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How to Advertise on Google Ads for Beginners (Latest)

Do you have a business, but have never advertised it through Google Ads? If not, ouch … a lot of potential money has been misused, you know.

You need to know, 80% of brands use Google Ads for business promotion (WebFX, 2020). This is because advertising on Google makes brand promotion strategies more practical so that they can reach the right target market.

But don’t worry. After reading this article, you can do how to place ads on Google yourself. Here, we will explain how to place ads on the easiest and most complete Google Ads for beginners. Come on down!

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising service to promote your business or product/service in Google search results. Previously, this service was known as Google Adwords.

Using Google Ads, your ads can appear on Google Search, Maps, Google Play, or other Google platforms.

Not only showing ads in strategic places, the benefits of Google Ads also maximize promotions. Here are some of the advantages of placing ads on Google:

  • Advertisements have the potential to reach many people, considering that Google is the number one search engine that people use
  • Make it easy for businesses to do remarketing alias capture potential customers who have interacted with the brand
  • Targeting ads according to specific target audiences through easy ad settings
  • Free to set ads budget

You can understand, how advertising on Google has the potential to bring in more customers. The proof is that the Google Ads average conversion rate reaches 3.75% (Webfx, 2019).

If you don’t want to miss the benefits of Google advertising, let’s prepare yourself for how to create ads on Google, which we will discuss below.

Preparation How to Advertise on Google

In order how to create ads on your Google right, do the following preparations:

1. Set up a Business Name

Instead, prepare a business name for how to advertise on Google. Because when registering for Google Adwords, you must fill in your business identity.

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2. Understand the purpose of the ad

Before creating ads on Google, make sure you have clear promotion goals. As a tip, first understand the sales funnel so that you can more easily determine your goals for how to advertise on Google:

  1. Awareness: potential customers know and learn about your brand
  2. Interest: potential customers doing research about your product
  3. Decision: potential customers are sure to buy your product
  4. Action: potential customers make transactions 
  5. Retention: customers make second and subsequent purchases
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Let’s say your focus is on the awareness phase. So, the goal of advertising on your Google is to increase website traffic, reach as many audiences as possible, etc.

3. Do Keyword Research

After the goal of how to advertise on Google is clear, don’t forget to do keyword research. This is important because relevant keywords allow ads to be found by the right target audience.

Keyword considerations can be based on search volume, keyword difficulty level, keyword suggestions, or results on search engine result pages (SERPs).

To make it more practical, please use keyword tools such as Google Search, Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, etc.

4. Have a Website

website Google Ads

To advertise on Google, you must have a website. Because Google Ads ads are connected to your website and will direct the audience to that site. So that when activating ads, Google will also ask what your website is.

So if you don’t have one yet, please do how to create a website first. We recommend using the type of hosting service that is suitable for small to medium businesses such as.

  • Simple WordPress, suitable for novice business people who need a ready-to-use WordPress website.
  • WordPress Hosting is right for novice business people who want to focus on business development through the WordPress CMS, but can still manage the technical side of the website simply. For example, using different versions of PHP.
  • Unlimited Hosting is suitable for business people who need the flexibility of simple configuration on the website. For example, more options to choose a CMS.

After having a website, you can practice how to place ads on Google directly. But if you haven’t, that’s okay too, because you can practice it later.

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How to Advertise on Google

How to advertise on Google:

1. Open Google Ads

First, first open the Google Ads page . Then, click the Get Started button.

open Google Ads for how to advertise on Google

If you don’t have a Google Ads account, Google will ask you to register for Google AdSense . But if you have, you can immediately proceed to the next stage.

2. Define Ad Purpose

The next way to advertise on Google, determine the purpose of the ad.

There are several Google Adwords destinations that you can choose from, namely:

  • Sales: increase sales in online stores, applications, and telephones
  • Leads: encourage relevant customers (leads) to take action. For example, providing their contact information.
  • Website traffic: attracting audience to visit your website
  • Product and brand consideration: introduce your business and services to a wider audience
  • Brand awareness and reach: reach a wider audience
  • App promotion: increase the number of app installs, up to app registrations
  • Local store visits and promotions: encourage your audience to visit your store
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determine the purpose of Google Adwords advertising

If you have chosen, please press the Continue button .

3. Select Campaign Type

The next way to advertise on Google, select the type of campaign you need.

Google Adwords campaign type

Each Google Ads ad type is designed around a specific goal. There are several types of Google Ads ads, including:

  • Search: Google ads that appear on search results pages (SERPs) and aim to increase sales, website traffic,
  • Performance max: Google ads that automatically display certain ad assets for a campaign 
  • Display , which is a type of text and image ads that appear on websites, applications and games to increase brand awareness
  • Discovery: Google ads appear in search results on YouTube, Gmail, etc
  • Shopping: Google ads display product catalogs
  • Videos : Google ads appear on YouTube

In addition, there are many more types of Google Ads ads that you can choose from. Which, each has a different  Google Adwords banner format and size .

After selecting the campaign type, click the Continue button .

4. Select the Ad Serving Location

At this stage, you must choose the location where the ad will appear. For example, on the Search Network, or the Display Network .

The difference is that the Search Network allows ads to appear in Google search results and other Google services. Meanwhile, the Display Network allows ads to appear on platforms other than Google. For example, someone’s application or website.

Google ad serving location

After selecting, scroll down to fill in the next settings.

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5. Determine the Target Audience

At this stage, determine the target audience you want to target. Both country location, language, to more detailed audience segmentation. For example, demographics, interests, etc.

target audience how to advertise on Google

Remember, be careful in determining the Google Adwords target audience. This is because your ad will have more potential to appear to the target audience according to this setting and determine the success of your marketing campaign.

6. Determine the Budget

Now, you have to determine the advertising budget on Google. For advertisements in Indonesia, the minimum budget you need to spend is $5. This may change depending on the country you are shooting in.

budget, how to install ads on Google

Under the Budget tab, there is Bidding . Bidding is a budget to advertise certain keywords based on a certain focus. For example, based on clicks, views, etc.

Later, Google Adwords will arrange the delivery of your ad according to the amount of the budget that you set. If it’s too low, it could mean that your ad isn’t showing up very often. Vice versa.

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7. Enter the Keyword

Next, enter the keywords that you researched during the preparation section of how to advertise on Google.

If you are confused, please click the Get Keyword Suggestion button to get various keyword recommendations that are right for you.

Google Ads keywords

8. Create Ads

Now, it’s time to create a display ad on Google. You can set the desired headline, description, and CTA button. Then, see the estimated display of ads on Google via the Preview tab .

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how to advertise on Google Ads

9. Make Payment

The final step, confirm payment and complete the transaction.

Complete various payment info such as billing country, time zone, promo code, to customer data.

how to pay for advertising on Google

Next, select the payment type and payment method.

Under Payment type , specify whether you want manual or automatic ad payments. Automatic payment methods require that you have a credit card. While the manual way is enough with an ATM or mobile banking.

how to pay for advertising on Google

If so, check the Advertising Program Terms section and click Print .

Now, you can install Google Adwords yourself for the promotion of your business and services. Even so, maybe you’re still curious about more details about how to advertise on Google. Relax, we will answer your curiosity in the next section.

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Other Questions About How to Advertise on Google

You still have other questions about how to advertise on Google? We will answer them one by one.

1. Advertise on Google Ads Suitable for What?

How to advertise on Google Ads is suitable for promoting various business services online. But, Google Ads can also drive traffic to your offline store. 

2. Google Ads Appear Everywhere?

Google Ads can appear in Google search results, Google Play, the Shopping tab, to Google Maps.

3. Does Placing Ads on Google Pay?

How to post ads on Google is paid. But, it’s flexible, really. You can adjust your budget according to your budget and you only need to pay for ads that successfully invite the action you expect. For example, every time someone clicks on your ad.

4. How much does it cost to advertise on Google?

The minimum price for placing ads on Google is $50. However, this may change depending on Google’s policy.

5. Is How to Make Ads on Google Taxable?

Just like other ad sales in Indonesia, the use of Google Ads ads will be taxed at 10%.

Well, hopefully the questions above answer your curiosity about how to advertise on Google.

There are many powerful advertising tips on Google . Starting from defining clear advertising objectives, using the right keywords, creating attractive ad text, and much more. In essence, your promotional messages must be relevant to your target market.

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You’re Ready to Advertise on Google Ads!

Now, you know all the steps on how to advertise on Google. Apparently, quite simple, right?

After doing how to create ads on Google, you can promote your business more effectively. Ad settings can be adjusted to the goals of your marketing campaign and also to the target market that you are targeting.

But don’t just use advertising on Google, succeed in your marketing campaign with other types of online advertising. One of them with Facebook Ads. Know these 10+ Advantages of Using Facebook Ads.

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