How To Flash On Glo Without Airtime 100% Working 2021

You have found this page because you are looking for how you flash in GLO without air time.

If possible.

Take, for example, if you want to make an emergency call for business or any reason, you will find this useful post.

In a few seconds, you will learn how to make calls without air time in GLO.

All GLO users can use this trick to get a different number to return the call when it is under credit.

Now, this is how it works;

You send a free SMS to the number …

… Then, the receiver calls again.

In the sweet?

There are no posterior charges. It costs 0.00k to send this SMS. Get the code below …

How to flash in GLO without airtime

Simply mark * 125 * phone number #. For example, if you want to flash 09012865766, asking the person to call, simply check * 125 * 09012345678 # on your phone.

They will receive a message request a call to you.

Since there is no official intermittent code on this network, we are using the GLO Return Code call me in this case.

Yes, instead of being stranded in a situation where you have a low credit on your phone.

Alternative ways to make calls to GLO without airtime.

Make use of WiFi connection or mobile data. Yes, you can use your WHATSAPP application to make voice or video calls to friends, family, or even strangers (LOL).

The duo is another mobile application that you use to make calls without air time. You only need an ongoing Internet package so that these applications work without problems

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Frequently Asked Questions: Frequently Asked Questions about the Flash GLO call code

How many times can you blink with this code?

You are limited by five (5) times a day. Yes, after that, you must wait another day to be able to send a new application.

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