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5 Ways to Get Coins on TikTok Quickly!

how to get coins on tiktok

You can now make money with TikTok! Now TikTok has developed a system like Google AdSense. Creators, as well as TikTok users, can earn money from coins collected while playing TikTok. It’s no wonder that these days search engines are filled with searches on how to get coins on TikTok fast.

Getting coins in this application is actually not difficult. The most important point is to be active and interact frequently on TikTok. But to get coins quickly of course there are special ways that need to be done. Check out how to earn coins on TikTok in the following review and harvest user coins to exchange for money. Here’s the review.

Ways to Get Coins on TikTok

1. Invite Friends to Join

To get TikTok coins quickly, users should often invite new friends to join TikTok. The more friends you invite, the more coins you will get. Do this through the Invite Friends option available on the user’s TikTok profile.

In order for users to get rewards in the form of TikTok coins, it is recommended that users make sure their friends join the links that have been shared. Do not use new links or register directly by logging into the TikTok app independently. Make sure the invite link is used correctly to earn coins.

2. Watch TikTok Videos

Although this method is quite common, users can watch as many TikTok videos as they want to get TikTok coins quickly. Generally, every 5 minutes of watching a TikTok video users will get 2,000 coins. If the viewing duration is 15 minutes, the number of coins generated can reach 7,000 coins.

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Meanwhile, for a viewing duration of 30 minutes, you can get 15,000 coins. Wow, that’s quite a number, isn’t it? If 1 coin is equal to 100 rupiahs, then users can get 1.5 million for every 30 minutes of watching a TikTok video. Come on, watch as many TikTok videos as you can!

3. Do Live

While going live, users have the opportunity to earn lots of TikTok coins. Why is that? Because during life, viewers can make donations to creators. If these donations are collected, of course, there will be a lot of money that users can disburse. It is not uncommon for the audience to donate coins in large amounts.

This method will be very effective, especially for creators who already have a theme or type of content with a market or audience. In addition to getting donated coins, users can also be more popular and known by interacting with the audience live. Interested in trying this way of getting coins on TikTok?

4. Use Referral Code

Just like most other applications, TikTok also uses a referral code system that can provide benefits for both the giver and the user of the code. The advantage given in the TikTok application is of course in the form of bonus coins. If friends or other users use the user’s referral code, at least the user will get 10,500 coins.

5. Use the TikTok Lite Mod App

This method is actually not the official way to get TikTok coins. However, this method is guaranteed to work and users will not get banned either. This is the way to ctOK alit coins by using the TikTok Lite Mod application. According to some sources, this method works 100% and can give users a large number of coins.

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That’s a review of how to get coins on TikTok. Watch as many TikTok videos and share user invitations to other users to join now! Get a big coin bonus in no time with a shared referral code.

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