How to do email marketing? Discover examples

Email marketing is crucial to the success of any company

Nowadays, knowing the basics of digital marketing and content marketing is not enough. It is also necessary to understand how email marketing is crucial to the success of any company.

It is a way of having direct contact with leads, prospecting, providing assistance, and simply strengthening the relationship between a company and its customers.

However, it should be noted that the technique of how to do email marketing goes far beyond merely sending thousands of emails simultaneously. It is necessary to know the types of messages sent. Each is used at a different stage of the sales funnel and throughout a campaign customer tracking must be effective and consistent.

Communication strategies, among which one of the most popular is email marketing, can make a company reach its customers. For this, it is necessary to study the public until establishing which media will be used as tools for reaching and building relationships.

Social networks are an example of a medium, and they are extremely popular, but, amazingly, email has not been left behind. The fact is that even after the digital transformation, with the intense use of search engines like Google and social networks like Instagram, people still open their inboxes daily.

Therefore, knowing how to do email marketing is also about making the most of the leads captured during other actions. The success of systematically sending email messages to customers is determined by the relationship between reach and cost.

Find out below how to do email marketing and email campaigns for prospecting and selling. See what are the different types of email marketing and what are the advantages of automating this process!

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How to do email marketing with reach and low cost?

The secret of how to do email marketing, and make it have a good reach and a low cost, is to get a good list of contacts. This is in charge of content marketing, which uses channels such as social networks, websites, and blogs to deliver valuable content to an interested audience.

As the stakeholder audience forms, it’s important to get data from each of these people to continue communication. You can do this by offering free online classes, e-books, and other free materials that can solve a problem in exchange for the interested person’s email address. 

From this email list, it is possible to create a base of leads to lead along the sales funnel, with nurturing, prospecting and the sales process itself. This type of work is constant but bears fruit in the medium and long term.

 It’s the exact opposite of an ad, which is paid and skips the step of capturing emails altogether. Low cost also involves the customer relationship process, in order to obtain recurrences, loyalty, and referrals, which is cheaper than acquiring new customers all the time.

What to consider when starting an email marketing campaign?

There are some points to consider when it comes to how to do email marketing, especially before the start of a campaign, where the sending is constant, intense, and targeted.

The first points are the objective of the campaign and which leads you to need to send the emails. Next, you need to consider the email itself, which must have very attractive content, well-done and persuasive copywriting, as well as a beautiful design that has the brand’s visual identity.

The last elements to consider are the call to action, the well-known “call to action” and the dates, with the date and time set for the submissions. The dates must be according to the customers’ preferences.

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How do email marketing campaigns?

Once the list of contacts has been made and all the points have been considered before the campaign, it is time to take the most practical actions: writing and sending emails.

The purpose can range from seasonal campaigns to post-sales messages, which is one of the most important stages of the funnel.

seasonal campaigns

Commemorative dates are excellent to guide email marketing campaigns. To do this, just keep an eye on the calendar and find out which dates coincide with your business and, of course, with customer preference. In addition, there are some dates that suit all businesses, such as Consumer Day, Christmas, and Black Friday.


One of the best email marketing strategies is the newsletter. The intention here is to use emails to keep the contact informed periodically. In a newsletter, it is possible to send links with blog articles, short informative texts, promotions, and brand news, among others.


The welcome email is about giving a good “first impression” to the customer. If you got a lead through a landing page or social media, email is a more personalized way to initiate and build a customer relationship.

Thank you emails

Thank you emails are great for following the customer through a sales funnel. For example, after an application or registration, you can send a small thank you message and show what the next steps are. It’s a good way to take the lead through the funnel stages.


Post-sales emails are designed to make customers feel followed up after a sale. They may contain information about the product, instructions for use, etc. You can also say thank you here and offer assistance when the customer needs it.

This ensures that the customer has the best possible shopping experience. It is a way of building the path to fidelity.

How does rescue email marketing work?

As a rule, every email marketing campaign starts off strong, with many engaged contacts. Over time, engagement declines. At that time it is good to use the rescue emails, which serve to validate who is active, clean the contact list, and re-engage old customers.

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What are the goals?

The rescue email marketing must be very specific, it is from it that you gather information about the status of each customer and can rescue the relationship with the oldest ones. The content of each email is determined by your company’s needs at the time of sending.

Advantages of automated email marketing tools

As simple as the process of doing email marketing is, the day-to-day process can be very laborious and time-consuming, especially with a large list of contacts. You need to monitor the status of each lead, understand where they are in the funnel, and keep them always nourished with the right emails.

Therefore, the ideal is to have a digital tool to automate the entire process of how to do email marketing. With the monitoring of each client, it is possible to create strategies in a scalable way.

Strategies can be: downloading free content, checking abandoned carts, warning of events so that the company can obtain conversions, registering and newsletter, and doing after-sales, among others.

Definitely, knowing precisely how to do email marketing is crucial knowledge to get more customers, strengthen the relationship with them, get conversions, decrease costs for sales and, ultimately, evolve your company!

If you want to know more details on how to do email marketing or want to add this tool to your company, book a consultation with an expert!

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