Airtel 10× Bonus Codes You Are Missing 2021

Lastest Airtel Tariff Plan & Bonus Codes

Are you searching for Airtel tariff plans codes in Nigeria? This post suggests you the high-quality listing with full important points on the whole lot you need to understand about the tariff plan you wish to migrate to.

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Summary Of Airtel Tariff Plans

Airtel Call tariff plans fluctuate established on its highlights and your inclinations, we are not in the time of 40k/sec any longer.

Airtel has apparently the fantastic tariff plans in Nigeria, but no longer all their responsibility plans are remarkable and comprises everyone.

Calls are some distance greater realistic than previously, you would now be in a position to settle on a short selection for as low as N6.00. Additionally, with my rundown of Airtel name tariff plans, you can make positive to select the first-rate and least high-priced call pack for calling your buddies and household members.

Data plans are now not counted out of this. I lately posted the airtel double data plan code right here for you to experience X2 of each and every web pack you buy.

All Airtel Tariff Plans In Nigeria

Below is the listing of Airtel Tariff Plans in Nigeria:

Airtel 10× Bonus Codes You Are Missing 2021

Best Airtel Tariff Plan in Nigeria



Airtel SmartCONNECT

Airtel Smart Connect is a tariff layout that offers you 100% of each and every data layout you buy. That’s X2 for your net bundle.

Also, you get returned eight instances (X8) your Airtime Recharge.

Starting from the N100 Recharge card, you will get X2 which is N800.

This format is designed for new pay as you go customers on the airtel network.

So as soon as you purchase your SIM, comply with the instant to migrate to the Airtel Smart Connect tariff plan.

Benefits Of Airtel SmartCONNECT Tariff Plan

Below are the benefits of migrating to Smart connect:

You’ll get X2 for each web data plan you purchase.

This Double Data bonus provide applies for 3months.

You’ll get X8 each airtime your Recharge on your phone.

You are allowed to revel in excellent call rates.

It’s exceptional for new customers.

You can make worldwide calls from your main balance.

SmartCONNECT Main Balance Call Rates are:

Calls to all Networks in Nigeria: 11k/sec

Messages to all Local Networks: N4/SMS

International Calls & SMS at trendy network rate

Internet Data: N3/MB

Smart Connect Bonuses fees are:

Calls to all Local Networks: 66.67k/sec

Bonus Data: N16/MB

Airtel SmartTRYBE

SmartTRYBE helps you experience the best rates on calls and records plans. On Trybe, you are opened to get incredible data bonuses to browse your preferred channels.

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You can maybe circulate movies, hear to cool music, continue to be linked to the state-of-the-art collection round you.

Nigerian Youths can revel in extra data through paying fewer fees. Yes, with the Airtel smartTRYBE, you are opened to browse are midnight with Stella low as N25 to get 250MB and extra exquisite offers.


How To Migrate To Airtel SmartTRYBE

Below is the code for option trybe:

Simply dial *312# and you will receive a welcome message from airtel like;

“You’re welcome to the TRYBE the place you revel in bla bla bla”.


You are set to phase take in the AWOOF statistics and airtime bonus on this tariff plan.

Now, take a seem at the deserves of becoming a member of the Airtel smart trybe

Benefits Of SmartTRYBE

You get 250MB for solely N25 to browse the net at night time between 12am to 5am.

You additionally get 1.5GB statistics extent for N500 solely which is legitimate for 7days.

You are set to make calls at 11k/sec.

SmartTRYBE is available for all pay as you go customers to experience never-ending benefits.

International calls are left at the fashionable call rates.

The First 50seconds on neighborhood calls are charged at 25k/sec and 11k/sec afterward.

You can purchase your preferred data bundle by using dial *141#.

Airtel SmartTALK 2.0

SmartTALK tariff design enables you as a new or an ancient customer to experience less expensive quotes on calls. Just as the name, smartTALk lets in you to discuss extra with your buddies and household members.

Apart from the accurate call rates, you are additionally allowed to purchase a cheap 1.5GB facts bundle for solely N500.

Now, whether or not you are new to the Airtel network or you are an current customer, you are no longer counted out.

You can additionally migrate to SmartTALK and start enjoying the benefits.

How To Migrate to Airtel SmartTALK

Simply dial *315# to begin making calls at the satisfactory charge possible. Also, you can purchase the huge data extent in particular created for SmartTRYBE and smartTALK users.

Benefits Of Airtel SmartTALK

Enjoy N7 only for the first call of the day.

Get proper call rates.

The first migration for the month is free.

Enjoy 1.5GB for N500 solely via dialing *141*505#.

International calls are at the wellknown rates.

Local calls at 11k/sec.

PAYU is universal at 5kb

Airtel SmartTRYBE Junior

SmartTRYBE Junior is an academic tariff plan essentially for kids in Primary and Secondary faculties to research with the transportable app.

The STJ App is an instructive association that makes studying a appropriate time for teens in indispensable and auxiliary faculties with its 3D clever media-based gaining knowledge of climate.

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Study substances are created in cooperation with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education adjusted for college students in the West African sub-area, in particular Nigeria.

To make matters sweet, teenagers can name MUM or DAD for free with no later charges. Also, youngsters get 10% of each airtime their parents’ recharge.

There is more to read…

How To Migrate To SmartTRYBE Junior

Below is the code to migrate to the smartTRYBE Junior tariff plan.

First, open your telephone dialer app.

Now, dial *371#. You need to get hold of a confirmation message telling you how successful the operation was.

The only cause why it might not work is; until you have not registered your Airtel SIM card. Aside from that, you are correct to go.

Take be aware of this. If you migrate out of this airtel tariff layout and attempt to migrate inside the 30days range, you may also be charged a migration price of N100.

Benefits Of Airtel SmartTRYBE Junior

Kids Enjoy a 10% free bonus on each airtime recharge by way of parents.

They additionally get a 100% data bonus on bundles sold at 200MB extent and above.

Children can name and SMS Parents all for free.

All Courses are accepted via NERDC. This potential they’re certainly knowledgeable.

All Prepaid customers qualify for this package.

Airtel Smart Premier Bundle

Airtel SmartPremier Bundle is a GIANT plan that presents limitless calls to networks. Data and SMS are no longer counted out of this. International calls are additionally relevant in this case.

Imagine you are given the privilege to make never-ending calls, send messages to your friends, and even browse the net at your comfort.

SPB is divided into two categories, which are;

Smart Premier Bundle Platinum and

Smart Premier Bundle Platinum Plus.

And every of these plans has a excellent data deal to provide you. See the quick summary below:

SPB Platinum: N5000 airtime recharge offers you free 500min for voice calls, 500 SMS, 3GB facts volume, plus connections with pinnacle seven (7) worldwide locations at 11k/sec rate.

SPB Platinum Plus: N10,000 savings you load brings again 1000minutes of calls, 1,000 SMS, 6GB records for searching the internet and you can additionally join 7 famous global locations at an 11k/sec call rate.

And all are legitimate for 30days.

Ready to grasp the offer? Let how to get started out below.

How To Migrate To Smart Premier Bundle

Simply dial *470# on your smartphone dialer to migrate to this airtel tariff plan.

Make certain you get a confirmation from Airtel after dialing the code above. It suggests that your request to opt-in Smart Premier Bundle used to be granted.

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Benefits Of The Airtel Smart Premier Bundle

All Bonuses stated above final for a month.

You can call 7 chosen worldwide locations with call minutes.

Call minutes are no longer counted once. You can make a number of calls.

The tariff bundle charge is charged at 11k/sec on calls to all networks.

STB is amongst the cheapest tariff plan on airtel with engaging airtime and data offers.

You can browse with your airtime on airtel if you have a low statistics balance.

Both current and new customers can phase take in the bonus gift. But you ought to be migrated to the Smart Premier Bundle.

Airtel SmartVALUE

Airtel SmartVALUE tariff plan offers you greater VALUE of your cash spent on airtime with no added Access fee.

On the SV plan, you can make calls to all networks at the charge of 15k/sec beginning from the 1st of dialing a number.

If you are new to the Airtel Network, you can additionally partake in this offer. The identical thing applies to old, current customers. All you have to do is migrate to the SmartVALUE tariff bundle and you are good to go.

How To Migrate To Airtel SmartVALUE

Simply dial *314# from your smartphone to migrate to the Airtel SmartVALUE plan.

Migration is free, however if you opt-out and strive to opt-in returned inside 30days, you will be charged N100.

Benefits Of Airtel SmartVALUE

You are set to experience 15k/sec costs on calls you make.

You are charged at the popular call fee for worldwide calls.

Messages throughout Local Networks are cost at N4 per SMS.

All Prepaid purchaser numbers can opt-in this plan aside from the body of workers line. (Meanwhile, Postpaid customers are not allowed

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How To Check Your Tariff Plan On Airtel

It’s now made it easy to test your active tariff plan in contrast to again in the days. And yes, you want to comprehend your tariff design to hold song of the place extra advantages are coming from or the different way round.

Unnecessary expenses might also occur based on what you have no notion about. In this case, you should test to both migrate to a new sketch or make adjustments.

Which Airtel Tariff Plan Are You Migrated To Currently?

Out of all tariff plans packages I have listed above, which one are you using?

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