How to Download And Install WordPress Through cPanel Full Tutorial

How to Download And Install WordPress Through cPanel Full Tutorial will show you how you can easily download WordPress and install it without any problem.


Are you looking to launch your new WordPress site but do not know how? Here you get a detailed tutorial on downloading and installation of WordPress through CPanel.

As you seek the WordPress installation process, you already know what WordPress is. It is the most popular and widely used CMS. If you find it, you will see that so many large platforms can be found in this free open source content management system, and covers the highest number of websites.

You get many options of add-ons to choose from, so many add-ons, security features, frequent updates. From the WordPress security supplements to Sitemap, creating in WordPress, from the image optimizer add-ons to CDN for WordPress, everything is available in a click option. That is easy to use. For most of them, you will find tons of tutorials and help in WordPress. That makes it popular

Where we have mentioned some interesting and practical information about why WordPress is the best CMS. However, we come to the point, before installation, you need to download WordPress.

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How to download WordPress?

How to download wordpress file


First, you should visit the WordPress download page and click on the “Download WordPress” button.

After that, a Zip file will be downloaded. That is the WordPress script. You will need it on your computer for installation.

Installation of WordPress through cPanel:

Before going through the WordPress installation process, I would like to assure you that the WordPress installation with CPanel is very easy. To perform that action, you only need to follow the steps below.

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1. Create a database and a user.
2. Upload the WordPress file
3. Run the WordPress installer

  • Create a database and a user

First, you must go to “Databases> MySQL database assistant” in your cPanel. Then you need to follow the next four simple steps.

  • Create a database: Here you have to enter your database name. Note that you should not exceed 54 characters. Then click on “Next“.


  • Create Users in the database: Here you must provide the username of your database (keep under 38 characters). Then click on the “Create user button” after giving a secure password.
  • Add user to the database: Here you must dial in the “All privileges” box and then click on the “Click Next” button
  • Complete the task: it is the final step in the database and the creation of the user. If I could do it correctly, it will show you the success message here.

After creating the database, user, and password, keeping it in a safe place. It will require during the WordPress installation process. In addition to that, you may need it in the future as well.

Upload the WordPress file

Climb your WordPress files using the file manager. You must go to the File Manager> Public_html and load the WordPress Zip file (which is downloaded from the WordPress download page). After successfully loading the ZIP file, you must unzip and move all folders and files (which contain in the WordPress folder) to the Public_HTML directory.

Run the WordPress installer

First, you must go to the configuration page and you must execute the installation process.

To visit the installation page, visit –

Note that you need to enter your domain name in exchange for the ex example
Then, you must select your preferred language and proceed. After continuing, the database configuration page will open. There you need to complete the following details.
  • Name of the database: your database name.
  • Username: the user name of your database.
  • Password: The password provided when creating the database user.
  • Database host: localhost.
  • Table prefix: Action is not needed.
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After sending all the information correctly, you will see the “Run installation” button on the next page. Then click on Run the installation to start the configuration process.
After that, your final page and last installation will be located where you must click on the “Install WordPress” button after sending the following information
  • Title of the site:
  • Username:
  • Password:
  • Your email: The login information will be sent to this email address
  • Search engine visibility: Select whether or not to make search engines index the site.


Then you will finally see the fact. We have successfully installed WordPress.
Thank you for reading. I hope this helps you download and easily install WordPress through CPanel.