How to add Anti-Adblocker to your website (2021)


What is Adblocker

Numerous web clients introduce AdBlock augmentation on their PCs or cellphones. They don’t need any irritating advertisements.

Thus, the bloggers’ AdSense promotions don’t show up. How might you get cash if the promotion doesn’t show up?

Thus, one approach to keep advertisements showing up is to introduce the Anti-AdBlock content. By introducing this content, a notice will show up so clients can eliminate or cripple the Adblocker. Good clients will impair AdBlock knowing Adsense promotions are a kind of revenue for bloggers.

Reasons for using Adblocker

  1. To increase your profits
  2. To get more impressions on your ads
  3. To get more clicks
  4. To increase your earning

Preview of Adblocker

Any users that use adblock to visit your website will see this type of massage

How to add Anti-Adblocker to your website sample

How to add Adblocker to your website

Here comes the Anti-AdBlock Script Code for Blogger. Can be installed in layout and edit HTML.
1. Dashboard >>Theme>>Edit HTML
How to add Anti-Adblocker to your website sample

2. Click ctrl +F for the search bar to appear and search for </head> copy the code below and paste it after the </head>

How to add Anti-Adblocker to your website sample


Note: Before you paste the code make sure you backup your website theme first on your phone.

Copy this code and paste it

And if you have any problems in adding yours leave a comment below thank you.



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