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How To Make $1000 Every Month From Bluehost: Bluehost Affiliate Program

BlueHost is a web host # 1 for most people because it is not only a recommended official WordPress web host, but it is also powered by more than 2 million sites around the world. In addition, it also offers an affiliate program that helps you earn passive income from $ 65 by each sale.

First of all. Let’s talk about the BlueHost affiliate program. Here’s what you need to know about it.

What is the Bluehost affiliate program?

It is the affiliate program related to web hosting # 1 where you sign up for Bluehost Hosting (which is free to join) and start promoting their products, such as all kinds of hosting plans offered by BlueHost. , including;

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Woocommerce hosting and so on
Bluehost affiliate
Bluehost affiliate

How much commission can I earn from this?

You will earn $ 65 for each successful sale you make of BlueHost. The Affiliated BlueHost affiliate payment commission depends on the volume of your sales in a month. It simply means that the more you generate sales in a month, the higher the commission rate you will get.

Why should you join the BlueHost affiliate program?

There are so many significant advantages, including;
  1. $ 65 per sale (even if you make a sale in a month, you will receive $ 65, which is more than most other web host gains)
  2. More than $ 5 million in commissions paid just one last year (you can imagine how popular Bluehost is among the world’s affiliate marketers)
  3. More than 2 million websites are hosted on BlueHost (this is the web host # 1 for most users)
  4. Unlimited gains (there is no hat on how much you can win from BlueHost)
  5. Free to join
  6. Provides a life of 90 days of a cookie (which means that the cookie will remain on the client browser for 90 days unless the customer is erased with cache and cookies)
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How to register for the BlueHost affiliate program?

Here is the link to register as affiliated with Bluehost. It’s free to register. You must enter your details, including;
Website URL
PayPal  Account and so on
You need PayPal to be paid for BlueHost. If you don,t have a PayPal account here is a post that will show you how you can create a PayPal account that can send and receive money. Then you must also complete the tax reporting form while registering in Bluehost as an affiliate. You will find two types of forms, including;
  • W-9 form (you must use this if you are a citizen or an American company)
  • W-8BEN form (you must use this form if you are a non-U.S business resident or company)
Once you have selected the appropriate form, complete it and submit it for review. It is usually less than 24 hours for activating your affiliate account with BlueHost.
When signing, you will get a unique BlueHost tracking code that you can use on your websites, newsletters by email, etc. To start promoting various BlueHost products to start earning more money.

When are you paid from Bluehost?

BlueHost examines and treats all their sales between 45 and 60 days after the sale and makes the payments between the 16 and last day of the month (i.e. 30th or 31st).
For example, if you have won a sale in May, it will be treated between July 16 and 31.
You must have a PayPal account to receive BlueHost payments and that all PayPal payments are sent instantly using MassPay. The good news is that your income is not deducted from your income.
Quick Note: Once you have started to get sales with the BlueHost Web Web Hosting Affiliate Program, an affiliate manager with which you will work to improve your sales and conversions.
You can continue to talk with your affiliate manager, and because you see a jump in sales (once he moved to a number), you can speak with your affiliate manager for a higher payment by purchase. This is how you can do more with each sale.

The best reasons to promote BlueHost

If you always wonder why should you promote Bluehost on your target audience and visitors to target websites, here are some significant reasons.

Recommended by

Did you know that WordPress officially recommends BlueHost as a favorite web hosting choice?

This means that you can easily convince your audience from your website, subscribers by email, social media fans, etc. To try to change BlueHost by name that deposits an official WordPress recommendation.
The best part is that WordPress officially recommends three web hosts, and BlueHost is one of them. Therefore, it is easier for you to earn more sales on the BlueHost affiliate program.

It comes with a 30-day refund guarantee.

BlueHost offers a 30-day repayment guarantee to all its customers. Therefore, regardless of your references purchase shared accommodation or Hosting VPS or the dedicated BlueHost accommodation, they all obtain 30 days of 30 days repayment.
This means that anyone who uses your affiliate reference link to buy BlueHost accommodation comes with 30 days of repayment so that they can get full repayment of their money if they ask for a refund within 30 days following Signature.

The best tracking system of all time

Another reason for promoting Bluehost’s accommodation is probably one of the best tracking systems where each click is followed so that you are paid for each successful reference.
We faced a few problems with a site field last year (although we have sent a few references, they still have not counted as “real sales”, so we have not received the Commission), but with Bluehost Web Hosting, we have never met such questions.
Because BlueHost uses advanced and personalized technology to make sure you are always paid to your Commission for each reference, whatever happens.

You offer discounts regularly.

BlueHost regularly proposes coupons on affiliate marketers (so be sure to keep an eye on their website and subscribe to their newsletters to find the latest BlueHost offers). By using their discount coupons, your audience can save little dollars to start their blogs.

An excellent choice for beginners with a limited budget

BlueHost offers affordable accommodation plans starting at only $ 2.95 per month, so almost every beginner finds it highly affordable and convenient to use Bluehost’s accommodation. Anyone, even with a limited budget, can find appropriate BlueHost accommodation plans.
BlueHost is one of the world’s most popular web hosts, which currently organizes more than 2 million websites worldwide. It offers a wide range of accommodation, including CPanel, a 1-click installation, unlimited email accounts, databases, etc.

Free SSL and a free domain for one year

BlueHost also offers free SSL certificates (which transforms your HTTP site into a secure HTTPS version), even with the basic shared hosting plan. Apart from this, with each accommodation account, you access a free domain name for one year.
The wide range of features offered by BlueHost is enough to convince new people to test their web hosting plans. The best part is that their pricing plans are also affordable, where shared accommodation plans start at $ 2.95 per month.

High payments by sale

As we have already discussed, Bluehost proposes a standard commission of $ 65 per sale, more than most of its competitors—for example, guests like Hostgator, SiteGround, etc. You offer $ 50 per sale, while Bluehost provides a commission of $ 15 more, even if you get one selling in a month.
Not only that, the more you make sales in a month, the higher payments you will get. The key is to generate more valuable references through your affiliate links to earn more from the BlueHost Web Hosting Affiliate Program.

High converted affiliate program.

As we have already said, we have been promoting BlueHost on this site since 2016 and get 5% plus the conversion rate, which is good. This means that for 100 visits for Posts specific to BlueHost, we get more than five sales.
All thanks to the BlueHost affiliate program, which is by default a high conversion web hosting program for many bloggers around the world.

Frequent questions

Here are some interesting questions about the BlueHost affiliate program, so be sure to check them.

How to become a BlueHost affiliate?

Here is the registration link to join as Affiliate Bluehost. It is free to sign up as an affiliate in Bluehost, and the process is also more straightforward. All you need is a PayPal account, complete your registration process by entering your essential details and wait for the email for approving your account.

Is there a minimum threshold limit for the BlueHost affiliate program?

Yes, there is a minimum of $ 100 of $ 100 (i.e. at least two sales) before Bluehost can deal with the first payment of the Commission. However, this will only be on the first payment, and any single sale can be treated after this payment has been made.
In simple terms, you must make at least two sales (the net global Commission would be $ 130, given $ 65 per sale) to receive your Commission. After that, even if you make a single sale, you will be paid.

What is the Bluehost affiliate commission?

For each successful sale, you will get a commission of $ 65. The more you generate sales within one month, the Superior Commission you will get (just like most other web hosts). Here is the BlueHost sales payment structure.
→ 1-5 references $ 65 by registration
→ 6-10 contacts $ 75 by registration
→ 10-15 references $ 100 per registration
→ More than 20 references $ 120 by registration
→ 50 references of $ 150 by registration

Is BlueHost Good for affiliate marketing?

Yes, the BlueHost affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs in the blogged niche.
What is the Bluehost affiliate program?
The Bluehost affiliate program is entirely free to join one that offers reliable tracking, affiliate managers dedicated, and saves you at least $ 65 for each qualified registration.

Can you make money on Bluehost?

Indeed, You can earn 1000 dollars if you have good sales for Bluehost each month and more than 5 million paid in total last year.


There are many ways to make money online, but promoting products related to web hosting is the best way to earn passive revenue. BlueHost is one of the highest conversion web hosting programs for most bloggers and affiliate marketers. The reason it converts so well is due to accommodation, pricing, customer support, etc.
So, suppose you are someone who seeks to promote a reliable and affordable web host to your target audience to increase your affiliate income. In that case, you should try to organize BlueHost accommodation.
Do you have any questions about this detailed opinion of the BlueHost affiliate program? Share your opinion in the comments.
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