How To Start Blogging In 2022

Today in this article, we are going to discuss that How to Start Blogging in 2022. Well, this is close to the end of 2021, but till now, you think about how to create a blog, then don’t worry because, in this article, we provide which platform is the best to start a blog according to your need. And we also discuss the necessary steps that you have to follow in the blogging field.

So before starting this article, first of all, we discuss that what Blogging is. Maybe you already know what Blogging is, but those who don’t have any idea about Blogging can now understand that what Blogging is. That is why because in Nigeria, most people haven’t any ideas about Blogging. So let’s start this article.

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What is Blogging?

what is blogging?

Blogging is the digital way where many people create their blogs and share their ideas and other informative knowledge, which helps other people. For example, whenever someone has an issue, they search the internet, and they repeatedly search until they find any solution, and with the help of a blog, maybe it would be easy to find their answer.

And the best example is you, Yes you may have any confusion on Blogging, or you think to create a blog that why you read our article to gain the proper knowledge about Blogging, and this is called blogging. So if you expert on any work or have a lot of information on any subject, you can start your blogging journey as soon as possible.

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In Blogging, you have to create a blog and share your knowledge and ideas, and later you have to submit it on Google and for the results, whenever any people search on google on the same topic, then your blog should appear on Google search results. And they click lick the blog and read the article. You can also earn money with the help of Blogging. Now we share the overall idea about Blogging, and now we discuss how you can start your blogging journey and, according to your need which platform is best for you to do Blogging.

How to Start Blogging?

To do blogging, you need only a smart device like a mobile or laptop because you can do blogging easily on both devices. And you have also created a blog to manage your blogging, but before creating your blog make sure you choose a better niche. Generally, a blog is the type of website where anyone can create various types of articles or posts and share them on different platforms.

It depends on us which platform we choose for blogging. And we soon discuss it. But to start a blog, you have to buy a hosting and custom domain because these are very important to create a professional and unique blog. Otherwise, you can go with a free domain and hosting. But if you go with free hosting a domain, you have to choose the best and trusted platform.

Best Platform For Blogging

Best Platform For Blogging

Here we now discuss the best platform to do blogging. Overall all of the bloggers use these platforms and create their blogs. These are two types one is Free, and the other is paid. Those beginners in the blogging field may go with free platforms, but it does not mean that free media are bad or average. Millions of people use both free and paid platforms.

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Free Platform To Do Blogging

So if we discuss the best free platform to do blogging, then the best option is the Blogger platform which is part of Google, and it allows users to create unlimited blogs for free. And in this platform, there is no need to purchase any custom domain and hosting because it’s free for everyone. And this is one of the best features that attract more bloggers. And not only beginners are used bloggers to do blogging, but many famous bloggers already use the Blogger platform for blogging.

Here, three coding languages are used to build or add any features to the blog. And to do blogging, you need the best blogger template, and all the features can add to the blogger templates with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You already know these three coding languages are the frontend languages, and anyone easily accesses them. We also write a detailed article about Frontend and Backend languages.
But if you want to add more features to your blog and convert it to a professional blog, you need a Backend language, and PHP is the best Backend language to build a website. And that’s why most of the blogger cannot use Blogger platform. So now the question is what they are used to do blogging?

Use Paid Platform To Do Blogging

Here is the Best and Alternative Blogger platform called WordPress, but the most important thing is that it is not free like the Blogger platform. So if you want to use WordPress and make your blog more unique, you need a custom domain and hosting. And these domains and hosting are not free, but there are most platforms where you can purchase hosting and domain at meager prices or you can get it on DomainKing which is the cheapest hosting platform.

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After that, you have to connect your hosting to your name servers and install the WordPress script using your Cpanel. Then, to add more features to your blog, you have to install various types of Plugins on WordPress. If you have a small or big budget, we recommend you go with the WordPress platform. You can gather more information about WordPress on YouTube and Google. And start your blogging journey.


Here we discuss the detailed information on How you can start blogging in 2022. And most people already do blogging and earn money. However, if you don’t know how to make money with blogging, we will write an article on how to make money with blogging you can check it out. And it’s all about our article today; if you like this article, share it with others.