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Google Releases Spam Algorithm Update, What’s the Impact on Websites?

Google launched a spam algorithm update on October 19, 2022. The release of this new algorithm is believed to be able to provide better search results by eliminating spam websites.

So, what are the details of this October 2022 edition of Google’s spam algorithm? What is the impact on your website’s ranking in search results?

Go ahead, here’s more information!

Here’s Google’s Latest Spam Algorithm Update

google spam update oktober 2022

The spam update algorithm starts running on October 19, 2022, and finishes on October 21, 2022. This update release applies globally and affects search results in all languages.

According to Google, spam is website content that aims to deceive users or manipulate Google’s search system. Presenting a website like this will only reduce the convenience of its users.

Now, with this spam update, the system’s ability to block spam content is increasing.

Unfortunately, Google is reluctant to explain in detail what changes to the October 2022 version of the spam update are. They only indicated that SpamBrain, an AI-based anti-spam tool, was able to better detect new types of spam.

This update is important because spammers are getting more creative in creating content that is not of high quality but still escapes Google’s spam policy.

google spambrain

The October 2022 spam update is different from the July 2021 edition of the spam algorithm update. Because at that time Google was focused on tackling spam links.

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So, what is the impact of the October 2022 edition of Google’s spam algorithm update for websites? Find the answer in the next point!

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What is the Impact of the Google Spam Algorithm on Websites?

This spam algorithm update can make your website rank down if it is considered a spam act. 

Well, if your website is experiencing a downturn, check these things:

  • Is your website forcing visitors to enter personal and sensitive information?
  • Is your website displaying different content than what it promises in the search results?
  • Is your website pretending to be another popular and high-ranking website?
  • Does your website contain malware, viruses, or other forms of cybercrime that endanger visitors?

Apart from being intentional, some website owners are not aware that their website has become the target of malware or virus-type spam. 

To avoid this, always try to find ways to secure your website, for example using a secure hosting service.

Once your website violates Google’s rules, content considered spam can be removed from search results. Or worse, your website is removed from Google’s index list.

Automatically, you must make improvements if you want your website to be indexed again by Google, then appear again in search results. Well, this repair process can take up to months.

If your website is still standing in its previous position in search results, it means that you have complied with Google’s policies. 

Now for more optimal results, it would be better if you continue to apply the right SEO strategy for the website. What are those? Let’s scroll to the points below!

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The Importance of Implementing the Right SEO Strategy

Google routinely makes improvements to its algorithm so that search results match user needs. One of them, by releasing the October 2022 edition of the spam algorithm update.

If your website is not affected by this one update, congratulations! But if otherwise, you must re-check whether there are signs of spam on your website. 

Of course, the performance of the website in search engines is not only related to this spam update. There are many other recent Google algorithm releases. As long as the SEO strategy on your website is correct, you don’t need to worry. 

Well, want to know what SEO strategies are suitable for your website so that it performs on Google optimally? Find the answer in our SEO Strategy Checklist guide for Various Industries.

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