.

Personal Content Cache

You can use W3 Total Cache to cache personal content. However, you have to buy its premium version. 

In the paid version, this plugin has a “fragment caching” feature that can work together with the main cache system. Therefore, both static and personal content on your website can be provided in cached form.

Speed ​​Optimization Feature

The optimization features of W3 Total Cache are not inferior to those of WP Rocket. Among others are:

  • Deleting query strings
    Query strings are the characters following the “?” and an “&” in a URL in a JavaScript or CSS file. Although query strings are used to differentiate files, their presence makes caching difficult. Well, W3 Total Cache has a feature to delete these characters.
  • HTTP/2 push for CSS and JavaScript
    When you access a website, the first file type that the browser requests from the server as HTML. Only after that, the browser asks for other files. In order to shorten the request process, W3 Total Cache will ask the server to send CSS and JavaScript together with HTML.
  • Load JavaScript Deferred
    Although under normal conditions the JavaScript file is sent to the server later, its execution usually occurs before the HTML. This, of course, can slow down website loading. With the deferred JavaScript deferred load feature, HTML will be loaded first so that website content is displayed faster.


You can install the free version of W3 Total Cache directly from the WordPress repository. For the premium version, you can buy it on the developer’s website for $99/per year.

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4. LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed ​​Cache is also a free cache plugin. However, its ability should not be underestimated, you know. Almost all the plugin features that have been discussed are in LiteSpeed ​​Cache. Plus, there are excellent features that can be utilized when using LiteSpeed ​​servers.

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System Cache

Like the previous three plugins, LiteSpeed ​​Cache can use WordPress rewrite rules. Thus, the resulting cache is optimal without PHP.

If you are using a LiteSpeed ​​server, this plugin can also cache personalized content at the same time. So, all website content will be served in the cache.

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Cache update

When the website content is updated, LiteSpeed ​​Cache automatically updates its cache. It doesn’t stop there, on the LiteSpeed ​​server, this plugin will group website content based on the similarity of the content. When one content is updated, LiteSpeed ​​Cache also updates the other content considered as a batch.

Expired Cache Removal

LiteSpeed ​​Cache allows you to delete expired caches at your specified time. The difference is that LiteSpeed ​​clears the cache per section, so the process doesn’t burden the server. Plus, the plugin will do it when the server is not busy. 

Cache Variations

The variants of cache that LiteSpeed ​​Cache can create vary. In addition to caches for the desktop and mobile versions, this plugin also uses visitor cookies to create more specific cached versions. 

However, you can only enjoy these features when using LiteSpeed ​​servers.

Preload dan Rebuild Cache

Unlike other plugins, LiteSpeed ​​Cache has a better preload system. If the new page has a cached desktop version, this plugin will share the mobile version as well. Not only that, the personalization of visitors in cookies is also used to create other cached versions.

You can use all of these preload functions on LiteSpeed ​​servers only. However, LiteSpeed ​​Cache does not rebuild.

Supported Compression Types

LiteSpeed ​​Cache supports not only the GZIP compression format but also Brotli. 

Personal Content Cache

LiteSpeed ​​Cache can cache personal content. This capability is thanks to LiteSpeed ​​Cache’s edge side includes (ESI) feature, which can only be used on LiteSpeed ​​servers.

Well, for those of you who understand coding, ESI can be customized with WordPress widgets and shortcodes using the LiteSpeed ​​API. Doing so will improve LiteSpeed ​​Cache’s ability to cache personal content.

Speed ​​Optimization Feature

LiteSpeed ​​Cache has the most complete optimization features. From CDN to HTTP/2 push. In addition, there are several additional features, such as:

  • Image optimization
    LiteSpeed ​​Cache makes it easy for you to optimize images without having to install any additional plugins. 
  • Lazy load iframe
    The iframe is an HTML component for embedding other HTML content such as images, videos, and social media posts. Well, LiteSpeed ​​Cache’s lazy load feature delays the loading of this component so that website loading can be accelerated.
  • Remove Google Fonts
    Google Fonts can beautify the appearance of text in WordPress themes. Unfortunately, Google Fonts adds to the burden of loading websites. Now, with the remove Google Fonts feature, Google Fonts will not be loaded so the website can be faster.


The LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin is free and you can install it directly on WordPress. 

However, there are features available to LiteSpeed ​​server users only. So, to use it, you need to subscribe to the server. There are three LiteSpeed ​​server plans, namely:

  • Free Starter — free, but only 2GB of memory and you can only use 1 domain
  • Site Owner — $10/month or $110/year, with 8GB memory for up to 5 domains
  • Site Owner Plus — $16/month or $176/year, with unlimited memory and up to 5 domains

After subscribing, you have to manage the server yourself and there is another fee to request technical support from LiteSpeed. So, for those who want cheap and practical, can consider it again.

Even so, no need to be discouraged. How come you can use LiteSpeed ​​servers without having to manage them yourself. 

The trick, choose a hosting service provider that uses LiteSpeed ​​servers.

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