How To Add Your Website To Google News

Information needs are increasing day by day in today’s digital age. Internet users need access to factual and reliable information. To meet this need, Google introduced the Google News service.

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This fairly popular service is useful not only for readers but also for website owners. If you want your blog to appear on Google News, first I will teach you how to get your news website on google news properly. This time our article will explore it in full!

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Google News: What is it?

As the name suggests, Google News is a service of Google that focuses on providing news content from various websites around the world, including ours.

How To Add Your Website To Google News

The attractive and intuitive appearance makes it easy for readers to access other news through computers or mobile phones. Interestingly, this service can be used for free. It’s no surprise that more than a million users on Google Play have downloaded Google News. Users are not required to log in to enjoy this service. However, if you use your Google account during your visit, you will be treated as personalized content. That is, the news that appears will be to your liking. Yes, one of the advantages of Google News over other platforms is that it is easy for users to get news by Topic, Location, or News source. For blog owners, being able to get a spot on Google News is a plus. Imagine, the number of visits to Google News in a month could reach 494 million worldwide. So if you can use this platform properly, the impact will be very positive for your blog. You certainly don’t think that Google News is only for popular online media, do you? Exactly. Regular news blogs can also subscribe to Google News. This means that your news content can also appear in the headlines if it is exciting and worth publishing. Benefits of Signing Up for Google News Google News offers many benefits to blog owners when they become part of the service.

What are the benefits?

  1. Easier to get to the first page of search engines

If you have quality and unique news content, Google News doesn’t hesitate to include it in the Top News list. With this condition, Google will certainly consider your website worthy of being at the top of the search engine. For example, when we type “Times of Nigeria” on Google, the news from TOC also appears there.

How To Add Your Website To Google News

As you know, getting to the top is not easy. You must continue to do search engine optimization or SEO. However, by making the most of Google News, Google’s top spot is not impossible.

2. Increase the number of visitors

The more accessible your content is to be found, the more likely your blog is to be visited. Not only that, your blog visitors can come from quality traffic. Why is that? The personalized content feature plays a significant role in this. Users who visit your blog will be happy that your topic is relevant to what they need.

3. Is an effective branding media

If your blog offers excellent content, the impact will be very positive. In addition to visitors returning to your blog regularly, you will be considered an expert in the field. It will help you brand your website. For example, Vnreview is a website focused on technology news. All sorts of tech news, from startup reviews, desktop, and mobile apps, to annual tech events, are featured.

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4. Chance to get a lot of backlinks

A backlink is a link on a website that points to another website. As a blogger, you certainly understand that the role of backlinks in enhancing the authority of your blog is huge. When Google News recommends your content, your content becomes an up-to-date reference on a topic. If other bloggers need supporting references, of course, they will use reliable sources. Maybe the source is your blog content. The more backlinks you get, the more trustworthy your blog will be.

5. No need to spend on advertising

Using advertising to promote a blog is a natural thing. However, if you can get the same results for free, that’s even better. Google News has the potential to bring organic traffic to your blog. Organic traffic is traffic that comes from search engines, and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Google News Subscription Terms

To get all the benefits of Google News, you need to join the service first. In general, you only need to do two things: register your blog and meet the predetermined criteria. Pretty easy, right?

Before moving on to how to get your news website on google news, learn the requirements first. 

1. Create a News Blog or a Normal Blog

Just having news content is not enough; you have to create a news blog. It will be very helpful when intending to sign up for Google News. Please note that the selection process after you apply is done manually by Google. They will make sure your blog works for their service: delivering the latest and most important news. So if your goal is to get a spot on Google News, list your blog with news content, no matter what niche or type of news is your main topic. Do not worry. Creating a blog is not that difficult. Just like a normal website like my XanderTech

2. Create Quality Content

Having quality contentis key to top search engine rankings. Similar conditions apply to the Google News service. What does quality content mean? Do not plagiarize other people’s content.

Always create your content. Having unique content is the key to blog success. You can do your research on the story you want to write. While you may occasionally publish news from other parties, be sure to always write in your style. As a result, Google News will treat your content like breaking news content. Focus on one type of news or topic In addition to not mixing with other content, your blog should include only one type of news, for example, about news or tech gadgets. This will make it easier for visitors to understand the blog. In addition, Google News will easily categorize your blog. Even if you can deliver in-depth news, your chances of making headlines increase. Always up to date News blogs require you to publish content every day. This certainly fits the ethos of news, which requires publishing more than one topic per day and keeping it up to date. If you find it difficult to do it alone, you can use multiple authors to create different articles published on the same day. Other news sites usually do this, at least as a first step when signing up for Google News. Content is not prohibited. Having unique content doesn’t mean you can write news about any topic. Google News itself has determined that news content displaying violent, hateful, and sexual content or content related to piracy is strictly prohibited. If your blog is related to that content, Google News will reject your subscription.

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3. Pay attention to your blog structure

Regarding the technical aspects of your website, Google News will get your blog subscriptions faster if you follow the following conditions: Use unique and immutable URLs. Google News explicitly states that your blog will not be included in Google News if your URL is constantly changing. This is because the Google crawler detecting news content cannot work well under these conditions. Present an attractive and responsive display Having an attractive blog display on desktop and mobile is very important. Google News prioritizes blogs that meet these criteria to increase user convenience. However, keep in mind that your blog should not use too many effects with JavaScript. As per the guidelines provided by Google, blogs with simple code are preferred. Use Easy Navigation This is a very important part of your website, to be approved by AdSense; it is also easy for users to navigate. If your blog has multiple main pages, make sure moving from one page to another is easy. Your blog’s navigation is one of the factors in the selection/management process on Google News.

4. Clarify your blog’s identity

Your blog information is important for the verification phase. Before you start signing up, make sure your blogging style is right. Also, your About Page should be able to explain the identity of your blog clearly. Furthermore, if you use multiple contributors or news writers on your blog, their profiles should be clearly stated. Not only their name, but you can also show their photo and a glimpse of their professional background. Google News allows you to correct any typos after signing up. However, doing it right the first time is a wise move.

How To Add Your Website To Google News?

Once you’ve met some of the conditions above, the next step is to sign up for Google News. Here’s how to sign up for Google News:

Step 1. Sign in with Google Account

Please visit this page and sign in with your Google account.

Step 2. Verify Website Ownership

If you’ve never claimed your site before, you’ll be asked to do so first using Google Search Console. Full instructions can be found at the following link. Remember that since Google News has its crawler, make sure you also add your news blog sitemap XML. The goal is to keep Google News up to date on changes happening on your blog.

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Step 3. Go to Google News Publisher Center

You’ll see a screen like the one below if you’re signing up for Google News for the first time. There you will see an option to Add Publication. Click on that Option

google news

Step 4. Add Your Blog to Publication

As shown on the image above, fill in your blog details and click Add Publication

Step 5. Fill in your blog details

General information

About your site: Insights about the news blog you’ve subscribed to

Website Information

Source URL: The address of your news blog.
Source Name: The name of your blog.
Site language: the language used in your blog and news content. Remember, Google News doesn’t allow more than one language.
City, State/Province and Region: Your full address.

Step 6. Add your blog content to Google News

After filling out and submitting the Basics, click on the Google News tab that will appear on your screen

Click Edit

As stated in Step 5 Fill in your Blog details

Step 7. Create Sections (Category)

Here you need to add your website content to show in google news Click New Item > Select Feed > Set Item Title as Latest Update > Set your site Feed Link RSS > Click Add.

It will automatically download articles from the RSS Feed. It takes up to 30 minutes to update.

Step 8. Review your publication

As you can see in the image above There are some sections that need to be reviewed, Click on that review option and fill in the missing values.

Then Click Save.
If you have filled all the details correctly you will see a card like below

The follow-up process in the form of a review will be done by the Google team in one to three weeks. As long as all these staged conditions will run fine.

Conclude That’s how to list Google News for your blog. Easy, right? You only need to meet the necessary conditions to be able to participate. Next, you proceed to register and fill in some information that Google requires. If your blog’s news content is successfully displayed on Google News, the chances of getting the top spot in search engines are wide open. Also, increasing traffic to your blog is only a matter of time. And last but not least, you can build a good brand image for your blog with long term goals in mind.


That’s how to get your news website on google news. Easy, right? You only need to meet the necessary conditions to be able to participate. Next, you proceed to register and fill in some information that Google requires. If your blog’s news content is successfully displayed on Google News, the chances of getting the top spot in search engines are wide open. Also, increasing traffic to your blog is only a matter of time. And last but not least, you can build a good brand image for your blog with long term goals in mind.

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