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Google Core Update: Impact On Your SEO

what is google update core

Google Core Update is coming (again)! Is your website ranking down? Or did it go up drastically?

Wow, wow, if you experience the above, it means that your website is probably one of the many sites affected by the Google Core Update.

You know, what is Google Core Update? What changed? What’s the impact?

Calm down, and be patient. We will discuss them one by one in this article. Let’s follow the explanation below!

What is Google Core Update?

The Google Core Update is a change to Google’s algorithm regarding content search results, which occurs several times a year. Google’s goal in doing this is to serve content that is increasingly relevant to an audience.

Of course, the impact of the Google Core Update is quite large on the SEO performance of the website. There are sites whose ranking goes up, but there are also those that go down.

To understand how Google Core Update works, please consider the following analogy.

During the rainy season, you always carry an umbrella wherever you go. But during the dry season, you don’t really need an umbrella so get rid of it from the list of mandatory luggage.

Not because umbrellas are no longer useful, but because you feel you have more important things to carry.

Well, that’s roughly an overview of how Google Core Update works. Even if your website ranks down, it doesn’t mean the content is bad. However, it is no longer relevant to the needs of the audience.

Google Core Update 2022 (Latest)

It’s important to know that Google has never officially announced the details of changes to its algorithm. But, you don’t have to be confused. We’ve summarized what changes the Google Core Update 2022 will bring:

February 2022

Changes to the Website’s Page Experience

Google pays attention to the core web vitals of the website. This means that Google takes into account web performance, especially when accessed via desktop, to determine website rankings.

There are three metrics to pay attention to:

  • LCP (Largest Contentful Paint)
  • FID (First Input Delay)
  • CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)

In short, sites with the good website speed, smooth element performance, and responsive web layouts have the potential to increase rankings.

March 2022

Changes to the Product Algorithm

This time, it’s Google’s turn to put forward product reviews. Content with good, quality reviews is more likely to provide the reading your audience needs.

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Therefore, Google prioritizes content that displays product reviews, to be displayed on the first page of search results.

May 2022

Changes to Google’s Core Algorithm

In May, Google turned to quality content. Content quality is Google’s main consideration for managing website rankings in search results.

Broadly speaking, content with in-depth discussion and easy to understand is what Google likes.

Here’s a summary of the Google Core Update May 2022:

  • Content with video is preferred
  • In-depth content is prioritized over general content
  • The types of featured snippets are increasingly diverse. For example, definition boxes, tables, sort lists, FAQs, etc.

July 2022

Changes to Product Review Standards

Google Core Update focuses on product reviews. This time, Google is sharpening the quality standards for product reviews that appear on the first page of search results.

Good product reviews according to Google are:

  • Evaluating the product from the user’s point of view;
  • Reviewing the product in-depth and from people who know very well about the product;
  • Provide evidence in the form of visual, audio, or related links;
  • Provide clear measurements of product performance;
  • Inform the unique value of the product;
  • Comparing products with similar products;
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the product;
  • Explain product developments and improvements.

August 2022

Peluncuran Google Helpful Content Update

In August 2022, Google launched the Helpful Content Update. This means that Google’s focus is on providing relevant content and paying attention to user experience. In other words, not written for search engines.

That is, Google wants to make sure the content that gets the top rank is content that runs the right SEO techniques. Not random, like doing keyword stuffing.

September 2022

Changes to Google’s Core Product Review Ratings and Algorithms

In September, Google again put forward content featuring product reviews. Because Google sees that product reviews help the audience get more in-depth info.

Here are the recommended product reviews from Google:

  • Product reviews are written by experienced people
  • Product reviews are based on experience, not a summary of existing product reviews
  • Provides quantitative performance measurement
  • Compare similar products, or recommend which product is best in certain circumstances
  • Review the benefits and drawbacks of the product based on the results of certain research
  • Explain product evolution
  • Informing what effect the product has on users
  • Provide evidence visually, through audio, or certain links
  • Recommend the purchase link to make transactions easier for readers

In addition, Google also reassesses blog content on the internet. Google’s assessment is based on the Google Helpful Content algorithm and considers other factors such as product reviews.

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The evaluation results are also taken into consideration to adjust the ranking of website content in search results.

October 2022

Spam Update

Google has a special interest in fighting search spam. This means that Google wants to ensure that the sites that appear on its first page are safe from potential fraud or other manipulative actions.

In October 2022, Google further improved its spam prevention system to better detect spam, as well as search for new types of spam.

Sites that are indicated to violate Google’s Spam Policy certainly have the potential to drop in ranking and even completely sink.

Well, you can conclude, Google Core Update 2022 requires website owners to create websites with quality performance and content to win SEO. 

Luckily, you’ve read this article. If you don’t follow the Google Core Update info, it could be that your site is losing out and its ranking is in free fall.

Well, really, how big is the impact of Google Core Update? Let’s see the answer below.

Impact of the Latest Google Core Update

The impact of Google Core Update can affect all types of websites. Let’s look at the ranking fluctuations on the Google search engine in May 2022 below.

rank risk index setelah Google Core Update May 2022
Source: rankranger.com

From the graph above, you can see that in May 2022, there was a fairly high change in search engine rankings.

Changes in website ranking certainly affect the visibility of the website organically or SEO. Whether it’s increasing or decreasing cases.

SEO visibility after Google Core Update May 2022
Source: searchmetrics.com

For example, since May 2022, the SEO visibility of various websites has increased dramatically. Starting from TikTok, Disney Plus, Goodreads, etc. 

Meanwhile, in the same month, many websites also had their SEO visibility dropped drastically. Like VOX, BBC, The Guardian, and many more.

Well, this increase/decrease in ranking is usually related to the factors considered by the Google algorithm. So, you can draw a common thread that Google Core Update can skyrocket rankings, but also has the potential to knock down your website rankings.

Seeing these consequences, it would not hurt for you to prevent the worst possible Google Core Update: ranking decline. So, let’s take a look at the tips for dealing with Google Core Update.

Tips for Dealing with Google Core Update

After knowing the impact of Google Core Update on website SEO, surely you want to know how to overcome it.

Here are tips for dealing with Google Core Update:

1. Pay Attention to Content Quality

First, your content must be quality. How to make it? There are a few things you need to pay attention to:

  • Create original content. Do not violate copyright or plagiarism.
  • Provide complete and in-depth information.
  • Choose a blog article title that is interesting and sufficiently representative of the content.

Doing the tips above, chances are that your content is of higher quality than content that was originally written without thinking about the needs of the audience.

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2. Use Clear Content Reference

Your content has to be original, but that doesn’t mean you figure everything out yourself.

It’s okay to take references from other sources, such as journals, websites, and books, to certain sites. The important thing is that your reference source is credible or trustworthy. Don’t let your articles share facts or false information.

Don’t forget to include your source of reference. For example, when you write about data or share someone else’s quote, embed the source into the article.

3. Present Easy-to-Read Content

Content must prioritize the customer experience when read. As complete as any content information, if it doesn’t make the reader comfortable, it will quickly be abandoned and Google considers the content useless.

Therefore, how to write articles you must pay attention to language style to spelling.

Not only that, but the content must also be pleasing to the eye. Both look perfect even though accessed via mobile, and don’t embed too many ads that irritate the eyes.

4. Create Superior Content Than Competitors

These tips for dealing with Google Core Update may be more difficult than other tricks. Because you must have unique values ​​to make content far superior to competitors.

Well, many people can create complete content, but not all of them understand what content marketing is. Content marketing allows you to create and share relevant content for your target audience.

So, your content is not only complete and attractive but also what the audience needs. This is what makes your content unique and superior to competitors.

Now You Are Ready For The Google Core Update!

What is Google Core Update? Google Core Update is Google’s algorithm that is changing to serve more relevant content to audiences. As a result, many website rankings have gone up, but many have fallen.

If you are one of those who are experiencing a decline, don’t worry. You can still fix the content with the various tips for dealing with the Google Core Update above.

Indeed, the quality of the content that needs to be considered is quite a lot. Not to mention if you plan to publish tens, hundreds, or even thousands of content. Plus, you also need to take care of the technical side of the website. Buying, right?

The good news, Namecheap provides hosting that is simple to use. Yep, what else if not Simple WordPress?

With a ready-to-use WordPress website, equipped with custom themes and a simple dashboard to manage your site, you can focus on developing content without worrying about the technicalities of the web.

Come on, be brave to face Google Core Update with Simple WordPress!

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