how to index backlinksLast time, I wrote an article about how to build a backlink for a new website, but then, backlink indexing is another thing.

If you are looking for the best way to index your profile link and index backlinks quickly, then you are in the right place.Today, I will show you free methods on how to index your backlinks quickly and free indexing services that function.

Getting your backlink indexed truly the main goal for each campaign-making link.

There is no point in knowing how to make a backlink and don’t know how to index backlinks.

And hence, if Google doesn’t index your link, then you just waste time, energy, and even money.

The backlink indexing is used to be very easy, where you ping the link and send it to the RSS directory.

Leaving it to indexing naturally still functioning but sometimes it doesn’t take time.

All of this is an effective way to index backlinks many years ago, but now? What is the best way to index your backlink?

However, I found several methods that you can use to index backlinks quickly on Google for free.

Now, let me quickly share the work method and this backlink indexing process with you. Read on.

I also use this same strategy to build backlinks for new websites and start seeing results immediately.

You don’t need to wait for months or age to backlinks you to be indexed, you need to learn this and immediately apply it.

Are you ready to see how it works now? Follow me.

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How to index backlinks quickly on Google

See Method 7 Step by step on how to get your backlink indexed for all types of links.

  • Build a link (tier 1) and wait 2-3 days to find it naturally.
  • Build around 5-10 high comment backlinks (Tier 2) for your link.
  • If not indexed after 3-5 days, ping links using the ping device.
  • Create a website using Blogspot and paste all your links.
  • Verify and send a sitemap in the Google search console.
  • Get some social stocks on Twitter by sharing old tweets.
  • After 1 week, then trace your results using the MOZ tool.

Build relevant backlinks

The first thing is to build quality backlinks and make sure the link is very relevant, surrounded by great content.
These links that you get up directly to your site URL and blog pages are called the main link or (tier 1) link.
Now, after building the link, let it relax for 2 to 3 days and let Google find it naturally.

Build a comment backlink

In that period or after 3 days, you can now build a comment link in the forum and high authority site.
Comment link serves as a link (tier 2) for you; Therefore you build a comment link directly to your Tier 1 (Tier 1).

Use the ping tool

In this period, you can also ping backlinks you use any ping tool like pingfarm and indexkings.

Create a Website using Blogspot

Create a website using Blogspot on, select any free template, set the sitemap, and robot.txt.
Make posts, copy all your backlinks, and paste them on the page. Then, the link can be clicked.

Send to Google Search Console

Create web properties for Blogspot blogs and verification on (GSC) Google search consoles.
Send your site map for the Blogspot domain and then manual indexing requests from the Link page using (URL inspection).

Get Social Stock Signals

The next thing after the above process is to get several social stocks on several social media platforms.
First, create an account on Reddit, and create a post on your profile adding your link or direct link to Blogspot posts.
Then, approve posts, copy and share the Reddit Post Link and the Blogspot post link on Twitter is preferred on old tweets.

Track all your results

Now, you can start tracking your results in 1 to 2 weeks, all the links will immediately start indexing.
You can track and see the campaign results of making your link using the Ahrefs or Moz Tool

How to index a profile link

If you build a backlink profile, build a quality profile backlink on the high authority site with 50 da/pa up.
With a minimum low spam score of 20-30% and below, while the above 30% can be used as your Tier 2 link.
Then, before you can now index they use the same approach above.
This approach is guaranteed 100% to get your backlink indexed as soon as possible.
And this process is the best way to get indexed backlinks quickly on Google and increase your SEO.
Backlink indexing tools and services

Tools use for backlink indexing services

  1. Pingfarm – a free tool for ping and index your link.
  2. Indexkings – Tools for free ping and index your link.
  3. Indexing – paid tools to build links and very much cheaper.
  4. OnehourIndexing – Paid tool for building links and highly recommended.
  5. Indexed – Paid tool for link-making services but not recommended.
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Besides going through the process and use of free methods for backlink indexing, someone can use a paid tool.
And OnehourIndexing so far is the best-paid backlink indexer tool out there.
As much as you have a high budget and need paid services, then, OneHourIndexing is a good choice for you.
But if not, then remain with the free work method above that has been tested and proved to work anytime every day.
Therefore, it still wins!
If you are fed up or still have trouble building quality backlinks and indexing your link, then I can help you.
I build a backlink do-follow that Google Loves, with low spam scores and fast indexing. My reach on my contact form page.;

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