How to unlock Facebook account

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Have your Facebook account been disabled? 

Don’t panic I will drop a contact link of facebook in the process of using facebook, if it is disabled, you can use this link to send a profile to request facebook to re-open your account, if you don’t know how to use it, i will let you know. you know in this article how to use it

How to unlock your Facebook account when disabled by Facebook

Step 1: Access the link:

Step 2: You need to spoof IP to the following countries/regions, for example: Nigeria, United States, Singapore, United Kingdom… and change the language to English.

Step 3 : You need to fill in the following information: 

Preparation: ID card taken to delete, Gmail account disabled 

  • Line 1: Login email address or mobile number: (Import disabled Gmail account) 
  • Line 2: Your Full Name: (Insert Your Name) on Facebook

File Upload Line: (You can upload a photo of your clear two-sided ID card).

Step 4: Click submit!

So I have guided you to unlock disabled accounts with the link above very easily. Don’t forget to leave a comment to support me to be motivated to make more useful articles. Hope you have a very productive day. See you again!

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