How To get 1GB on MTN with 100 Naira 202

How To get 1GB on MTN with 100 Naira 2024

MTN 1GB For 100

Looking for MTN 100 Naira data plans in Nigeria? This article shows you the complete list of data packets you can subscribe to N100.

Let’s start.

MTN launched the 4G / LTE service in Nigeria to improve the Internet speed and allow you to enjoy a navigation experience.

Since then, many individuals have asked questions about MTN 4G data plans available to bring them to the service.

The thing is that the data plans have remained the same until they launch the new data plans and prices that have changed everything.

Follow the link shown above, to see the awesome packages that MTN has for you.

And for now, proceed with the purpose of today’s job.

MTN 100 Naira data plans in Nigeria

MTN 75MB for N100

  • Simply compose*131*401# to subscribe.

If you are used to buying data plans from MTN with the USDSD Court code (* 131 #), you will definitely see this plan.

This is one of the valid MTN default data plans for 24 hours (1day).

Once you have composed the code, you will see a pop-up window that raises the automatic renewal option and a point, select AutoReneWal to renew automatically after the expiry date, choose a unique purchase to end the subscription after the validity.

MTN 250MB for N100

  • Simply compose * 131 * 65 # and answer “1” in the following menu to activate this plan.

This plan is the first on the list of Back Welcome data plans. In case you do not know, WB is a specially created plan for MTN clients who have carried out zero data activities on their SIM over 30 to 180 days.

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This means that for you to qualify for this data plan, your SIM card must comply with the above requirements.

Just that and you are ready to activate this N100 MTN N100 data plan.

Dial the code given to get 250 megabytes for only 100 naira.

You can also SMS WBD1 to 131 to subscribe. This is valid for 3 days.

MTN BlackBerry Plans for N100

In this section, I provided three (3) data plan categories, you can subscribe to.

Now you could say; “I am an Android phone user, I do not need BB plans.” What? BlackBerry plans 100% on Android devices and I have included it on

Subscribe to your favorite below:

MTN 100MB for N100

To activate the complete BB plan for N100, SMS BBCDay at 21600. Valid for 1 day.

  • BB Absolute Plan – MTN 100MB for N100
  • SMS BBAY at 21600. Valid for 1 day
  • BB10 MIDI – 15 MB for N100
  • SMS BBMIID at 21600.
  • BB10 Mini – 10 MB for N70
  • SMS BLITY at 21600.
  • Weekly Plan BBM – 25 MB for N100

On this plan, you will have access to the BlackBerry Messenger app to chat and connect with other friends on the platform.

  • SMS BBMW to 21600.

You will receive a confirmation message that your request has been processed.

  • Valid for 7 days.

1GB for N100 Naira

How To get 1GB on MTN with 100 Naira

This data plan gives you 1000 MB, which is 1 GB to browse the internet as you wish.

You can download your favorite movies, games, software, and others on your phone. All you have to do is to recharge up N100 on your line, dial the activation and you are good.

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  • Simply compose * 131 * 100 # to activate.

MTN 1GB for the 100 Naira data map

You will see a contextual message after that. Select one of the options described above.

The data is valid for 30 days (1 month).

Relating to MTN 100 Naira data plans – below and above

MTN 200MB for N200

This is another plan officially launched by MTN.

You receive 200 megabytes for only 200 naira to browse the internet.

  • Simply compose * 131 * 113 # to subscribe

It lasts 2 days and can be renewed if you accept Authenewal.

1GB for N200

Scroll through the backup you will find the MTN plan that you have 250 MB for only 100 naira.

Yeah, MTN welcomes recovery plans that include three (3) datasets that are: 200 MB for N100, 1 GB for N200, and 4 GB for N500.

Now it is the plan of the 1gigabyte that can be activated for 200 nairs spent in antenna time.

Do you want to know the quick activation code? See the data map code MTN 1 GB for N200

This is the list of MTN 100 Naira data plans in Nigeria.

I hope it helps you.