Reliance JIO 4G Trick | How to bypass the daily data limit JIO 4 GB / 1 GB. Just follow the JIO 4G tips below to bypass the daily JIO data limit for unlimited JIO 4G data at high speed.

After this daily data limit, we need to recharge for a specific Internet pack to continue using 4G free data, but the JIO 4G plans are very expensive at times.

JIO 4G Trick How to bypass the daily data limit JIO 4 GB 1 GB



JIO vouchers and details of the plan:

  • 1 GB 4G DATA – RS.51, valid 1 day
  • 6GB 4G DATA – RS.301, valid for 28 days

In Jio Welcome Offer You get a speed of 4G up to 4 GB / day, then you get only 128 kbps, which is slower than 2G speed, with this good new year offer, you can access 1 GB / Free day 4g internet until March 31 in one month with the speed of 4G. If you access more than 4 GB / 1GB in one day, your speed goes to 128 Kbps so we publish a very good method for a speed of 4G after 4GB / 1 GB of data in Reliance Jio SIM. After that, you can access unlimited internet without speed towing.

How to work around the daily data limit JIO 4GB / 1GB in Reliance JIO:

1. GOTO Mobile Settings and select JIO SIM.

2. Then set the access point names (APN) and select Jionet APN.

3. Scroll down and search for the APN protocol option. Keep the APN IPv4 / IPv6 protocol.

4. Start using Internet data up to 3.6 GB (500-400 MB should stay).

5. Visit YouTube and download 5-6 large videos over the Internet Download Manager (over 1 GB).

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6. Download 4-5 large files simultaneously with IDM

7. Now, your mobile data speed will reduce / stop until 100 MB remaining in a daily quota of 1 GB / 4GB depending on your plan.

8. Your files will be stopped at this point now, just try to resume download several times.

9. If your download starts, do not stop it. Otherwise, simply follow the steps below

10. Now change the IPv4 / IPv6 APN protocol to IPv6

11. Open YouTube Browse some videos, then consume data from 50 to 60 MB, restart your mobile.

12. Once again, open YouTube and consume it up to 5-10 MB.

13. Go to the APN screen, change the IPv6 APN protocol in IPv4 / IPv6.

14. Cool !! You have finished. You can now enjoy more than 1 GB of data or 4 GB of data without a rapid capitalization problem.


Tips: If you have exhausted Internet Daily 4G Limit limit reduced data limit at 128 kbps, you can follow the steps from step 10. Reply in the comment section below if you have problems or that You get a low internet 4G speed.

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