How to Watch YouTube Videos on Google Meet, 100 people can!

As the name implies, the new “co-watch YouTube” feature allows Google Meet users to “nobar” or watch videos together on YouTube during a teleconference session.

Google released a new feature in its Google Meet video conferencing app called YouTube co-watch. This feature allows YouTube users to reach up to 100 people at once.

YouTube’s co-watch feature is a new activity option in Google Meet that is expected to enhance the user experience and bring people closer when teleconferencing in Google Meet.

This YouTube nobar feature can only be activated by meeting hosts who have subscribed to YouTube premium. How to watch YouTube together on Google Meet requires prerequisites. Want to know how? Here are the prerequisites and how to watch YouTube together on Google Meet.


  • Use Android device
  • Have a personal Google account to access YouTube and Google Meet
  • To start a live sharing session on YouTube, you need a Premium membership. However, meeting participants can watch YouTube videos together on Google Meet.

How to watch YouTube together on Google Meet

  1. Tap the screen to open call controls after joining the meeting
  2. Click the three-dot menu that appears at the bottom, then select Activities
  3. Tap the YouTube button under Activities in the menu
  4. Find the video you want to share directly
  5. Some YouTube videos, including any paid and children’s content, cannot be played during live sharing
  6. Tap the video you want to watch together
  7. Press the Start button from the pop-up menu asking to start a live sharing session

As a side note, a green bar with the text “You are sharing live on Meet” will appear at the bottom of the screen once live sharing has started.

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This means that everyone who attends your meeting can watch YouTube videos. When the video starts playing, everyone in the meeting has equal rights.

They have the ability to pause, rewind or resume for all participants. There is one other important thing that you must know.

While watching videos in the YouTube app, you may miss notifications or messages in meetings. It is recommended that you check the Meet app regularly.

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