Install Font Awesome 5 Pro on Blogger

Install Font Awesome 5 Pro on Blogger

Font Awesome 5 Pro

Hi everybody. Today I have a simple trick that I want to share with everyone. Hope it will be useful to everyone

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 What is Font Awesome 5 Pro?

Font Awesome 5 Pro is a library of commonly used symbol fonts in websites. The notation here means the normal icons that we often use in website layouts.

Previously, to create those ICONs, we had to cut them out from the PSD file and use CSS to assign the background or use the IMG tag to put the ICON in. However, now we have another solution that is to use Symbol Font (symbol font). Currently, there are many Symbol Font libraries, but the most powerful and commonly used is Font Awesome because it is simple and easy to use.

Font Awesome is built into many different font file formats such as otf, eot, TTF, WOFF, SVG files, etc. So you can easily put it into use and most computer operating systems today can run it.


In addition to normal icons, you can create animated icons by combining them with CSS3

If you use Bootstrap to build CSS for Blogspot then it’s easy to see the need for Font Awesome because they put together quite well and produce quite eye-catching products.

 How to install Font Awesome 5 Pro

Login to Blogger -> Themes -> Edit HTML -> Find the tag ”**</body>**” and paste the code below at the back.

Currently, the frame containing the code of my template is faulty, so I put the code link below, please click on it to download.

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How to use Font Awesome

Go to Font Awesome and select the Icons section, and find the icon you want to use.

Font Awesome

Thank you for reading this article, hope this tip will be useful to you. Have a nice day!