In other words, if your network signal is not appeared, it means that the GLO cheating will not work for you, but there is a walk; Load at least N50 Airtime to force the network to mount so that you can power and connect your VPN application, which is vital for this cheat.


This article targets Globacom subscribers that do not have enough money to subscribe to the mobile data plan to browse or access social media. I have provided different settings for different VPN so that if you do not work for you, you try another option. Just follow the procedures below;

This GLO cheat requires that you have the last Injoctor HTTP application installed on your phone and you need to download and import the latest work configuration files to work. To activate this cheat, follow these simple guides:

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How to Browse for free on Glo Network


Download VPN HTTP Injector.


After that import one of the two configuration files for this change in the links below;

GLO Free Search for Cricket Configuration 1.Ehi

Glo Ng Free Navigation Cheat Config 2.Ehi

For the GLO injection configuration files of the last time created or recently created, join this telegram channel and make your fresh configuration file request. Indeed, as the thread of time, these will become obsolete although, I will do my best to update this article with the last configures from time to time.


Quick tips:

  • For your HTTP injector to work better and faster, check;
  • Data compression
  • DNS
  • Finally, set your local port on the 8080 port in the SSH parameter.
  • Log in and enjoy.
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Glo Yakata Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

This cheating involves the use of some VPNs for unlimited free internet access. It is exclusively for GLO subscribers on the new yakata tariff. We have already written about Glo Limited Cheat Yakata in our previous articles, you can check it for yourself.