How to Create Email with Your Own Domain in 6 Steps

Have email accounts with different domains like and If you have to log in to a different account to check your email every day, it’s quite a hassle, right?

Don’t worry, there’s a way to create an email with your own domain and connect it to your Gmail! How do you do that?

Well, the following article will explain it in full. Come on, just follow the guide!

How to Create Email With Your Own Domain?

To configure email with your own domain, you must set up an active Gmail account that can be linked to your email hosting. 

If it’s already set up, all you have to do is configure your email with five easy steps, namely:

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Create Email Account in cPanel
  3. Check POP3 and SMTP Details
  4. Setting Up Email Receipt in Gmail
  5. Configuring Gmail for Email Delivery 
  6. Check Configuration Success

Check out the full explanation!

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1. Login to cPanel

If you already have active hosting and domain. You can directly log in to cPanel by typing in your browser’s search field.

Login cPanel

2. Create an Email Account in cPanel

After logging into cPanel, you can first create an email account. Here are the steps you can take:

1. On the cPanel page, go to the Email Account menu in the Email column.

How to create an email with your own domain by going to the Email Accounts menu

2. To create a new email using the website domain, enter the email name and password that you will use. Then, click the Create button as shown in the following image: 

How to create an email with your own domain by creating an email hosting account

Up to this point you have successfully created an email with your own domain name. Next, you just need to connect it with the Gmail account you have.

3. Check POP3 and SMTP Details

How to connect your email account in cPanel with your Gmail account? The first thing you need to do is check the POP3 and SMTP details :

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1. On the Email Accounts page, you can check POP3 and SMTP details by clicking the Connect Devices button as shown in the following image. 

Click Connect Devices needs to be done in how to create email with your own domain

2. On this page, cPanel will display two setting options, namely Secure SSL/TLS Settings and Non-SSL Settings. We recommend you use Secure Settings. But if it doesn’t work, you can use Non-SSL Settings.

POP3 and SMTP details that need to be considered when creating email with your own domain

You can save these details in your notes or directly open a new browser tab to proceed to the next step.

4. Set Up Email Receipt in Gmail

OK, now you have the POP3 and SMTP details. This information can be used to connect email accounts in cPanel with Gmail.

In essence, every email that goes to your cPanel email account will later appear in Gmail as well. So, you can use an email with your own domain via Gmail. Great, right?

It’s easy, first, you have to log into your Gmail account first, then follow these guidelines:

1. Select the Settings menu located at the top right corner of the Gmail page, then click See all settings.

Go to settings in Gmail

2. Once on the Settings page, select the Accounts and Import tab. In the Check mail from other accounts section, click Add a mail account to configure email reception.

Pilih add a mail account di tab Accounts and Import

3. A new window will appear to make email settings. Enter the email address that you have created in cPanel hosting in the field provided. Then click the Next button.

Enter the hosting email address that has been created

5. Next, select Import emails from my other account (POP3) , then click Next.

Import emails POP3

6. Now, you need the POP3 details that you got in the previous step to fill out the following form.

Fill in email settings with POP3 details

7. Use the Username and Password used when creating email hosting, and enter it into the popup form in Gmail.

Display of email hosting username and password

8. For the POP Server field, enter the hostname Incoming Server. Make sure the Port used is the same as the configuration details of your email in cPanel.

POP server and port settings options used

9. Finally, you need to select 4 setting options. Here is the explanation:

Several email settings options that need to be done
  • Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server – If checked, the email received by Gmail will also be on the email account server. So for incoming email, in addition to going to Gmail, you also go to the email account on your hosting. If unchecked then the email on the server will be deleted when it is retrieved by Gmail.
  • Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail – Please check if you are using Secure SSL/TLS Settings .
  • Label incoming messages – If you check this option, all incoming emails will be color labeled. So you can distinguish emails from different email addresses in one inbox.
  • Archive incoming messages (Skip the Inbox) – Email messages will go to a special folder that is different from the inbox directory.
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After filling in all the required information, click the Add Account button. If the configuration is successful, you will see a message like in the image below:

Confirm that you have successfully added the account to gmail

If an error message appears, please check again whether the configuration is appropriate or not. If the error still appears, you can contact the hosting service you are using.

5. Configure Gmail for Email Delivery 

IMPORTANT – To configure sending email directly from Gmail , you need to use SMTP . If your hosting service does not allow you to use SMTP , you cannot send email via Gmail .

Well, earlier you already know how to receive email from your own domain via Gmail. Now how to send an email from your own domain via Email?

In this case, you need to use SMTP details. If your hosting allows you to use SMTP, you can proceed directly to the Gmail configuration guide for sending emails from the following hosting email account:

1. In the previous successful message, select Yes, I want to be able to send mail as … then click the Next button .

Configure gmail send email from hosting email account

No need to worry if you have closed the message successfully. You can still configure Gmail to send email from your hosting email account by selecting Settings > Accounts and Import, then clicking Add another email address.

Adding an email hosting account to send email via gmail

2. In the next step, enter the name that will be displayed in the recipient’s email in the Name field. For other options, you can leave it as the default. Then click the Next Step button.

Enter the email address to add as sender

3. In this section, please enter your SMTP server details.

Fill in SMTP server details as a step how to create email with your own domain

The following is an explanation of the fields that must be filled in:

SMTP Server – Filled with Outgoing Server hostname.

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Port – Make sure the port is the same as the setting in your email (if you use the Niagahoster service and an error appears when pressing Add Account, please use port 587 )

SMTP Server and Port that must be filled correctly

Username and Password of your email account:

Display of email hosting username and password that needs attention

Finally, you need to choose a connection using SSL or TLS (depending on the hosting you use). In most cases, you can leave it by default.

If everything is filled in, don’t forget to click the Add Account button.

4. If the configuration is successful, a page will appear to verify the email. 

Email address verification view when creating email with your own domain

You can verify by clicking the confirmation link sent to your email or entering the verification code in the Verify column. To check the verification email, you can access your email hosting via Webmail.

How to make your own email by checking the verification email on webmail

Congratulations, your website email is now able to connect with Gmail!

6. Check Email Configuration Success with Own Domain

If all configurations have been completed, you can now select the desired sender email when you will send an email as shown in the following image:

Sending email using your own domain email to make sure how to create email with your own domain is correct.

You can assign a different colour to each email account you add to Gmail. In this example, your is labelled red as shown in the image below.

Label color settings in Gmail

Can You Create Your Own Email Domain?

How to create an email with your own domain and connect to Gmail is quite easy, right? In essence, you just need to follow these five steps:

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Create Email Account in cPanel
  3. Check POP3 and SMTP Details
  4. Setting Up Email Receipt in Gmail
  5. Configuring Gmail for Email Delivery 
  6. Check Configuration Success

Now, your website email is connected to Gmail. That way, you can send and receive incoming emails to your website via Gmail.

If you want to add a different email account, you can also do the same, yes.

Most importantly, to be able to configure email with your own domain, prepare your hosting and domain first. Well, HostGator could be the right hosting service for you!

Besides having complete features, you can get a free domain for 1 year, you know! The trick is to subscribe to a certain hosting package with a minimum duration of one year. Interested?

Hopefully, this tutorial on configuring email with your own domain is useful for you, okay

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