How To Fix App Updates On Google Play On Pending

The download of applications of the Google Play store must be a straightforward process. However, users can sometimes find a problem where the note on the screen says that the download is pending, but the download never progresses from the pending stage.

If you are stuck with the problem ‘Pending Download’ on your Android device, you will have to deal with it manually. Since there are many possible causes of this failure, you must try several methods before finding the solution. This article will guide you through them.

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Delete the Google Play cache

An overloaded cache can make an application work badly, which can sometimes happen with the game store. This is especially frequent when you have many applications that the PLAY store needs to verify the updates and perform other related actions.

To delete the caching of the game store, you must:

  • Go to Settings

  • Next, tap the App Management menu

  • Then, select Google Play Store from the list.

  • Now, select Storage usage from the menu.

  • Finally, tap the Clear cache button

Cleaning the cache generally solves any minor failure, such as the ‘Download Pendant’ error. If you do not, try some of the other methods of the item.

Adjust the queue.

The PLAY automatically downloads all the most recent versions of your applications on your device. This means that it is possible that your application is at the end of the queue, and you must push it to the top.
To do so, you should:
  • Open the Play Store on your device.

  • Tap your Profile icon at the top right.

Now, choose to manage applications and devices. Tap ‘View Details‘ and you will see all the applications that are currently in the download queue. If you do not see it, this is not what is causing the problem ‘Download Pending’. If the queue exists, continue with the next step.

  • Then, tap the X button next to an app to cancel the download

  • Alternatively, you can touch the ‘Cancel All‘ button to stop them all at once.
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Next, you can download the application you want, before returning to update the rest of your applications.

Remove your account and add it again.

Some users manage to solve the problem by deleting their Google account from the playback store and then adding it. To do this, you need:
  • Again, go to the Settings

  • Now, scroll down to the Users & accounts section. On some Android versions, the path is Accounts and Backup > Accounts

  • Select Google then find your Google account and tap it.

  • Tap the ‘More’ icon (2 dots) at the top right then select Remove account.

Now enter the Play Store, enter your account information again, and try downloading the application.

Check the storage

If your device runs low in storage space, it will limit you from downloading the new application. To check how much space is left, you have to:
  • As usual, go to the settings.

  • Scroll down and press the Storage button

Check whether you have enough memory for the new application. Usually, most applications should not take more than 20-30MB of space. That said, some heavy applications such as Messenger can use up to 500MB or more.

The presence of ‘Bloatware’ applications can affect your mobile storage negatively. This is an application that does not serve certain purposes on your mobile and uses a lot of storage. Thus, make sure you get rid of it to make your way for a new one.
Also, the SD card that does not function can sometimes cause problems when downloading new applications. To check whether it’s the problem, take a card and try to download the application. If you download it as usual to your internal storage, consider changing the card.

Final Word

Hopefully, some steps from above help you fix this problem. Most of the time, this common mistake is the result of some small missing application errors easily. However, if the problem continues, you may experience some system problems or other hardware and thus have to bring your device to local repair services.
Do you know other methods to fix pending download problems? If so, share it in the comments below.