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How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

how to monetize your youtube channel

YouTube monetization is a goal that every content producer aspires to achieve. For example, they may use it to establish a side company, become a full-time YouTuber, or open a Brick-And-Mortar store selling their items. In today’s world, the options are virtually limitless. 

However, how can you monetize your YouTube videos? From joining the “standard” program that rewards artists to making money outside of YouTube, there are a variety of options. 

This comprehensive resource includes everything you’ll need to earn money from YouTube. When it comes to making money on YouTube, the most important thing to remember is that the most important rule of all content applies: 

If you generate great material that your audience enjoys and will pay for, you’ll receive a lot of views, a large number of subscribers, and a strong cash stream. Over time, you may expand your YouTube channel’s income streams and monetization rates by gaining subscribers who provide you with the most sought-after views for your videos.

6 Ways to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

To get started, you’ll need a YouTube account and meet the YouTube partner program (YPP) conditions. Let’s observe some of the most effective techniques to boost your YouTube profits without further ado.

  • Spend Some Time Learning About Your Audience Before You Do Anything Else
  • Become a YouTube Partner and Build Your YouTube Influence
  • Make the Most of Affiliate Marketing YouTube Influencer Cash
  • Make Use of the YouTube Studio Feature
  • Want to Be a YouTube Star? Earn Money For Brand-Sponsored Videos
  • Use the Google AdSense Program

1. Take Time to Get to Know Your Audience Before You Do Anything Else

When you start generating money on YouTube as an influencer, you should focus on getting to know your audience. 

Why? Your prospective subscribers will be your niche’s intended audience. It’s impossible to have a successful channel unless you know your audience. How can you know whether a comedian is a good one? Laughter will not flow if they don’t know who their audience is. 

When it comes to dealing with businesses and marketing agencies, narrowing down your expertise and identifying your target demographic can help you get noticed faster. You’ll want to gather the following information about your audience:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Family
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In addition to YouTube, you need to know where your target demographic spends their online time. Take a look at the amount of time people devote to Instagram compared to YouTube and how you may increase your Instagram following and, consequently, your impact.

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You’ll be more successful as a YouTube influencer if you know your audience better. You may use the data you get to generate video content ideas, marketing strategies, and more.

2. Become a YouTube Partner and Build Your YouTube Influence

Getting paid for YouTube views is possible if you have enough influence to join the YouTube Partner Program. In order to monetize your YouTube (Google) channel, you have several options. 

To become a YouTube partner, you must meet a number of qualifying and regulation criteria. What you must understand from YouTube Support is stated as: 

  • Comply with YouTube’s monetization guidelines at all times. 
  • Live in a nation or region that qualifies. 
  • The last year has accrued almost 4,000 hours of a legal public watch. 
  • Have a following of more than a thousand. 
  • AdSense is linked to your account.

Remember! The best way to grow your YouTube following and acquire more views is to produce videos that are both entertaining and educational.

If you want that your videos to stand out from the crowd on YouTube, make sure it’s of good quality. Due to viewers’ increasing ability to distinguish between excellent and bad, video producers must produce work that is visually or aurally appealing if they hope to get the attention they seek.

Uploading more movies increases your chances of accumulating the necessary amount of watch time. A successful YouTube channel is built on a foundation of consistency.

It’s possible to earn money from your YouTube videos through ad revenue and other membership benefits if you’ve completed all of the prerequisites.

It is possible to make money through YouTube adverts, but it is best done in conjunction with other monetization approaches.

To optimize your YouTube earnings, you should explore a combination of monetization approaches. Ads on YouTube are a helpful tool, but they shouldn’t be your whole focus.

3. Make the Most of Affiliate Marketing YouTube Influencer Cash

Bloggers are not the only ones who may benefit from affiliate marketing. It may be a lucrative cash stream for social media influencers, particularly YouTubers.

What exactly is affiliate marketing? In the grand scheme of influencer marketing for money, affiliate marketing is relatively straightforward. It’s all about how to make money on YouTube.

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Here’s how YouTube affiliate marketing works:

  • First, join an affiliate program like, amazon associates central, and so on.
  • You can set up your dashboard and sign up as an affiliate for top brands once approved as an affiliate.
  • When the brands approve you, a percentage of every sale you make will be assigned to you (typically 3-10 percent)

You make a video about, or mention, a product and/or service, placing the affiliate link unique to you as an influencer in the video description. The viewer clicks through using the link and makes a purchase. 

Marketing as an affiliate for well-known businesses is as simple as it gets. An example of someone who is technologically savy will help illustrate this point.

Viewers are sent to Amazon’s product page when they click on an affiliate link. An Amazon Associates Central partner has created this content.

So let’s get down to business. 97,000 people saw this video. One percent of the viewers would buy this product using the affiliate link of the YouTuber, which would result in 970 sales. This YouTuber could have earned almost $42,000 with a minimum 3% share of each transaction.

That’s an incredible return on investment for a single video. This money-making strategy for a YouTube channel should be used as soon as feasible.

4. Make Use of the YouTube Studio Feature

For those who create content, YouTube Studio is a vital tool. It is a location from where you may optimize your YouTube account and handle several channels simultaneously from a single point of access. In addition to monitoring real-time channel metrics, this application enables users to upload, modify, and schedule numerous films and monitor their channels’ status in real-time.

5. Want to Be a YouTube Star? Earn Money for Brand-Sponsored Videos

Sponsorships are an excellent method to generate money on YouTube. It would help if you first created an audience on YouTube to be considered for brand sponsorship.

It is possible to approach well-known businesses in your sector and ask if they would be prepared to pay for you to provide sponsored content for them if you already have a large following. Sponsored product placements in your films, where you sell short mentions or recommendations for businesses who desire greater visibility, is an example of this kind of content.

Because of the rise in popularity of influencer marketing, sponsorships are becoming increasingly popular. YouTube is the greatest venue for such campaigns. On YouTube, you may charge more for sponsored content simply because making a video is more expensive than on other social media platforms, such as Facebook.

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Any of the following platforms may help businesses find your channel if you are looking for influencer markets to join:

Marketing network Intellifluence focuses in connecting companies with key opinion leaders. Brands may only interact with individuals who are interested in what they’re offering and are prepared to adhere to price limits while using Intellifluence, which sets it apart from other networks by requiring those who want to join in authenticating their information. 

If your films are popular, you may expect to earn anywhere from $20 to $50 in advertising income for every thousand people that watch them.

However, it is crucial to remember that when implementing sponsorships, you must clearly identify paid/sponsored material. Read YouTube’s disclosure policy in full.

6. Use the Google AdSense Program

To get paid for advertising on your videos as a YouTube partner, you must utilize Google AdSense. For companies, Google AdSense is an advertising platform. It’s likely that YouTube uses algorithms to decide where to position an advertiser’s adverts once they’ve purchased ad space.

Depending on the preferences of advertisers, revenue is made on an auxiliary basis (cost per click or cost per view) through advertising displayed via AdSense.

To be counted as having seen an ad, you must have seen it for at least 30 seconds, although at least halfway through is better. A standard fee for a view is 18 cents. For every 1,000 views, this means that if 10% of the viewers watch the ad, you might earn $18.

However, you should be aware that Google AdSense money is shared between you, the content provider, and YouTube, with 55 percent going to you and 45 percent going to YouTube.

Ad revenue is the usual choice, but it’s not the only one, and combining it with the other options on this list can help you boost your overall earnings.

Wrapping up

YouTubers earn between $3 and $5 for every 1,000 video views, thanks to AdSense. It can add up to a nice payment if many people see your channel. Large publishers frequently receive over $200,000 in monthly payouts from AdSense alone.

However, keep in mind that YouTube fame depends on many factors, some (or most) of which are outside of your control – the YouTube algorithm can change, as can your audience’s tastes and demands. 

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