Look for a way to Stop your Android smartphone from consuming your Data, I have a little trick for you it stops it I don’t know what type of phone you are using but in this article am going to use TECNO mobile phone so read this article carefully.


Reduce cellular data on Android and save money

Understanding and controlling the way your cellphone uses cellular data is the best way to save a few dollars on our telephone bills. When we use our cellphone from Wi-Fi, scrolling various media bait, getting instructions, streaming music, etc., we understand that we use cellular data. How our cellphones use cellular data when we don’t actively see the screen, can be a little mystery. Take control and limit the background data on Android is a great way to retrieve power and take control of how much cellular data used by your cellphone.

Please note that even though there is your best effort, some applications continue to use data in the background even when you don’t open them. There are many Android applications that, without your knowledge, will continue and connect to your cellular network even when the application is closed.

The use of background data can burn a little cellular data. The good news is, you can reduce data usage. All you have to do is turn off the background data. We will show you how to limit the background data on your Android phone and cut the use of data that still exists.

When you control the use of your data, you are free to stop paying more and choose a plan that gives you the data you need. If it’s your goal.

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What is the background data?

Background data means that the application uses data even when you are not actively using the application. Sometimes it is called background synchronization, background data can make your application updated with the latest notifications such as status updates, Snapchat stories, and tweets.


What use data on my cellphone?

This is the agreement: every time you are online and you don’t use Wi-Fi, you use cellular data.

Cellular data is different from Wi-Fi. While Wi-Fi is a limited network range and the data you use when connected there will not be counted against your telephone bill, cellular data use the same network as the cell tower that allows you to make calls. You can use cellular data as long as you have cellular coverage and calculated on the use of your phone package data.

Cellular data is reserved for internet matters: surfing, social media, email, watch videos, and others. See our complete guide about cellular data to learn more.


What about the foreground data?

There are two types of main data uses. Background data and foreground data. The foregoing of real data means you actively use data in the application, you send a tweet, you are watching Snapchat or you stream videos.

Background data, on the other hand, refers to the data used application when you do not actively do anything with the application.


Does the background application refresh usage data?

Refreshing application in the background to check regular notifications. This means, when you get an email, message, or tweet, it’s sent directly to your device, whether you use wi-fi or cellular data. So yes, if you don’t use Wi-Fi, it will use cellular data.

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What does the background data mean limiting?

Simply simple. Limiting background data means reducing your background data to a minimum. When you turn off the application capabilities to run in the background, you get one step closer to cutting the use of your data at all and controlling your phone bill.

How to stop your Android phone from consuming your data

Now we have answered the question “What is the background data,” Let’s learn how to use it less. The data usage section in the Android settings allows you to see the amount of data used by any particular application. If you look at the application using more cellular data background than you want (WhatsApp comes to mind), you can limit it from accessing the internet until you return to the Wi-Fi area. If you want to save your bandwidth and lower the monthly telephone bill, this feature is worth checking. Remember, because this will prevent refresh the background, you must open the application to receive notifications.
  • Go to your settings and click on all apps and notifications


  • Now click on any of the apps you are using with data


  • Once you have clicked on the app now click on Data Usage
  • The next page will appear where you have to check on Background Data


NOTE: turning off this option means that the app will not be able to use your data in the background, before the app use it is when you lunch the app

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