It is called saying that AdSense is one of the best and reliable advertising networks throughout the world and most of the existing and fresh bloggers will be happy to use them as their main monetization if they want to use display ads.low value content adsense fix
So being the best, getting approval now in this era is rather challenging for most bloggers who do not understand the AdSense policy, and therefore they suffer the consequences through refusal or not approved messages.

Note: Adsense policy is one of the things you need by bloggers to become fluent before you can get approval from them.

The truth was told, I also suffered the consequences of my actions because I was rejected 3 times before getting approval to the fourth time and before the approval of my blog which was a message that was not approved the third “No Content” but am going to explain “low-value content” I got some ideas so I decided to come up with the article This explains the steps that I took to fix it but, before then let me quickly summarize what AdSense policy:

According to the AdSense policy, for a blog to be approved to meet all their criteria, namely:

Fill must be original, unique, fresh, and not write or host every illegal activity such as (hacking, smoking, danger, etc.)

Important pages such as (about us, contact, privacy, Disclaimer) must be on your blog

Select the good-looking template and your blog must be easily navigated.

You must have access to your website source code to add a verification code

Now let me take us through the steps that I use in fixing “low-value content” that is not approved.

Note: No one entering me understand how Google AdSense chooses a blog that will be approved but we can always learn from people’s experiences and this article not only complete the “Low-Value Content” it solves the message that is most not concluded.


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Understand the meaning of low-value content

Low-value content is an article on a blog that does not produce a lot of meaning, or there is no value for blog and Google readers. As we all know that is behind the approval of the Adsense site also our blog readers and if we cannot convince or satisfy them in all fields, our blog will be approved.

 Google search console

Many bloggers do not know that sending a sitemap on Google Search Console is the criteria for AdSense approval. Let me explain my experience; When I created my blog, I managed to send a sitemap on a Google search console but I noticed something, every time I posted a new article on my blog, which should automatically increase after 24–48 hours in the sitemap I sent, ‘t update so I know something is wrong with the settings. I deleted it and I used the online sitemap generator to make another and I sent it on the Google search console and at the same time updating it on my Blogspot “setting” in a special robot. Then I gave 24 — 48 hours and entered my Google search console dashboard, the boom began to increase. In short, short before applying for AdSense make sure you have sent your sitemap in the right way.

Template with easy navigation

It was another thing considered Adsense before approving the site, I came to find that when I applied the second time that my template was not good for AdSense I purchased a Premium Template and I do some coding on it because I know how to code. 

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So I edited my blog template and put it. After that, I categorize my posts into labels for easy navigation and I also create a sitemap page where users can see everything I posted from the beginning of my blog to date.

So, if you don’t know to code, please change your template to a cool, fun, and unique template, I suggest you use the “News” or “Magazine” template and make sure your audience can easily see what they are looking for.

Add more posts

Every time you register for Adsense always foster the habit of having 4 to 5 extra posts on land because this won’t get you frustrated when you receive a rejection message. Like me, after I was rejected for the third time I published 10 posts, 3 every day for 4 days, and on the fourth day, I published an article in the morning and waited 12 hours before applying for Adsense.

Note: The number of posts is not important or the length of the article but always make sure you write something meaningful, unique, and at least no less than 400 — 500 words in each article.

The unique articles taken here are not really what some bloggers interpreted, like posting something new that has never been seen on the previous search engine, well it’s possible but I take here is writing from your experience, what you are Look, what you see taste and others cannot feel and make sure you make enough research on the topic you want to convey before writing your article.

Arrange your articles

Many bloggers do not manage their articles, even I also do not know the problem of the problem for AdSense approval until I pay attention to the newly approved blog so I decided to implement it on my blog.

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Here is a time-consuming setting:

Use default numbering or bullets on your CMS platform e. GLOW (WordPress or Blogspot).

Use paragraphs where needed.

Subpos and small headers must appear after the title if there is a need for it.

Add pictures/image

The image on the blog doesn’t just beautify, it carries traffic to a blog if it is used correctly with the correct alt tag and along the side, it is needed for AdSense approval and does not use the copyright image of search engines, social media or from someone’s blog.

You can download your images or images from Pixabay, and make sure you modify the image with at least watermarks or better edit it and write the title of your blog post on it like am doing it on my blog. 

Few people visit your site

I don’t know whether AdSense considers traffic but make sure before applying you have people who visit your site every day, like me, I share my posts on social media and I receive some traffic from searches every two or three days.


Don’t hurry to send your blog back every time you don’t agree, always check your blog again and again until you don’t see anything wrong with your site before registering.

Also, as I said previously posted more articles about 4-5 before resending the URL of your blog to be reviewed.

If you have any questions leave a comment below and if you like this article support it by sharing it with friends thank you for reading. 

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