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How to Use Bing Supported ChatGPT

Bing now has the support of ChatGPT to revolutionize the internet search experience while trying to tear apart Google’s dominance. We will provide tips on how to use Bing supported by ChatGPT

Bing with ChatGPT support is Microsoft’s smart move in investing in this new internet sensation. Apart from Bing, ChatGPT is also available on Edge.

Microsoft announced Bing AI in direct response to the announcement by Google of its artificial intelligence tool which is named Bard.

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Microsoft is developing an advanced web browsing experience using conversational AI. Bing AI works similarly to Google Bard.

Microsoft’s AI search engine is able to answer real-time queries as if we were having a real-time conversation in our native language.

Another Microsoft product that will use ChatGPT technology is Edge. Microsoft will update the browser with two enhanced features.

So, to be able to use Microsoft’s AI-powered search engine, you have to join the Bing AI Waitlist so you have a new experience.

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To join the Bing AI Waitlist, visit the link https://www.bing.com/new on your desktop. There, you will experience a limited preview.

You must have a Microsoft account to join the Bing AI Waitlist. You can use an existing Microsoft account or create a new account.

Another requirement is to use the Edge browser to do so. At the end of registration, you will be immediately redirected to the registration page.

You will see messages like “Great!”, “You have been added to the waiting list.” You then just have to wait to be able to enjoy Bing AI.

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When the waiting time is over, you can start playing around with the new ChatGPT-enabled or AI-powered Bing search engine.

Feel free to ask any questions and take a look at the real-time answers provided by Bing AI. Hopefully, users in Indonesia can already enjoy it.

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