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How to Create a Community on WhatsApp, Can Load Many Groups

WhatsApp presents a new feature called community, this feature can be used to create large groups. So, for those of you who want to try out the community features in the Messenger app, here’s how to use them from the Xanderblog team.

After WhatsApp launched this latest feature in stages in various countries, now this feature can be used by WhatsApp users in Indonesia.

This feature on WhatsApp has the main function of combining various groups into one large group. This can be used to share information with various groups through this large group.

As an example in the real world, the community feature can be used in a company to contain groups from various divisions in the company. Later when a group from a division is in the company’s big group, group members can see that the big group contains groups from any division.

However, the community feature is different from the usual WhatsApp group, because in the community the communication is one-way, in which only admins can send messages. Members who are not admins cannot reply or react with emojis to a message. Although, it does make it easier to send important messages.

For those of you who are curious about how to create a community on WhatsApp, let’s take a look at these tips, friends.

How to Create a Community on WhatsApp

By using the community feature, you can manage large groups that contain small groups to be better organized. Here’s how to create a community on the WhatsApp messaging app.

  • Open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone.
  • After you open WhatsApp, click the community column on the left.
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If you are already in the community column, click “Start Your Community” to create a community.

After that, you can fill in the name of the community and also a description of the community to be created.

  • If you have determined the name of the community and filled in your community description, you can immediately click the arrow at the bottom left.
  • You can directly add groups or create new groups.
  • If you have added a group, you have successfully created the community.

Well, that was the way to create a community on the WhatsApp application, for those of you who want to try it, you can try it right away. Hope this information is useful for you guys!

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