The use of a SIM card along with cellphones is one of the most important things each and every individual on this planet Earth doesn’t like to joke with because the SIM card allows someone to reach away from people who are far from one beat of the green button on the cellphone. In addition, the SIM card has many other unique features such as:

  • Surfing the internet when we have a data bundle
  • Credit and data bundles transfer to those of our love
  • Bank Transaction Goals
  • Call making etc.

Now let it dive into today’s discussion but before I tell you the cost now per SIM card in Nigeria I want to explain the reason why sales of SIM cards are expensive.

Why is the expensive SIM card in Nigeria

Price or fees per SIM card in Nigeria as a new dimension as soon as the government introduces and imposes that citizens must link their national identity card number “NIN” with their respective SIM cards and each individual connecting will experience good verification details at the Network service provider and in NIN’s office before it will be approved if all the details are appropriate. And as we all know the Nigerian population is far away, not all residents have NIN cards and most people who use a SIM card in Nigeria are not people who register, some accept it from parents, friends, neighbors, and some buy that has been registered so that it makes it registered Very stressful for those who check the details.

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So after the announcement, SIM sales, welcome back and registration of SIM receives temporary detention and which is why the price of the SIM card per person is expensive.

Here is the current and actual price per SIM card in Nigeria 2021

Note: You have to go with your NIN ID card before the newly purchased SIM card can be registered.

The price of the GLO SIM card in Nigeria 2021 is around # 500 — # 800 depending on the location.

The price of the MTN SIM card in Nigeria 2021 is around # 1000 — # 3000 depending on the location.

The price of a SIM Airtel card in Nigeria 2021 is around # 500 — # 1000 depending on the location.

The price of the 9moble SIM card in Nigeria 2021 is around # 700 — # 1200 depending on its location.

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