How to block your contacts on Tinder easy way

How to block your contacts on Tinder easy way

Tinder has deployed a new feature that allows users to block all their contacts. The feature prevents people who know you about finding you on the request for meetings. However, the functionality does not work by giving you columns to fill with numbers you want to block on the application.

Instead, the application will now ask users from the entire contact list and use the contact information to block unwanted people. Tinder found, according to a recent survey that 40% of respondents found an ex-partner on a meeting application. Similarly, 24% of respondents saw a family member or colleague of the application.

“Every time you visit the block contacts, we will remove your contact list from your device so you can choose who you want to block. When you leave the feature, we will only keep the contact information for the people you have blocked (name, email and / or phone number), “wrote on an assist page.

Now that you know what the new feature is, here’s how you can activate it.

How to block your contacts on Tinder

To block one or more of your contacts on TINDER, open the application and head to the settings. Here, scroll to search for the ‘block contacts’ option. You may experience a dialog box asking you to permission from the application to your contact database.

 how to block the contacts on Tinder


Once this is done, users will see a list of their contacts and can manually choose the contacts to be blocked on the application. Users can also simply select all contacts and block all numbers saved in their profile search. You can also unlock a blocked contact by heading to the “blocked” tab and selecting the Unlock button on the desired contact.

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